The dermal vector

The dermal vector

Business before pleasure.
Every miller draws water to his own mill.
He who will not keep a penny, shall never have any.
Life is movement. 

Percentage: 24%
Archetype: Limitation of the primary urge to have sex and murder.

In peaceful times the dermal vector was responsible for food provision and supplies. 
During times of conflict – hunting.


The highest comfort color is khaki.
The highest comfort geometry is a cross.
Their position in the quartile is the outer part of the space quartile, an extrovert. 
The type of thinking is logical.


In primitive society dermal people were commanders. The urethral chief initiated forward movement, while dermal commanders helped to control and lead muscular warriors. Discipline is a quality that is inherent only to men with a dermal vector. If you are self-disciplined you are able to discipline others.


When the dermal hunter got back to the cave he became a food keeper, after warriors returning from a hunt brought food. Everyone sat down to a common table and a sumptuous feast began. At that moment only the dermal food keeper would worry that tomorrow's hunt may fail, so it was necessary to store food.

Still, it is common to see older, stereotypical dermal men who store everything that a person may need for the next 20 years. Nowadays such behavior does not make sense, but years ago it saved lives.

Later, when another type of economy sprang up – the economy of power and resources -it was the dermal man who first started thinking about how much time and effort the community wastes to get to the next closest river crossing, in order to move their belongings. Then the same man thought to cut down a tree to make a bridge, later he'll go on to invent the wheel.

Due to theirdisposition to the economy, dermal people became inventors, rationalizers and engineers. They contributed bows, spears, carts, roads and other engineering structures. Construction and technology came along as a result of dermal people's work.

Asyoung skin is resilient, adermal body is amazingly flexible and mobile. The dermal man without other vectors always has long, slender legs and a flexible spine that lets him become a brilliant dancer. Only dermal women can walk gracefully, and quickly, while in stiletto shoes. 


A fully developed dermal person is notable for their accurate and deft movements. It is always a pleasure to watch them do their work. They can be the best marksmen and hunters, who can accurately feel the flight path of a spear, an arrow or a bullet.

Besides a flexible body, the dermal man has a flexible psyche. Its distinctive feature is the ability to make a reversal. “Today I affirm and prove one thing, tomorrow – I'll do the exact opposite.” The real concern is primarily about what they gain in the moment.

Psychological flexibility allows dermal people to adapt easily and quickly to any dynamic condition, whether it is a change at work, or moving to a different city or country. Overwork in the dermal vector causes skin problems; it either comes out as a rash or acne.

Logical thinking is also a “dermal” distinctive feature. We can hear from men with the dermal vector some phrases like, “This isn't logical!” or, “Where is logic?” or, “Logically…” and so forth. Cause and effect connections get built up in their brains with such striking accuracy that it lets them become great inventors, engineers, designers, accountants, bankers and statisticians.

Mostdermal people are fastidious with their praise and emotions. They are restrained and secretive. They always answer a question with a question in order to never tell anything about themselves, but ask about everything to gather all information about others. Brevity is their forte.

The dermal vector forms the outer part of the space quartile. On the physical level, skin separates a man from his environment and limits his body; while similarly on the psychological level the dermal vector is restricted by the primary urge for sex and murder, thus moving a man from the animal level to the human level.

Once that occurs they stop behaving asanimals that obey instincts - natural actions become regulated. This “skin” separated the world into “inside the cave” and “outside the cave”, establishing different types of behavior on both sides of the border. “Inside the cave” we do not kill or touch somebody’s woman because of the punishment which would follow. “Outside the cave” we fight and lead other men's wives away and we will not be punished. It is this “skin” separation which paved the way for laws in the civilized world.

The dermal vector’s essence is the inner need to limit, prohibit and control. Their keywords to notice are “No!” or “Don’t!” At first they prefer to refuse, perhaps later they will agree. They think up different rationalizations to justify their behavior. Yet actually their nature is quite simple; dermal people find pleasure when executing their natural functions of prohibition and limitation, thus the word “No” is their primary one.


