Libya vs. Gaddafi or Socialism in the Libyan Style

Libya vs. Gaddafi or Socialism in the Libyan Style

Socialism, communism, dictatorship, totalitarianism; it seems that everyone knows what those words mean. Ask yourself is it really so? 

Who else, besides political scientists, can tell apart a real meaning of these words and associations that were created in minds?

Often they understand these words through emotional associations depending on one’s personal life experience. Today people automatically equate socialism and the Soviet Union, totalitarianism and dictatorship without thinking, without trying to analyze. 

The elders often stand for returning to the former state system mixing up their ideas with the nostalgia of their youth that has gone away, and the young, in their turn, feel freedom and honestly fail to understand who else besides 'the senile retirees' can talk about socialism as a good thing! 

Let's examine essence of the ideas of social change apart from a certain historical experience and see the difference between the idea and its implementation under various geopolitical conditions. 



Everything in the world including humanity develops in accordance with natural laws, follows a certain order that can be divided into four phases: muscular, anal, dermal, and urethral. 

Long time ago a primitive group, an animal and inseparable 'We', divided into separate units of clans and families for the first time. This actually was the transition from the muscular phase to the next one, the anal phase of development, to the tribal society organization. The division implied a beginning of the next phase of human historical development. A structure of the primitive group became more complex, appeared values of the anal vector, such as patriarchy, family, right of succession, respect for ancestors and elders and following traditions. 

Only a few of decades ago after World War II we have passed on to the dermal phase of development that is the time of civilization regulated by laws. Now we live in consumer society, where marriage loses its value, one becomes highly influential thanks to money, and the society fell into smaller pieces, individuals who have right for a private opinion. The urethral phase of development will come after the dermal one and we only can make conjectures what society going to be like then.

In the process of evolution, nature always experiments with new forms, we start to observe it from the level of random genetic mutations… and up to social formations on the global level. Everything that comes prematurely doesn't strike roots and dies out. The urethral phase reveals itself a little at first, then leaves without a trace for a while... but the next time returns forever. 

What does the phrase 'From each according to his abilities, to each according to his contribution' say to us? The concept of giving 'From each according to his abilities' neither means 'anal' fairness 'everyone gives and gets a half, an equal portion' nor dermal justice (according to a law) 'He who is tricky will get double the prize'. It is an extremely urethral approach, its meaning is the boundless bestowal for group's sake, the guarantee of its life and future. Communism is based on this very principle. And who will organize a revolution if not an urethral chief with his aspirations to the bright future and the ability to sweep away all obstacles on his way! 

This is exactly what we see in the case of building communism in the USSR.


Why was the attempt to build it unsuccessful? The urethral revolution triumphed on the fertile ground of the Russian urethral mentality…but in times when the humanity was going through the anal phase of development and did not rely on any vial audial idea. The very idea man (a bearer of the audial vector) at the right shoulder of an urethral chief without timely adequate to the environment idea 'dooms' a chief to reach a deadlock in all his undertakings… The premature idea gradually started turning into a dogma and vanished, there was no actual ideology, the power of urethral movement cracked, an archetypical dermal part in the society felt the coming of new times and that was the start of the age of speculations and the search for back doors, where everything depended on one’s connections, and primary needs could only be satisfied if one could contrive. The experiment Failed. 

It is neither impossible to build the society of future without a well-prepared basis and idea, which the audial part of humanity carries, nor to jump over the dermal phase and pass on to the urethral phase without any losses. There is evidence of this statement today: we witness another urethral attempt to breakthrough into future, this time in the Arab world. The attempt that is expressed otherwise than in Soviet union due to differences in mentality, but it is still doomed to failure for the same reasons. 



In order not to go far for examples of urethral power, there is a quote from Wikipedia:

Head of State: Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution.

Muammar Gaddafi, who had been Head of Libya for the last 42 years is a classic example of a urethral chief.


He was a part of underground political organizations since the time he was young, and, of course, in end became their leader. He nourished revolutionary ideas and attracted the masses under his banners. Then he overthrew monarchy and formed his own concept 'Third Universal Theory' (Jamahiriya). Similarly to his predecessors starting with Plato, Gaddafi searched for an ideal form of social coexistence where social justice couples with the strong government, democracy and national identity.

It is natural that his concept includes the urethral values such as democracy, freedom of speech, abolition of private (dermal) property. All this sounds very familiar to residents of the former Soviet Union, the country that remembers the revolution of the last century: “social justice guarantee, high production level, abolition of exploitation in all forms and equitable distribution of national wealth.” 

