Human Evolution towards the Elixir of Immortality

Human Evolution towards the Elixir of Immortality

Once upon a time the words were barely whispered in the deserted Savanna, “Who am I?”. Having torn his ears away from listening attentively to alerting rustles and his glassy stare from the contemplation of carelessly glimmering stars, for the first time, a nocturnal guard peeked inside of himself. The fateful question “Who am I?” which was going to be considered by thousands of wise men marked the beginning of the anal phase of the human development. 

The audial vector is like a reactor that puts into operation another evolutionary link. 

All possible mechanisms that control the process of evolution have been unrevealed and have been described in detail within the bounds of Vector System Psychology further. 


There are four stages of development (muscular, anal, dermal and urethral), two of those had been more or less happily passed. Every stage is more complex: the gradual transformation of the environment that stimulates humans to search for new ways of adaptation and changes that men make in it; so in the circles of this constant transformation men develop. On the psychic level the first thing is affected is human needs. They change from one vector people (we were like that in the muscular phase) into polyvector ones, our strength generated from having a common desire grows. 

Everything, starting with particles, has constant growth, sooner or later this develops changes resulting in glorious progress or inglorious degradation. 

It is important to take into consideration that no matter what big rises and falls a man experiences in his personal life: to take his destiny into his own hands and in the end shamefully surrender because he wasn't strong enough to win a harsh battle; the global tendency remains the same – a continuous increase, growth and upheaval. 

Every next stage of development is more progressive in comparison with the previous one, it requires the application of more serious efforts in order to survive. Every transition becomes more tedious, evidenced also in the shortening of a temporal resource that is assigned to develop humanity which is needed to make this transition. 

The monotonous and slow muscular vector and the audacious, hot and always ready to fight – urethral one. 

So, in what direction do modern men move today? Are their and their children's paths thorny or rosy? Where could one find the roots where the first modest steps made by their primitive ancestors? Is it possible to influence the course of evolution? Are there any ways to predict a unique and absolutely feasible future? 


A primordial group in the muscular stage had quite a simple organisation. All people bore one vector (with the exclusion of the upper vectors that were combined with the dermal lower ones only) and every member had a role (an archetype) for the whole group to survive. There were only two tasks to execute, to survive and to reproduce. 

The muscular phase was the most balanced. A group was constructed as 'one' that is a total complementarity in all aspects, but their common desires were weak and undeveloped. 

A few decades ago, the transition from the second (anal) phase to the third one (dermal) ended in world war II. The anal phase, with it's values, didn't want to surrender easily. It lost though and an era of technical progress, the development of medicine and technology, an epoch of finance and corruption, property qualification, status and prestige raced forward and took the place of a century of traditions and customs, indestructible institutes of marriage and family, chastity and honesty, hopeless ideas of Nazism and nationalism. In the dermal phase women finally were given “freedom” and feminism started to prosper, and the spoken word lost it's value. 

The dermal vector is very acquisitive and it will resist the next transition a hundred times stronger than the anal one had done before and a battle over the direction of the future, that is the urethral phase, will be more difficult to win. 

The urethral vector is literally the future. It guarantees the survival to a group and leads it ahead owning its qualities as a natural attraction to the unadapted and weaker ones, an ability to take pleasure in giving to others, all the motives of consumption and personal gain are in opposition to their nature. The future is eternity, the only thing that can have no limits is the one that is directed outward: not saving, but moving forward to prosperity and innovation. The urethral vector is always a fountain of creative and effective ideas. 

Only a person who has the urethral vector is actually able to give necessary and unselfish help to others: he doesn't try to meet half way as an anal man would, 'by right', he doesn't spread himself too thinly like a visual man, he is the one who gives love and takes pleasure in it, he experiences a great satisfaction when he knows that his group is in a comfortable state. 

One more needed component on a way to the future is a healthy audial vector: animate and spirtual altrusim go together, but in general, they differ from each other very much, they are almost two opposite phenomena. 


Nowadays the problem of being eternal became fashionable: recipes for immortality and anti-aging medicine, (which stemmed from scientists discovering the gens responsible for aging). Vector-System Psychology explains in well-reasoned ways why a man can never achieve physical immortality. 

Each of us possesses four bodily needs: to eat, to drink, to breathe and to sleep. We can't consume anything internally, at some moments we feel satiety. Our body lives according to the same principle: it lives to support itself and death ends it, that is the natural process which is no different for bearers of the urethral vector whose thirty-six needs are directed outwards. 

It became possible to talk about the immortality of the spirit when the audial vector awoke from 'spiritual dreams'. It seems that society moved together to this idea at once whereas before it didn't exist. No vector acts alone, so the urethral future won't come till the audial one finds it's realizaion which it currently suffers with in our modern dermal phase. What side do the audial-olfactory weights move to? Who can influence it? Visual culture that is creating a base for the audial, spiritual development, a real one, not a schizoid one. 

It is impossible to describe all aspects of this interesting topic in one article. This is just a summary of the information that is given in Yuri Burlans' trainings.

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Posted on: June 2, 2013
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