Let's laugh

Let's laugh


-Hi. How are you? 

-Hey, I'm OK. You?

-I'm here. That's not important. Forget it. Let's have a good laugh.


- Have you seen that blind hag in the elevator? It took her three attempts to finally manage to press the button with her crooked trembling finger. 

- And that drunk who fell asleep in a puddle of his own vomit on the street ? Have you seen that? Haha! 

- And do you know what happened a week ago? Well, three drug addicts got into the attic with a 40 pound gas cylinder! How did they manage to get it there, those faint sons-of-a-gun?! I don’t know what exactly they were frying there, but one of those dudes screamed, “Mama!” at the top of his voice when he was falling out of the attic window in this old apartment building. Gee, he was really screaming loud! And the other one was knocked out hanging on to the door, picture that! The entire wiring at the two top floors burned down, all of it!!! Both of them survived, can you imagine?! I don’t know though what happened to the third one. Hope he didn't break off the buzz before the explosion. The fried junkie he was... 

- Have you heard about the law “Oral sex is considered a crime against nature”?
So many people can go to jail for that! Hahaha



Laugh is the oral vector. A jester, a joker, the class clown, Jerry Sienfeld in direct and figurative meaning. The one who with a lovely mouth and has always a ready wit. He talks while thinking and thinks while talking. Don't confuse him with a slyly talking to himself audial person or with an empathic visual one. He is just a blubber. The one who talk a lot. He will ease the situation with a joke. His joke will brake any seriousness. The teacher comes to the lesson. She openes the book, adjusts her glasses, she is so serious , he will ease her also! He will say something funny or show it on fingers if he aren’t allowed to talk. Everyone will laugh their heads off, no one will be able to concentrate on the studies; he will ruin the lesson. Haha. 

The oral vector is opposite to the visual and the audial ones. Have you ever seen physicists and chemists laughing their heads off? May be explosive experts who happened to become ones. An audial type person will never succeed in either chemistry or physics if he keeps laughing out loud all the time. An abstract thinker needs self-concentration, concentration of thought to perform the most complex work of mind like writing music, poetry or making scientific discoveries but laugh breaks this concentration. An audial type person needs to stay away from the oral jester. 


Have you heard of the psychologists who can say whether a child had incest trauma according to his drawing to prove someone’s fault in a framed up case? Have you seen representative authorities who believe in aliens? These are people with the visual vector whose intellect is underdeveloped and can't be empathic at all. If you want your visual child to be like that let him laugh as much as possible. Let laugh nip his feelings in the bud. A fish died and you feel sorry for it? - Laugh at it! A cat or a dog died? - Make fun of it! 
Later, brought up like that child becomes an adult who is unable to be compassionate if somebody dies in his life, he won't feel anything he will laugh, buy snacks and watch thrillers. Underdeveloped visual people are extremely unhappy.

On the contrary, developed visual vector defines cultural, moral and ethical public norms. Medicine, charity funds, compassionate songs, movies, literature are created by well-developed visual people. The influence of the visual vector made society humane, leveled hostility and mutual hatred. 

Some children are afraid of clowns. There are some adults who accept that they were afraid of clowns when they were kids. “Why are you afraid of him, he won’t eat you , will he?” That's it! He will 'eat' him. He is the oral clown, the cannibal of a group, the buffoon a stinky circus among stinky animals. Have you met animal handlers? They are tough guys, until being bitten on the stage. Thank God there is a cage and the the spectators get away with just pig squeals. 


You cannot take visual type children to the circus. Taming is a torture and exploitation of animals. Amusing by caged animals and laughing at clowns is idle. And the acrobats under the circus cupola, what if they fall headfirst ? This is not good at all. A heart of the visual child won’t stand this, he will experiences innate fear for death, stress and a rupture of emotional connection. Do not take visual type children to the circus. It will be better if you give them a good book to read instead. For other children with anal, dermal , muscular vector, it is pleasure to see how men prevail over animal kingdom. And sometimes they just want to have a good laugh. 

We learned to laugh a long time ago in a primeval group of men who practiced cannibalism: a winner gives doggy style to a loser imitating sexual moves. Yahoo! The winner! And afterwards the loser crawls aside puckered and gnarled; he will now spend the rest of his life begging for food; he is no longer a real man. A loser in the class. A lame duck. And we start to laugh! We laugh at him, we roll around with laughter! Hahahaha! Looser! It serves you well! It amuses us! It is uniting us. We are great fellows. Yes, we are. And you are a piece of garbage! 

Sometimes we want to laugh, we laugh at some problems and they seem to disappear. We accept that it isn't our business and in this way we lose. Some people solve problems and we laugh at them and don't care about it, but they do solve them. Others can't solve problems. They laugh at drug addiction, alcoholism or laws because they think that it isn't their business at all. That's it. They just relax and have fun until they have to face it personally. Then they start to care. They, out of the blue, understand how serious the problem is and start worrying, asking for protection and justice, but only silence answers them. And laughing continues.

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Posted on: June 2, 2013
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