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Pushkin is Our Everything. Documentary by American Film Director

A good friend of mine from Moscow asked: ‘Pushkin is our everything – has this turned out to be relevant for Londoners too?’ Yes, it’d really relevant! read more
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Tolkien and his fans

Who was the creatоr of Middle-earth and Arda, John Ronald Tolkien? Either a cranky audial professor who rewrote his works for years in a pursuit to achieve perfection or a real genius with a striking imagination who made up a world where a green sun has it's place... read more
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Triumph of Modern Culture: the Saga of Sisters of Mercy

These women are definitely special! They don't consider upbringing children and creating family hearth to be their mission. Front line is the filed of their activities. Such women are always by men’s side for not to be protected by them, but to help them overcome obstacles, to be there for them, to console, to support, to reassure, to inspire… read more
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