Who is the Alpha-male!?

Who is the Alpha-male!?

The Alpha-male, most of the time, means a self-assured person realizing his leader qualities. He achieves success, aspires authority and has many sexual partners.

Alpha-males are successful businessmen, managers, top-managers and surrounded by subordinates. They are dressed in luxury clothing, expensive watches, owners of stylish cars, country houses and other elite attributes. When you mention the Alpha-male images from movies and magazines of luxury life and gorgeous young women come to mind, in other words one thinks of the rich lifestyle expressed in Hollywood movies that are sold around the world. It is possible to find plenty of articles and advice on the Internet on how to become the Alpha-male.


Let's consider the scientific definition the Alpha-male. In ethology under the order of domination in a group, the species can be designated with letters from the Greek alphabet. From alpha to omega. The letter Alpha designates a species that holds the dominant position. The alpha-male carries the role of the leader and defender of the group. He is also the most attractive to females in marriage games, often being the father of the majority of the children. In ethology it is not known, how the Alpha-males take their position of the leader, how they become leaders and where they come from . 

There is an assumption, that they take the lead position by virtue of aggression, force or any other congenital qualities.


System sight of the phenomenon of "ALPHA-MALES"

People unfamiliar with Yury Burlanas Vector-Systems psychology and, consequently, not dividing Urethral and Dermal vectors, appropriate the Urethral definition of "Alpha-male" to the owner of the Dermal vector. Many believe, that if one works on himself it is possible to become the Alpha-male!

The Vector-Systems Psychology shows, that this is impossible. All of us are born with the properties which are equally important concerning the survival and prosperity of a society, and it is impossible to change them. If you are not to be a leader it is impossible to develop the properties necessary to become one.

Where is the substitution of concepts? We shall disassemble the set forth above qualities of Alpha-male vectors. 

According to Vector-Systems Psychology, the hierarchy is built at the level of pheromones. The real Alpha-male is an owner of the Urethral vector, who is the naturally a leader and does not aspire to authority or ownership.

Urethral people possess authority by virtue of their natural set of qualities, and its existence is shown with the aspiration to provide survival for an animal group or a group of people for which it bears the responsibility. He is generous, fearless, daring, ready to go all the way till the end and capable of finding unexpected decisions in desperate situations. Urethral men do everything for others and gets pleasure from doing so. It does not keep a count of good acts, it is absolutely normal for him! His thought provides direction for the future. Other members of a group at an unconscious level, through pheromones, feel, that before them sits the leader and they submit to him.

The people aspiring authority and control, are owners of a dermal vector and their natural quality – is that of a leader. They are not the true leaders and usually hold the second rank or position. They are middle-managers, and in primitive groups, lateral hunters-alimentators. Today we go "hunting" in our work, this is where dermals show their leadership qualities.

Dermals are very ambitious. Ambitions push them to compete with their associates, to reach the highest step in the social ladder. However the pheromones they release are different from that of the Urethral – the natural leader and consequently are compelled to prove their leadership to others. The ambitious dermal marks the place for the leader. However, the difference between the urethral leader (a chief) and the dermal leader is enormous, and it is felt in the group.



Urethral Leader vs Dermal Leader

Our modern world is dominated by dermal systems of values. The Dermal have a motto: "After me, the deluge!" The Dermal society is a care for yourself and your own material welfare. The main priority is personal success. In the dermal society everyone is an "individual", "someone meaningful" and has their "own opinion", anyway, everyone expects, that you have one because you have the right to it. The dermal world also is the consumer society.

Qualities of the dermal male are complimentary to the dominating system of values and, accordingly, are very much in-demand. Dermals quite often take on the lead positions, becoming the leader of companies, but internally do not feel that they are in the right place. They try to prove otherwise all the time, that they are the leaders. The Dermal marks an imperial throne, tries to entice the urethral’s women and to copy his habits and lifestyle. There probably is an erroneous assumption that if the dermal is well trained, it can take the seat of the leader, and become the "Alpha-male".

So what is the difference between this and the urethral leader? The urethral leader does everything for the prosperity of the group subordinated to him, thinking about himself on the last turn or not thinking of himself at all. He identifies himself with the group. Everything, that is good for group is good for him.

The urethral leader is a king. In his chapter of the hierarchy, he sits on the throne, always above others. Luxury and the dermal-visual queen are attributes of its authority. He is fair to others and he is the supreme law. Urethrals do not save energy and require their subordinates to have the same attitude to their duties. In our modern, dermal society it is normal for them to become dictators. Examples of urethral leaders are: Lukashenko, Fidel Castro, Ugo Chavez and Brezhnev.

It is possible to argue, that in the states and countries where they rule, there is no democracy or freedom, and human rights are not an issue. And it is true. But if we look closely we will see, that the educational level in these countries is high and free, free medicine for everyone, free housing in the USSR, and there is nearly no unemployment, i.e. all of this is done for the survival of the group as a whole. The urethral validity “everything for everyone” is well shown.

The urethral vector is the authority. Dermal - the law. One for all. The law is a restriction of authority. The law is unacceptable for a urethral, there is no interdiction and restriction, it gives itself to another, and to limit its giving is impossible, therefore it is above the dermal law inherently. In urethral concept is that everyone does everything for their society, and the society cares for everyone. The dermal leader, being not in the natural place, does everything to satisfy his own ambitions.

Urethral men practice polygamy, and have high libidos. Because of its special pheromones simply his presence is enough to make women attracted to him. They give themselves to him completely, including their sex. But he does not sleep with everyone, and chooses only the ones not taken by others, lonely ones, to enable them to have posterity. He considers all children in the group to be his own and therefore cares for them all equally.

The Dermal leader has a low libido, but aspires to tempt as much woman as possible, confirming his importance, and in fact can have the highest amount of sexual partners. The important sexual activator for Dermal male is the factor of novelty, that in itself means that he'll have a lot of new partners.


The Dermal tries to compensate his low libido by looking like a sexual giant in the eyes of others. The fact that he sleeps only once or twice with each woman is not considered. Often such sexual users are also called the Alpha-males! They put a lot of effort into achieving this success and strive to have the woman of the urethral Leader, the dermal-visual girl. By doing so they emphasize their special status. In the modern world a vivid example of this would be the french president Nikolja Sarkozy and his dermal-visual wife Carla Bruni. Between the dermal male and dermal-visual woman there is no natural desire, and their relationship is more like an agreement than anything else. Anal-Dermal males like Sarkozy are attracted to the dermal-visual woman, but in most cases she is simply an attribute for him, confirmation of his power and authority.

Nature does not need many leaders. There are very few urethrals among us. They do not accept interdictions or restrictions. Many perish in their childhood or are superseded in the criminal world where the become dangerous leaders in crime. Therefore in our everyday life we almost never meet them. To give yourself a better idea about,- who such natural Urethral or Alpha-males are take a look at: Napoleon Bonaparte, Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins or great writers and poets: Jack London, Ernest Hemingway; artists - Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali. Their presence alone drove women crazy. It is difficult to compare Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, with other personal development leaders. The Urethral qualities they possessed brightly differentiated them from the rest of the group. This burning, full self-giving, spirit and drive.

In my freshman classes at university one urethral studied with me, a reckless guy whom all the girls adored and all the guys respected. Once I had asked the female classmates what was so special about him? - "You always feel like a real woman near him!" was their answer. That is a real Alpha-Male!

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