The anal vector

The anal vector

There is nothing new except what has been forgotten.
Practice makes perfect.
Live and learn.
Time tested.

Percentage: 20%

Archetype: To gather and pass on information (experience) about hunting and war. 

In peaceful times the anal vector is a cave keeper. 
During times of conflict he is a man serving in the rear of army. 


The greatest comfort color is brown.
The greatest comfort geometry is a square. 
Position in the quartile is the inner part of time quartile, an introvert. 
Type of thinking is analytic and systematic. 


People belonging to the anal vector are the type that live in the past. They are absolute introverts. Their focus on the past is necessary in order to execute their innate role, which is to gather everything gained by generations of experience and pass it on to teenage boys. Hence the respect to authorities, traditions and everything that has stood the test of time.

People within the anal vector are interested in antiquity, antiques, and reading historical books. The older the book, the more they respect and trust its knowledge. 


Everything connected to the past seems, to an anal person, much better than anything connected to the present and even more so than the future. They feel that the world degrades, “Our grandparents lived the right way...” Everything that happened before is better than today, “In the old days the grass was greener.” The longer an event remains in the past the more joy it brings. It is they who experience nostalgia for the past and try to keep its pieces. The anal man stores things not for the purpose of saving, but for the memory: “This thing is as dear to me as my memory.”

The traditional way of life, or the aspiration to bring the past into the future, are one of the peculiarities of the anal vector. Thus it is painful for the anal psyche to accept, and get used to change.

They are inclined to have a fixation on their first experiences, such as their first friendship, their first love... They order the same food, as if they are hostages to their first experience, even down to the smallest details. This behavior lasts all their lives.

One of the peculiarities about the way that anal people talk is that they use affectionate diminutive forms like darling, duckling, kitty, doggy, mommy etc.

Anal people fall under one of the “reading vectors” and are known for beingbook  fanciers. Their inherent desire to gather information is provided with the proper abilities; they love, and even crave, studying and possess a phenomenal memory. Anal men are knowledgeable. They win trivia games, like “Trivial Pursuit” and are also very capable handymen. In combination with the upper vectors they have golden brains. The anal-visual type of people win all competitions, or are excellent students who graduate with  degrees of great distinction. They are also the best teachers.

There is inherent diligence and systematic intellect in the anal vector. This is to systematize knowledge and information. Information must be sorted thoroughly when entering the brain, therefore learning is slow but always precise. For the same reason they never forget details, and always know the correct answers to questions. Anal people always ask additional questions and/or have to repeat the answer. They dig out the informative essentials to make categories and create a perfect system in their mind. All actions, both physical and intellectual, are made according to a strict order, and never otherwise. Some can call anal men boring and slow, but their sequences, carefulness and exactness make them irreplaceable workers. 


The proverb “Measure thrice, cut once” is altogether applicable to anal people. They cannot hurry up and be fast because they have to do everything properly. To them time is not an issue. If they are encouraged they fall into a stupor then have to start anew. Do not interrupt them, since they are unable to switch from one thing to another or multitask.

They keep everything in order; things must be in the right place and on the right shelves (for example, nuts and bolts will never appear to be in the same box). Putting objects in order and finding the right places for things is a peculiarity of anal thinking. They are true professionals and experts in any sphere. A real expert is always a person within the anal vector. Never go to a doctor without the anal vector, as they can leave a scalpel inside of your stomach or diagnose you with the wrong disease.

They are diligent, loyal, and careful. It is difficult for them to begin something, but if they have begun doingit then they carry it to completion as an absolute perfectionist. The search for drawbacks helps to bring them closer to perfection. That is why the anal word “but” exists.


“But” is a must have conjunction in the anal language; they always look for a fly in the ointment or a blot on the landscape. The strength of this search depends upon the individual's degree of development. If the anal vector has not developed, then a person does not see anything good, but only bad. It is unrealized and undeveloped anal people who throw mud all over Internet because they won’t be punished. When the vector is developed “but” allows them to do a better job communicating, “You have done everything well, BUT there is one little thing wrong....” Such attentiveness to detail allows them to do things in a way like no others.

The square is their choice of  subconscious geometry comfort. A picture hung askew, or a book standing slanted on a shelf, can cause discomfort. An anal man will always move and fix it.

They are straightforward, and they always tell the truth without hesitation. By perceiving others through ourselves, anal people believe that others are also straightforward and honest. They may often say, “I‘ve already seen this,” or, “I know it.” Additionally, they always remain simple-hearted and faithfully cling onto hollow words and promises (knowing that they keep all their promises). So it is easy to deceive them. They like straightforwardness in everything: “Bitter truth is better than sweet lies.”

