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Parents’ Problems in Upbringing Children: a thief from under a stick, a prostitute for a carrot

Most problems of parents-children relationships are caused by the wrong perception of a child as a clone of his parents. Is it possible not to shout at a slow child? His dad is used to following orders immediately. Is it possible not to get angry with such a kid? Why is he so sluggish? Because of the properties of his psyche. read more
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Children at school – HELD AT GUNPOINT

The issue of child violence is quite a popular topic of discussion among the general public today. Bookstores offer a wide variety of books that are full of recommendations for parents on how to protect a child from emotional and physical abuse as well as how to intervene when it occurs. Nevertheless, the situation at schools remains the same and does not seem to improve. read more
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An Audial Mother or a Daydreamer

Always deep in thought and in a philosophical mood, she is often silent and dreamy, appearing dazed and caught up in her own world of fantasy. When her audial vector is in a bad condition, she may lose touch with reality and fall into a depression. She sees the outer world as an illusion, therefore, living in her own body becomes an ordeal. read more
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Bad Eyesight or Life Behind Blurry Glass

It is rare when parents think that a pet can die. A child will experience tears, tragedy, and sadness, but usually forget within a few days. An extremist will buy another one, which is what happens in the most cases. read more
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