Why are all men attracted to a dermal-visual woman?

Why are all men attracted to a dermal-visual woman?

Legendary Marilyn Monroe is the model of feminine desirability, every man used to dream about her… Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Lauren, Lydia Ruslanova, Zoya Federova are all the same type of woman. What do those women have in common? What is the reason of their attractiveness? How does their life script differ from that of millions of other women?

All of them possessed the dermal and visual vectors. The Dermal-visual woman has a very special script. She is the only woman who has a male archetype being a female friend in arms of the tribe during the war and hunt. A dermal-visual female has the properties that are opposite to those of the normal female, a normal woman.


All females in the cave bring up children, but she is always hunting along with the men. In the old times she accompanied the tribe in their trips to catch a mammoth, looking out for predators in order to warn the tribe about upcoming danger. Being compassionate, she helped the wounded, and calmed down the overexcited males after the hunt by dancing and singing at the tribe fire. (Actresses, singers, psychotherapists, and nurses are the modern version of this). 

She gave them moral assistance, she was their military muse; she used her own special properties to inspire the tribe. She was their woman at the time of combat sortie, she slept with those soldiers, and she did that out of compassion, giving those, who went to the army as virgins a chance to be with a woman at least once in their lives. (Because for a man, giving his semen is connected to bestowing himself onto a woman on a physical level, and this is a minimal innate task). In is a certain sense of this is her mission. As everything else in our world, this has a retro-action. A dermal-visual female is an object of everyone’s desire. Absolutely every man wants her, but different men go about this task very differently.

In the old times dermal-visual female was infertile, because it was impossible for a pregnant woman to endure the hardships of a military campaign. Similarly, in modern world such a woman has difficulties with conception and child bearing.

The fact that she is infertile makes men feel that they can do anything they want with her. The absence of “consequences” for both men and such a female herself gives birth to the feeling of permissiveness in both parties. 

So, everyone desires a dermal-visual female. As for natural marriage, she can only have it with an urethral male. A dermal-visual female is a challenge for the chief, as he is the breeder-male, while she is an infertile female. The tribe needs to be pushed into the future, and it is this female, who pushes the chief to start a mighty move with her inability to give girth. The relationship of an urethral type man with an infertile dermal-visual female can be called “an electrical short-circle needed for a stronger movement forward”! 

Thus, we call the dermal-visual female “the chief’s female”, although not every dermal-visual woman becomes one. 


A dermal female in her pure form (meaning one who has no other vectors) will base her choice of a partner (and according to her innate attraction she will choose an anal or an urethral male) on rational reasoning, calculating which one of them will be able to give her the life that will satisfy her. If the anal man is a high-class profession with a large income, while the urethral type male has a marginal one, she will chose the anal man. As for a dermal-visual female, she will be more likely to start a relationship with an urethral type man under any circumstances. 

A dermal male does not have an innate attraction to a dermal-visual female. In spite of the fact that she always attracts him, but not as a sexual object, but because of his dermal ambitions. 

Dermal males are the last to be chosen by a female (based on her attraction), thus, they try to compensate this choice by having a higher social, financial, material, or any other social status. This is the reason for their “dermal ambitions”. 

Dermal type men aspire to climb the career ladder in order to broaden their sexual rights, their ability to be chosen by a female more often. A dermal-visual female is the top ambition for a dermal male.

A man’s position in the society is determined by his woman. When an ambitious dermal man tries to climb to the peak of power, to be number one, he claims the chief’s female (using her not as a sexual object, but as an escort). By doing this he tries to announce the legitimacy of his power, his social position with her. 

Although the top of the hierarchy is not his innate place and he is aware of that subconsciously, he still aims to get there. The main thing in his relationship with a dermal-visual female is to present her to the society. For him, she is like a scepter or orb that confirms his power. 

A well-developed dermal-visual female gives her love to others, bestowing, empathizing. An undeveloped one allows others to love her, demanding to be loved . 

A dermal-visual woman, who has not reached the state of “love” in her visual vector does not fall in love at all, she “falls in fear”. This means that it is not love, but fear that guides her, although in many cases she does not realize it. In the case of “falling in fear” she chooses two kinds of men, an olfactory type and a muscular type. You can hear her exclaim as follows about the muscular type man, “Look, what a big man he is! Strong, sturdy, with such pumped up arms!” 

This is the lowest level of falling in fear. A muscular man will only have troubles is paired with a dermal-visual woman. She is not on his level. She chose him, because she feels protected by being with him. Experiencing fear, however, is a great pleasure for her, similar to feeling love for a developed one. She loves to go to dangerous places in his company, putting her and/or him in danger by doing this. And when her fear reaches it's peak, she feels an extreme euphoria (fear, along with being protected by a muscular man). Sometimes the muscular man has to pay with his life for such pleasure. 


As for an olfactory man, a dermal-visual woman falls in fear with him because of her primordial fears. In a primitive tribe an olfactory type man was engaged in eliminating undeveloped dermal-visual females, so that they do not give the wrong direction to the chief and, accordingly, to the entire tribe because of their lack of development. To this day olfactory men, who are not adapted to modern society, keep strangling undeveloped dermal-visual women in rural, tree-planting places. 

Males often fight, when they are close to an undeveloped dermal-visual female. The place where she appears will always become the scene of a fight. She will provoke these situations, getting them to the point of fighting. 

An anal or an urethral woman will never put a man in such a position.

Anal men love dermal-visual women, because they are naturally capable of being submissive, giving an anal bison a chance to look brave against her background. This is the way relationships with a woman should be according to an anal man’s belief. He feels awful when a woman does not obey him or when she laughs at him. Anyone can feel like “a real man” with a dermal-visual woman. 

A dermal-visual female has relationships with all men, being desired by them. In case of polymorphous women, a dermal-visual connection gets mixed up with other vectors acquiring another shade. Every kind of connection a dermal-visual woman has with men is studied within Vectors System Psychology training. The level of her development, realization, the states of “war and peace” and many other factors are taken into consideration in these studies.

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Posted on: June 2, 2013
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