An anal person wants to divide everything into equal portions, either bread or guilt. For this reason they are viewed as  honest people. Anal justice is called equal justice. The upper side of the psyche square has to be even all the time; warping that side arouses a sense of guilt that exists only in the anal vector. This guilt can result in a reaction which may be very positively or negatively driven.

An anal man is not able to be indebted to anyone. If they are offered something and know that they cannot pay for it, they won't accept it. Accordingly, they must only take and give back the same amount – returning balance to their square. They will never take extra change because of a cashier's mistake, instead they would give the money back. Inner and outer cleanliness is also very important to an anal person: “My house is clean and my thoughts are pure, so I cannot deceive you.”

On the other hand, when they do not get what they expect or feel they deserve, a side of the square sags inward causing great discomfort. This feeling turns into offense. Offense is so troubling that it can suck all the life energy from an anal person. Over time it becomes aggravating and creates a demand to return to a balanced state. During this time an anal man cannot forgive, wants compensation andmay take revenge. However, they won’t do anything on the sly, but rather give honest and advanced notice. Threat is an anal warning about revenge and when they say it, they mean it. It is necessary to apologize to them at once because offense has the ability to grow and acquire a hypertrophied shape. An anal person can be patient, but never forgets a bad memory.

Thanks to their excellent memory they remember everything that has happened to them. For that same reason they have feelings of gratitude as well as a lack of forgiveness. The anal psyche is rigid, sluggish, viscid and easy to get stuck. On one hand there is a “cast-iron” psyche, with steadiness, stubbornness, and an adherence to principles. On the other - fragility. This type of psyche does not bend, rather it breaks.

They are men serving in the rear of army. They used to guard the cave while the restof the tribe was hunting. In a realized state they are excellent hosts, friends, fathers and husbands. Their friends and family are protected, as if behind a stone wall. In a frustrated state they are sadists, tyrants or rapists. The phenomenonknown as domestic sadism concerns people within only the anal vector.

Analmen are monogamous, faithful to both family and country. They are obedient childrenwho become loyal adults. Marriage is sacred to them. They will never infringe on somebody else's wife, or belongings. This comes naturally to them and is recognized by others, for example – the anal man would be left alone with the women and children while the other men were hunting. 


An anal man is very attentive to people, especially his sexual partner. If they do not share mutual feelings in a relationship, he can suffer and worry for a long period of time. They are unable to switch partners and start a new relationship.

They have a high sexual potential and undifferentiated libido. Initially anal men are attracted to teenage boys. Mostly this attraction is inhibited, and they become the best teachers. In rare cases when it does not happen, they deal with pedophilia. Homosexuality also originates from this inability to inhibit.

Analpeople are villagers by nature who tend to live close to nature. They like working with their hands, having picnics, fishing, going to saunas and drinking beer with friends.

Home is their territory of comfort and it begins with slippers. They are stay-at-home people, and walking is problematicfor them. They cannot sustain a lot of exercise or be overworked, and quite often they have flat-feet and/or unhealthy joints. Their metabolism is usually slow, so they are men with stout figures.

The comfort of shoes is an important requirement and choosing them is a lengthy procedure. They can’t wear high heel shoes, but instead prefer ones with flat solesthat are stable and comfortable.

The toilet or bathroom is an anal sanctuary. They enjoy spending a good deal of time there because it is very soothing and restores balance for them. They ask each other, “Did everything come out ok?” Reading in the bathroom is also a favorite past time. Stomach problems and digestion issues are their weak points. Before stressing out they have diarrhea, and after, constipation. Anal people fear the shame that comes from losing control of their sphincters.

Anal men are willing to clean their rectums, removing everything. Circumstantiality, solidity, and the desire to complete anything they begin originates from this process and seeps into everything they deal within life. It affects the desire for completion and purity in everything: they like a clean table cloth, a pure woman, and an unsullied reputation.

The psychology of children within the anal vector has its own peculiarities. An anal child is notable for their obedience, often being told they are, “Such a good boy!” If handled with the wrong approach, they turn into the most stubborn of children.


An anal child'srelationship with their mother is very significantto their future. The way this relationship is established defines the future of an anal child. These children are the most dependent on their mothers. They can adapt to a lesser degree, but the future is always a stress factor for them. Their mother acts as a safeguard. She helps, tells him what to do, and he is happy. An anal child needs his mother's love, support and praise. If he does not get it he lives his life bearing a grudge against his mother.

In cases of an anal-visual child, where the mother starts manipulating his specific need for love, the boy gains The Mama's Boy Syndrome.

In summation,people born within the anal vector have potentially great abilities that need to be developed and realized in the correct way. You can learn more about the anal vector with Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology training.

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