However, it is hardly possible to compare the things happened in two different countries, furthermore, time and conditions are not the same either. Revolutionary activities that Gaddafi deployed took place under the Arab mentality. Even though modern society has been living in the dermal phase of development for half of the century, the Arab countries adhered to religion and traditions that exceptionally belong to values of the anal vector. 

In 1979 Gaddafi asked the Libyan people to release him from all state posts, so that he could engage in ideological and theoretic labor for the benefit of the entire humanity. The nation accepted Gaddafi’s proposals preserving his titles of Chief and Brother-leader.The situation is very systematic: the nation with anal mentality called a natural chief Gaddafi 'brother-leader' as a reference to family values. In the Soviet Union people called each other 'comrade, in Libya people appeal to each other as “brother” or “sister”. Here is a typical systematic example. 

Gaddafi didn't hesitate to make a return and suggested transferring oil fields that belonged to the government, to poor citizens of Libya. Nowadays Libyans both draw interests from the oil sales like in Norway and Saudi Arabia, and own oil fields. This is a great illustration of urethral aspiration to provide for the entire group. This is neither a parody of communism, nor a vulgar interpretation of 'to divide everything equally among people'. This is the principle of urethral chief’s bestowal, giving where there is a lack. 

As a result, standard of living in Libya is much higher than in Egypt, not to mention African countries. It still isn’t as high as in Europe, but it should be taken into account that education and healthcare in Libya are free, there is no rent, and prices of groceries are insignificant. Free education, illiteracy projects, free healthcare sound quite familiar to former Soviet citizens. 

The conflict between traditions and revolution within limits of the same quartile (the quartile of time), the urethral and the anal vectors, the past and the future, occur in a such intricate way: 

'One of Gaddafi’s first actions after rising to power was a calendar reform: names of months were changed and the chronology started from the year of Prophet Mohammad’s death.' 


Gaddafi declared the Cultural Revolution that included the following: 

- abolition of the laws passed during the previous monarchist regime and replacing them with law based on Sharia;

- repressions against communism and conservatism by means of political opposition purges, those who resisted the revolution: communists, atheists, members of the Muslim Brotherhood group, advocates of capitalism, and western propaganda agents;

-encouragement of Islamic thought, rejection of any ideas that are contradictory to it, especially ideas that came from other countries and cultures;

According to Gaddafi, the Libyan Cultural Revolution as opposed to the Chinese Cultural Revolution, didn't introduce anything new but marked returning to Arab and Islamic heritage. 

Dermal worldwide standardized civilization wasn’t formed in the Arab world; the society there is based on the anal tradition along with religion; such strong religious influence on life and traditions of the secular society could be observed nowhere besides the Muslim world.

The issue of differentiating religious peculiarities is generally interesting enough, in order not to get too far away from the topic of this article, let's illustrate some morals dictated by Islam to support it. 
The following information was taken from Wikipedia: 

Morals prescribed by Islam:

Truthfulness (as-sidk).

Reliability and loyalty (al-amana).

Tolerance and the ability to forgive (al-hilm and as-safh).

Modesty (al-chaia).

Dignity and self-respect (al-izza).

Search for wisdom and knowledge (al-ilm).

Patience (as-sabr).

Bias in purity and beauty (an-anzafa vattadzhmul).

According to Islam, family is the main element of society. Extra-marital affair is definitely forbidden, moreover there is a severe punishment for it. Such affairs are considered the main source of decay of an individual and society and lead to moral and physical degradation. 

In other words those are the values of monogamous anal vector; also, even though we do not know all the dogmas in detail, we can systematically trace what woman place can be in the society with anal values. A wife can live with her husband as safely as behind a stone wall, and what happens if a stone wall turned into a slave wall... How different that is from the 'boyfriend-girlfriend' relationships that have become a norm in the dermal Western society long time ago! 

An urethral chief is directed to the future and he is capable of going against the deep-rooted traditions and the anal part of the society, in it's turn, can only accept such radical changes of their habitual ways only from the “elder brother” in time quartile, namely from a chief . 

This is what Gaddafi wrote in 'The Green Book', where he has formulated “Third Universal Theory”:


Freedom means that an individual possesses knowledge and skills that answer his nature to perform appropriate work. 

Human rights are equal for everyone: men and women, adults and children. However their responsibilities are far from being equal. 

