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Between Nature and The Red Button

“I am an audial person”? The audio erogenous zone is their most sensitive organ and is able to catch the slightest vibrations...What does it mean to be a person of the audial vector? What are audial desires? Why are audial people potential geniuses in their childhood and degenerates in life's remainder? read more
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Death of music or music of death

We used to be pianists and violinists sometime ago... We listened to the music of celestial spheres and created the melodies of life, making it sound the way it was presented to us: sorrowful, vivifying, whimsical, ailing and effervescing. People loved listening to it, especially sensuous visual intellectuals... read more
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Human Evolution towards the Elixir of Immortality

It is important to take into consideration that no matter what big rises and falls a man experiences in his personal life: to take his destiny into his own hands and in the end shamefully surrender because he wasn't strong enough to win a harsh battle; the global tendency remains the same – a continuous increase, growth and upheaval. read more
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