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Save us from obesity!

According to the list the people of following professions tend to be overweight more than of others: social workers, teachers, artists, designers, architects, doctors, policemen and firemen. Let's try to find a real reason of excess weight and obesity among people in the above-mentioned occupations from a System-Vector Psychology viewpoint. read more
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Suicide-attackers, who are they?

Wide-scale terrorist attacks always mean a lot of victims, bloodshed, deaths, terror and grief. People watching TV can't believe their eyes. Who does all these things and why? What motivates suicide-bombers? read more
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Fading hopes for World's end

People have always had some fascination with the end of the world. A new date for apocalypse is set from time to time, and different reasons are given. And every time there are some people who are waiting for it with fear, and those who are waiting for it with hope. read more
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