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Why are clowns scary?

Clowns and children... Have you ever wondered who are drawn to a clown? Children to a clown or a clown to children? Why are some children afraid of clowns? And some parents find it's funny or ridiculous when their children react to a clown with crying. One meeting with the clown can fall destiny of the child to ruin. read more
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Good bye, Santa!

As a matter of fact, not all of children are excited to meet Santa-Claus. Lisa is crying and leans to her mom's bosom; Jimmy is calling for his father. They remove the terrified kids. Parents are bewildered – they told their kids that Santa Claus is a kind and good man who gives gifts. What's happened? How can a child overcome the fear of Santa Claus? read more
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Why do Children Fight?

“If there is a desire to fight, the reason always can be found” this slightly changed saying draws attention to the fact that the desire to fight comes first. As for the presence or absence of a definite reason that does not matter much and we can see that a lot. read more
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Puberty is not so scary, but its consequences...

“You don't understand me!”, “I feel so bad, I 'm dying...”, “There are pimples on my face...” If you are a happy mother who has a daughter, sooner or later you will hear these words. It does not matter how hard you try to be prepared for this new stage in life – it always comes unexpectedly. read more
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Pseudoautism – say “NO” to false diagnosis

“Your child is inadequate. He is definitely lagging behind other children. If you want him to succeed in school, you’ll have to hire private tutors for him. Otherwise, there is no chance that he will receive a high school diploma.” – his teacher’s words came as a shock to me. read more
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What should you do if your child asks for a pet?

If your child asks to get a hamster, a guinea pig, a rabbit, a cat or a puppy, this article is for you. There are sweeties with big expressive eyes as if they looked straight inside your soul. read more
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