The muscular vector

The muscular vector

All brawn and no brain
Train hard, fight easy
He who follows the crowd has many companions 

38% of the population is exclusively in the muscular vector. 95% of people are a mix of the muscular vector and others. 

Archetype: fundamental mass of living matter.

Role: In times of peace, the muscular man is a builder. During times of war, the muscular man is a warrior and a hunter. 


The highest comfort color is black 
The highest comfort geometry is a rectangle
Position in the quartile is the inner part of space quartile, an introvert 
Type of thinking is practical, learning from actions 


The muscular vector forms the inner part of space quartile. It is the foundation of life. All qualities and desires of the muscular vector are aimed at the satisfaction of the four basic needs: to eat, to drink, to breathe, and to sleep.


The muscular vector is the most represented of the vectors. Around 95% of people are bearers of this vector. However, we describe only 38% of people as exclusively the muscular type.


The thing is: the muscular vector combines with other vectors (anal, dermal, and urethral) and intensifies their desires, totally merging with them. So, we call a person with the anal and the muscular type “a strong anal man”. A person with the urethral and the muscular vectors is termed “a strong urethral man”. We label “the muscular type man” as muscular only if he does not have any of the other lower vectors.

The remaining 5% of people are born without the muscular vector. It is necessary to understand that the absence of muscular mass does not mean there is an absence of the muscular vector. Similarly, the absence of the visual vector does not mean there is an absence of eyes. It simply means that such a person does not have that particular zone of sensitivity. Men without the visual vector do not enjoy beautiful scenery. Similarly, a man without the muscular vector does not want to work out with weights and thus does not take pleasure in manual labor. These men have small muscular mass which no amount of exercise can change.

For the time being, we'll talk about men with exclusively the muscular type.

In a primitive society, the muscular man performed the roles of warrior and builder. The muscular vector initially provided the group with survival, food, protection, and expansion into new territories. Headed by an urethral chief and under the command of the dermal type officers, muscular men did not worry about their own lives. They went hunting or fighting. They took other people's lives easily and gave up their own with equal ease. To give up their life to battle is of great value to the muscular type.

Nowadays, the role of warrior in the physical sense is a thing of the past. Confrontation between countries is now more a matter of policies or deterrence, not physical aggression. Some small local conflicts take new forms. It is more important to a modern army to be equipped with the newest armaments than to train to fight hand to hand. The role of an ordinary soldier recedes into the background. It is replaced by the role of the expert who is able to work with modern military equipment and technology. Hence the field of activity for muscular men today is manual labor that makes up the basis for the muscular group's survival. 


Modern civilization would not be possible without the existence of the muscular vector. People accustomed to modern life do not think about where the food in stores came from, or who works in the plants and farms, or how their toilets function. All of these are maintained, today, by muscular people.

The most important and significant job that a muscular man can do is construction. It is an absolute need, especially in countries like Russia where they have an antiquated, rundown  housing system and a lack of living space in a vast, unpopulated territory. Only muscular people can solve this problem.

A muscular man has two basic states: rage and monotony. Rage brings him into a state of “war” where he simply kills. Absolute monotony is state of “peace” when, hour by hour, day by day, muscular men build houses, toil in mines, plough fields, tend crops, and repair broken machinery, buildings, and equipment.

Muscular people are naturally peaceful. It is difficult to switch them from the state of monotony over to the state of rage. But, it is possible. The state of rage won’t happen until somebody infringes on their basic needs (food, water, sleep, and breathing). It is better not to take away the roof over the head of a muscular man, snatch a plate out of his hands, or awaken muscular men suddenly. It is also crucial to be careful with alcohol. It influences the muscular man’s brain, arousing the native killer inside the passive builder.

Muscular men never think of themselves in the sense of: “I”. Their world perception is based on “we”. A person without the muscular vector can never think in terms of “we”. No matter what qualities they have, other types won’t be a part of the monolithic “we”, or feel like they belong there. They think in terms of “me” and how “I” am affected.

The muscular man’s world is divided into two categories: Those who are part of the “we” collective and the strangers who aren't defined as “we”. It’s usual for them to divide everything this way: our neighborhood versus your neighborhood; our street as opposed to your street; our group: your group.

