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The Foundation of System-Vector Psychology

The Foundation of System-Vector Psychology. A little of history. Sigmund Freud discovered a direct, innate connection between erogenous zones and character in 1907 in the work called 'Character and anal eroticism'. It was the first 'anal erogenous zone'. read more
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Every vector corresponds to a sensitive canal for either receiving or sending information about oneself. The sensitive canal is called an erogenous zone in System-Vector Psychology. There are eight vectors (erogenous zones): urethral, anal, dermal, muscular; audial, visual, oral and olfactory. read more
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Extroversion and introversion: systemic understanding

Here is a handsome, well-built man with sparkling, clever eyes. He is friendly and sincere. He is kind to children. He speaks the same language to women. At the same time, he can sit somewhere in solitude reading a book or listening to music. His favourite activity is to spend some time by himself looking at the night sky. How can it be? read more
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