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Stress that does not exist

“Nervous stress”, the doctor says shrugging his shoulders. In the modern world every person undergoes stressful situations. Stress is a plague of the 21th century and not all people are able to adapt to the sharp changes of the environment. read more
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Look out! A brawler!

There are a lot of gapers that come together. Nobody of them is able to stop the show, nobody can interfere. They are all in stupor struck with the situation. It can last for fifteen-twenty minutes till security comes. When a querulant sees them and after he is threatened with being sent to an asylum, he vanishes in a crowd. read more
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Crime Victim: The Deadly Scenario

The reasons and conditions that support the victim complex development were formed at the dawn of humankind’s existence in the primal pack and they still work even in the state of modern environment. read more
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