The dermal man saves time as he hates tardiness. This sense of time lets them wake up 5 minutes before the alarm rings. Punctuality and precision are courtesies of “dermal kings,” as they are called. This is a person who can multi-task and succeed. They do not want to do everything perfectly (like those of the anal vector), they would rather manage to do as much as possible in a limited time.

Dermal folklorereads: “Rich are those who save”, “those who will not keep a penny, will never have any”, and so on. The curse for the dermal person is spreading themselves so thinly that they lose everything. For example, a dermal businessman who has a whole project fail because he did not spend enough on advertising.

Stressed dermal men adore sales. They wait until the things they want are 15% cheaper, then 30%, or 50%, etc. They endure a sort of suffering if they overpay, even by as little as 2 cents. The one thing that they do not save money on is health. They consume vitamins, dietary supplements and carefully watch their nutrition. Such dermal people are the clientèle of beauty salons and spas.

The most sensitive part of a dermal person is their skin. They need tactile contact, oftentimes they may start to stroke and touch people, and of course they like to be treated in the same manner. This is why they are considered to be affectionate and endearing.

Dermal men’s libidos, in comparison to the other vectors, are not strong. That is why they are not sexually attached to just one partner. The novelty of new partners arouses sexual desire in dermal people, thus they have more sexual partners that others. Normal relationships with a person in the dermal vector do not last long. They stay in relationships, but if there is some other interest at hand they can leave their partner  without looking back.

Marriages of convenience and acts of infidelity (according to the anal vector) originate from the dermal vector but to them it is just a change of sexual partners. There is a hidden answer to the question, “Why do we cheat?”

A weak libido compels a dermal person to increase their sexual play by climbing the career ladder and raising their social status. High social status and prosperity makes them more attractive to their sexual partners, and subsequently their chance to reproduce also increases.

This is the reason why a dermal man is very ambitious and self-confident. Career growth and money are very important to him. He is not a chief, but he is a leader. Stereotypically their element is commerce and business. There are also dermal roots for a love for sports and different types of competition.


Nowadays mature and developed dermal people become engineers and legislators. Modern civilization is built on law and individual rights. Western civilization is a bearer of the dermal mentality.

Before puberty the dermal child is trained in various disciplines and sports. It is necessity to come to agreement with them, such as, “If you do this, then you can have fun” or, “If you study well, I'll buy you a bicycle.” It is extremely important to keep such a promise, otherwise a swindled child will forever believe that promises can be broken and may come to think everyone is a liar.

Routine is very significant for a dermal child. It is important to control them and explain why they cannot do one thing or another. It is necessary to teach them to obey, so that in the future they will be able to take control.

It is necessary to take into account that after getting caught misbehaving once, an active, lively, little rouge who is ready to perform new feats and experience breathtaking adventures, will always try to fool and lie to othersin order to avoid getting punished. Corporal punishment traumatizes the sensitive side of dermal children and manifests through things like stealing money from classmates’ pockets. Thecrux of the matter is that stress to the dermal vector arouses a stereotypical desire for theft that a child cannot overcome, which in turn provokes parental anger.

Frequent, painful stimulus on gentle and sensitive skin results in an adaptation to pain, that can even become pleasant and desirable. This is how masochism develops. In some cases painful stimulus makes up a person’s life, driving them to failure. Dermal boys who are beaten in childhood are future masochists, ne'er do wells, petty thieves or drunkards.

The stimulus provided in the upbringing of dermal boys might be materialistically rewarding. Adequate punishments can be space or time limitations, which do not interfere with the development of their other qualities, allowing them to be successful businessmen, economists, engineers, legislators and so on.

We live in the dermal world. It is important to understand what difficulties it can bring and to be able to orient life in its constantly accelerating flow. To learn more about the dermal vector, you can take part in training on Yuri Burlan’s System-Vector Psychology.

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