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Parents’ Problems in Upbringing Children: a thief from under a stick, a prostitute for a carrot

Most problems of parents-children relationships are caused by the wrong perception of a child as a clone of his parents. Is it possible not to shout at a slow child? His dad is used to following orders immediately. Is it possible not to get angry with such a kid? Why is he so sluggish? Because of the properties of his psyche. read more
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Pushkin is Our Everything. Documentary by American Film Director

A good friend of mine from Moscow asked: ‘Pushkin is our everything – has this turned out to be relevant for Londoners too?’ Yes, it’d really relevant! read more
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The Foundation of System-Vector Psychology

The Foundation of System-Vector Psychology. A little of history. Sigmund Freud discovered a direct, innate connection between erogenous zones and character in 1907 in the work called 'Character and anal eroticism'. It was the first 'anal erogenous zone'. read more
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Save us from obesity!

According to the list the people of following professions tend to be overweight more than of others: social workers, teachers, artists, designers, architects, doctors, policemen and firemen. Let's try to find a real reason of excess weight and obesity among people in the above-mentioned occupations from a System-Vector Psychology viewpoint. read more
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Why are clowns scary?

Clowns and children... Have you ever wondered who are drawn to a clown? Children to a clown or a clown to children? Why are some children afraid of clowns? And some parents find it's funny or ridiculous when their children react to a clown with crying. One meeting with the clown can fall destiny of the child to ruin. read more
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Good bye, Santa!

As a matter of fact, not all of children are excited to meet Santa-Claus. Lisa is crying and leans to her mom's bosom; Jimmy is calling for his father. They remove the terrified kids. Parents are bewildered – they told their kids that Santa Claus is a kind and good man who gives gifts. What's happened? How can a child overcome the fear of Santa Claus? read more
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Space cadets: On the way to Tartarus

Anders Behring Breivik, James Holmes, Jared Loughner, Adam Lanza,Igor Danilevsky, Dmitry Vinogradov there are many others who can be added to this ever increasing list. Dramatically increasing perhaps, and every time there will be only one psycho, 'space cadet' who commits these massive killings. read more
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Between Nature and The Red Button

“I am an audial person”? The audio erogenous zone is their most sensitive organ and is able to catch the slightest vibrations...What does it mean to be a person of the audial vector? What are audial desires? Why are audial people potential geniuses in their childhood and degenerates in life's remainder? read more
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Intellectual Development of Children in a New Perspective

So what should parents do if their child doesn’t speak as many words as required for his age? Should they wait or take urgent action such as seeking medical treatment with the help of pharmaceutical products? read more
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Hyperactive children are the hope for evolution

Hyperactive children. What are they like? What does make them special? What do they have in common with each other? Why do they behave their way, and what actually happens when we start treating them with sedatives? read more
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