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We recommend you to start with the course of free introductory lectures which is conducted once in 1,5-2 months on our website. You can stream this online training on any computer or a mobile device having Internet access.
The free trainings "System-Vector Psychology" are among the most attended events of the Runet in the last ten years. Each free lecture is attended by not less than 5000 people. In just 10 years of conducting the online training more than 500 000 people have visited the series of free lectures.
Dates of upcoming lectures: to be announced soon.

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What do the free lectures in Yuri Burlan's "System Vector Psychology" have to offer?

The series of free introductory lectures is not a coordination meeting. It includes from 3 to 4 lectures of the full course of the first level. But these are free lectures. This is a great opportunity to learn the basics of the method, get your first positive emotions from unbelievably accurate system observations of the manifestation of the human psyche, to learn about the causes of many serious problems and solutions to them.

At the first lecture, you will learn about "System-vector psychology" method, its distinction and unique character. It will be a brief excursion into the history of its foundation. Besides, you will learn the fundamental principles of the system of vectors and get the basic information on some vectors.

The second lecture is entirely devoted to the Dermal vector, its essence and manifestation, the formation of its qualities and the influence of the vector on the person's life scenario, a professional choice they make and the role they have in the social life. You will find out how to raise your dermal child properly not to make him a thief. You will learn how masochism, a failure life scenario and corruption are related, and even more, you will get a lot of other new, unexpected and very useful information.

The third lecture is traditionally devoted to the Anal vector. You will discover not only the portrait of 'the best people in the world' who are faithful, reliable and thorough, people that dot the i's and cross the t's. They are those who are quality and cleanliness oriented perfectionists. But this vector has also a reverse side where the person can be resentful, sadistic and fault-finding. You will find out how to raise a 'golden child' with no risk to develop 'the mummy's boy complex' in him, and many other things are there for you to learn about. And that just the tip of the iceberg, the whole one is to be revealed during the free introductory lectures.

The fourth lecture is alwyas special. This lecture may be devoted completely to answering personal questions of the auditory, or concentrate on one particular topic. The most popular topics are 'the Female Sexuality', 'The Audial Vector, or Searching the Meaning of Life', 'The Upbringing of Children', 'Working through Resentments', 'The Visual Vector, or Love as the Meaning of Life', 'The Dermal Vector and the Failure Life Scenario' and other.

Dates of upcoming lectures: to be announced soon.

Why for free?

The course of introductory lectures is free so you could get an idea of the training in practice instead of just being promised something. We invite you to attend all the free lectures, to try getting the real knowledge to benefit yourself and to make a decision to complete the full training. The introductory lectures are free and attending these lectures does not oblige you to buy the complete course.

How would you benefit from the free lectures?

  • You will have a great time in a large company of educated, interesting and enthusiastic people.
  • You will get acquainted with the most progressive knowledge in the field of psychology and psychoanalysis from its original source.
  • You will get an opportunity to solve your psychological problems and help your children without consulting a psychologist.

Understanding the nature of such serious problems like resentments, family conflicts, depressions and many other is the first outcome of attending the free lectures you can expect. You will notice the positive effect of the training right after you have listened to the free lectures. Here are some testimonials from the broadcast chat of the introductory lectures:

I attended 2 free lectures and I was shocked to see how only 2 lectures drastically changed my life - I forgave my father for beating me when I was a child. My entire life I had not been able to forgive him. Can't help telling you that my husband told me I look even prettier now ))))) Just in one day many people I don't know tried to get acquainted with me though I had barely mixed with anyone for years

Olga, Moscow

free training participant


Now I completely understand my friend, my first love, who behaves in all he does just like you describe. It's unbelievable! Now I understand him and know how to approach him. I think our relationship improved only thanks to my understanding I had got during those lectures

Ludmila, Dnepropetrovsk

free training participant
This training helped me to save my marriage. I stopped cheating on my husband, found a hobby, started to understand my own child and enjoy the motherhood!

Ekaterina, Otradny

free training participant
An autistic child started to talk. I understood how to help him. This is my friend's kid and he's 9 years old, believe it or not but after 1 month of peace and quiet at home he started speaking in full sentences. Still can't believe it myself but it's true!!!


free training participant


It's the third time I listen to the free lectures and I also completed the paid training of the first level. You will never believe it, but every time I listen to the lecture, my understanding gets deeper and deeper and my interest grows even more. Besides, the ways that the lecturer chooses to present the material, which is a deep and subtle knowledge, are absolutely admirable. The covered issues are quite sensitive after all...


participant of a lecture devoted to the topic of female sexuality
Here you can find the participants' testimonials and feedback on the free lectures:
  • over 23000 testimonials after completing training "System-Vector Psychology" on different topics for the last 10 years

Dates of upcoming lectures: to be announced soon.

Are the results guaranteed?

All results that the participants of the training get can be considered a 'side effect', but thy are regular, predictable and stable. The main thing that the training in system vector psychology gives you is:

  • in-depth knowledge and understanding of the formation and structure of the human psyche
  • an ability to think in a more independent way
  • an opportunity to solve most of your everyday problems with no 'advisors, doctors and friends' involved.

Don't put your life off till tomorrow when you can attend the free training in Yuri Burlan's System Vector Psychology today!


Dates of upcoming free introductory lectures: to be announced soon.

Don't worry if have not attended the introductory lectures. You can sign up for the full training and make up for the missed lectures and material during this training.


Live stream on mobile devices. No matter where you are, you can stream the lectures on any mobile device having Internet access.

Interpreting in other languages. The free lectures are simultaneously interpreted in English. If you are interested in listening to the lectures in English, you can get more information by contacting our live chat support.

Use this link to join live stream and listen free lectures in English:

See you at the lectures!