Muscular types build their lives in such a way as to keep their community as close to them as possible. At the same time, they take their cue from conventional norms, i.e., “Everything is the way it is supposed to be.”; “Live as others do.” Separation from “we” is extremely painful for muscular people. Being in solitude is the worst test for them.


Muscular men are almost hive-minded or protectors of the group. They never protest or destroy the things around them of their own free will. They will act destructively only under somebody else’s command.

Musculars do not have a personal opinion, because “we” is primary for them. If you ask a muscular man, “What do you think about it? he will reply, “Me? I agree with the others.”

Muscular types act as they we taught to behave.

Who becomes a muscular man depends on who influences him. If it is an archetypical dermal drunkard, then a muscular man starts drinking as well. If it is an anal foreman who influences the muscular man, then he works assiduously.

This shows a potential solution of drinking village problem...

Muscular men learn kinesthetically. They do things as they were shown to—not because they think it is better to do it this way, but because they were told to do it this way. It is difficult to call muscular types stupid. They have a special kind of intellect. The things that a muscular man can do, people of other vectors will never be able to accomplish. For example: nobody can hammer a nail so simply and neatly, saw a board, or set a fence the way a muscular man can. It is necessary to teach them by demonstrating. If you want to make a fire, show a muscular man how to add brushwood and where it should be taken from. Explain and demonstrate everything in minute detail.

Muscular men are strongly tied to their land. At the same time, they can adapt to any environment. They get lost in cities though. If a muscular man appears to be in the forest, he knows how to survive there. Muscular men can cut down a tree, build a shed, and catch a bird.

A muscular man has a very suspicious attitude toward sex. For example, the muscular man is skeptical about: sex before marriage. A muscular woman seeks to get married as fast as possible. Her body is meant to give birth to babies. When she reaches a childbearing age, there is a strong desire, not to have sex, but to give birth. 


The maintenance of population is very important. No matter how great a nation can be, if the population is sparse, other nations will take it over. Physical strength and health allow muscular people to give birth to many children. When the muscular people live under bad conditions, the population suffers. Under favorable conditions, the population flourishes.

The umbilical cord is the canal through which the muscular type’s most sensitive zone connects to the outer world before being born. At the moment of birth, the canal gets closed, breaking off the provision of  the muscular child’s basic needs. It makes  muscular children suffer because they must do everything for themselves now.

Muscular people live out their lives feeling that death is deliverance. They are not scared of death. It is a return to the primary state in their mother’s womb where they felt so well loved and their basic needs were satisfied. Muscular people say, “Where I came from I shall return, to mother earth.”

For the same reason, muscular men can always brighten up when see death. They are able to organize funerals in the most 'humane' way.

Muscular children are very complacent. There is no need to go about raising them in a special way. The main thing is never to let the child loiter. Watch who muscular children hang out with. Otherwise, there is a good chance that they will fall in with the wrong crowd.

It is necessary to train a muscular child in the ways of manual labor so that he may help his parents and enjoy it. When muscular types dig, they experience a muscular joy. Muscular activity stimulates thinking. Manual labor directs them to a peaceful sphere of thought. The same is true of: construction, working in a plant, mining, farming and gardening.

It is strongly recommended to avoid getting a muscular child involved in sports. Their physical traits do not provide them with an edge to win competitions. They have no desire to compete or win in the muscular vector. Sport pushes them closer to the state of war. A muscular sportsman can later find himself living a life of crime.

Be careful in the selection of an environment for a muscular child. In a village, he must be near an anal foreman who will teach him to work. In a city, a muscular child must get accustomed to the limitations of the city. The best school for him is a trade school. A dermal instructor can teach him to weld and give him a sense of discipline. This helps to limit the muscular child’s primary animal urge.  He is able to vent his energy on monotonous tasks.


The role and importance of the muscular type is impossible to overvalue. The poor living conditions of the muscular type in countries like Russia are the reason for so many of their problems. You can find out how to solve this problem and much more information relating to the muscular type on the Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology training.

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