A 'urethral note' is seen through all Gaddafi's ideas.

Even the Western mass media acknowledged that Muammar Gaddafi has done a lot for the Libyan people. Gaddafi eliminated illiteracy in his country and gave equal rights to men and women, which was a real shock for the traditional Arab society. 

Women have right to vote in Libya (unlike in Saudi Arabia); she drives (unlike in Kuwait) and can even become a pilot (unlike in Egypt). The majority of Libyan women wear the hijab, a headscarf, but wearing the chador (a full-body-length semicircle of fabric that is open down the front) is a rare thing. 


It stands to reason that the most part of his work is dedicated to theoretical issues of democracy. It is interesting to read what urethral Gaddafi writes about law problem, the dermal law that is contrary to urethral mending differences: "Laws of dictatorial government were substituted for natural laws so long as the law created by a man substituted for natural laws, criteria shifted. Religion involves customs and a custom is the expression of natural life of nations.Consequently, religion involving customs is a natural law. The laws that are not based on religion and customs are created by men against other men on purpose and, for this reason, they are wrong, as they are not based on the natural source that are customs and religion.” 

Law is crated by the dermal vector as a limitation and a regulation of relations within a group. The power of a urethral chief is natural, as they say, it is “God given”, and no human law regulates it . Thus, an ideal systematic picture is formed: customs and religion are the “laws” of an urethral chief for a traditional anal society…. 

Actually, it is an attempt to build an innovative urethral structure based on anal values, such as tradition, religion, trying to bypass the dermal phase again. 


GEOPOLITICS from the point of vector systems psychology: MENTALITY and COLLISION OF VALUES 

Today the Arab world with its anal mentality observes the triumph of the dermal civilization. The civilization that gave birth to all the benefits of consumer society, that is so attractive on the outside. The situation is similar to what happened, say between two neighbors a dermal man and an anal man, anal 'envies' towards the dermal neighbor who is more successful, because he is able to take everything that comes his way. It is a bitter feeling of a lack felt by the anal person, no matter how much he was given by the government and society he lives in. The urethral justice is that everyone gets according to their needs. The justice of a stressing anal man in the dermal world is to give equally to everyone, so that he won’t be worse than everyone else! 

Huge masses of people salute a revolution. They do that primarily for the material benefits that it brings to them. But only a small number of people are ready to move beyond primitive satiation. All socialist ideas, no matter how attractive they are, sooner of later fail, because the society is not ready for such social structure. And, actually, not every a urethral chief is able to to move in the right direction. 

Gaddafi ruled the country lead by his internal values. What does the urethral “animal ” altruism mean? What is giving according to a lack? The urethral power grants protection to the weakest layers of the society, it gives the freedom to those who are deprived of human rights, and destroys the opportunity of endless satiation for the propertied ones. And the urethral power will never be liked by everyone. 

The urethral system of values disrupts the universal order in the way the anal part sees it, the anal traditions stop working during such power. For example, a cancellation of succession to the throne practiced by Gaddafi is impossible for them, not to mention other above-described lifestyle changes that happened at the time of his ruling.

Urethral power doesn't give a dermal part of society an opportunity to spread their formations. For example, to have offshore bank accounts in Libya is prohibited and Gaddafi kept his money at home depriving western governments of the ability to manipulate him. The financial pyramids has no basis to be formed on, the system of law doesn't serve dermal needs since law is always the limitation of power thus doesn't concern a urethral chief. So, the dermal part feels unprotected, and it will always perceive the urethral power as a dictatorship only. 

The overthrow of urethral 'dictatorship', 'tyranny' is taken as emancipation, prospects to establish quasi-confined and so desired democracy for ones, and a return to traditional ways for others. 


Up to the present day, Arab countries are in the anal stage of their development. Values of consumer society couldn't develop there owing to different system of values and the urethral power. Civilization, standardized law that guarantee democracy as the regulation of relations within society can't exist there. 

And what happens at first, after overthrow of the urethral power is coming to 'justice' as a value of the anal vector and so-called dermal outrageous breach of all limits: theft, illegality and corruption. It isn't worth even mentioning that the weakest layers of the population will completely lose their social guarantees and safety; in other words, ordinary people will suffer poverty. 

Under the conditions of anal mentality, the absence of a chief who guarantees the future, will lead to inevitable regress. Religious traditions will function as a law and this will lead to the union based on Islamic fundamentalism. 

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