Pornography. Do you watch it?

Pornography. Do you watch it?

To watch sex today is easier than to have a cup of coffee. You don’t even have to go to the kitchen and wait for the kettle to boil. It is enough to connect to the world wide net and to 'google' the coveted word.

Nowadays pornography is available to anybody, in any amount, of any quality and for any taste. From light erotica without graphic nudity to an all out tough orgy with a dozen people involved. 

The Arabs tried to fight against it. The Chinese try. And we are fighting it now. But have there been any results so far?


Think of 1991, when the Internet had just become available for the general public. What would it be like if people connected to the Internet to read “War and Peace” by L.N. Tolstoy, to discuss Nietzsche in a new chat room, or to listen to classical music in music portals? Do you think the Internet would be able to make much progress over the next 20 years? How many people do you think would have log on? 10 million? 20?

There is one obvious answer. The porno industry became the main forward moving force of the Internet. Indeed adult films deserve a major award for the Internet's development. But this is not the only way in which pornography influences our lives.

The world has changed irrevocably. And so did relationships between men and women. Sexual relations have become more available. Consumer's social rules have spread to the sphere of intimacy. Sex today is a product, like anything else. And it’s not only because you can pay for it. In constant pursuit of more pleasure and more satisfaction, we have acquired a consumer-like attitude to sex, even in traditional relationships. 

Pornography is one of the key reasons for all these changes. It creates new sex stereotypes, imposing a new sexual behaviour on society. Sex loses its intimacy, it is not something only shared between two. In relations, people don’t seek an emotional connection with their partner anymore, because now they don’t think it is necessary. That it is a mere illusion to think so.

Anyone watching pornography wants to find something new and exiting there, and in the same way when being with a new partner they expect to discover new, unforgettable emotions and gain a deeper satisfaction. But it never happens. As a result their sexual frustration increases. They have sex, they get orgasms, but they never experience a genuine satisfaction. It is because this is not the right place where they should be looking for it.


The world's pornographic profit reaches about 97 billion dollars a year. In some countries, such as Hungary, for example, the porn industry makes up a considerable part of their gross domestic product.

Porno stars have also become celebrities, they appear in advertisements and on talk shows. Like actors of any other genre, they are always of a dermal-visual type, but usually with underdeveloped dermal and visual vectors.

They are always dermal girls and boys who have suffered beatings in their childhood. As a result, they treat their own body as an asset and are ready to have sex for material reward. Visual people like attracting attention. And potentially, they can be absolutely tasteless. Dermal-visual porno actors have a desire to expose their body and also to receive pleasure from it. 

Most of the pornography customers are men with the anal vector. And they are the first who tend to fall victim to pornography, not being fully aware of its harmful effect. The anal men are naturally monogamous and have strong undifferentiated libidos. But any novelty or especially a new partner can cause a lot of stress and be quite painful for them. In the case of relationship breakups anal men can experience serious difficulties beginning new relationships.

Although their natural characteristics can make them the best and most loyal husbands who will never look at another woman, because of their natural lack of alacrity, they don’t know how to approach girls properly and as a result they often don’t have any significant sexual experience. 

They relieve their tension by masturbating and watching pornography. Unfortunately in this case, pornography has an aggravating effect on anal men and makes their fears worse: first of all, getting a distorted view of men's bodies and of the actual sexual act, they start having doubts in their own sexual abilities, they feel inhibited by the thought that their first experience would be a failure, or that they won’t be able to perform as efficiently as the porn stars on the screen. As a result – the more pornography they watch, the more inhibited they become.

People with the visual vector also like watching porno. Depending on the condition of their vector they can be exhibitionists or voyeurists and they don’t even need to masturbate in order to get an emotional or physical satisfaction. 


Pornography has certainly integrated into the modern society. Unrealized libidos can lead to states which are extremely stressful and dangerous, and in this case pornography can help give some relief to those who are in such a state. But in the end pornography is always just a substitute for real relationships and real emotions.

There can be different reasons why people watch pornography. Here we have touched upon only some of them. Very often it is the effect of considerable sexual frustration, great inner pain or dissatisfaction. 

Orgasms can release the tension only for a short time. But a moment later, the thoughts of their incapability of building relationships with other people, having nobody to protect, to take care of, to love or to be loved can altogether become overwhelming. People are not always aware of these thoughts, but their inner conflict gets worse anyway. Sexual desire can’t be limited to physical movements only, it is something much bigger than that. 

In order to understand your own inner emotions and create a mutually satisfying relationship, you need to understand your own needs and the needs of your partner. Thanks to the training given by Yuri Burlan, it is now possible for anyone to fulfill their dreams and live life to the fullest.

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Posted on: May 28, 2013
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