- Would you like to DRINK? 
- I Won't say NO!

Alcoholism is a daunting social problem. The failure of social adaptation and family conflicts caused by alcoholism are on the list of sad consequences that the demon drink leads to.

Alcohol is neither good nor evil; it becomes a trouble when one tries to make up sufferings in order to avoid problems, losing the ability to think reasonably. Unsolved problems continue to increase coupled with emotional and physical dependence on alcohol and a temporary relief is a mere illusion.


What are basis of this phenomenon? What does systematic thinking bring to it?

Let's analyze a few moments.

The causes of alcoholism arise from both social and sexual frustration depending on a state that the vector is in. 



Alcohol and sex influence the same regions in the human brain. This is why we see people lose themselves into drinking because of their sexual frustration trying to fill in their wants. 

First of all, people who are mostly iclined to drink alcohol belong to the anal vector. They have a big libido and specifics of their nature that are contrary to the dermal (modern) environment create compleх conditions for their social and sexual realization. 

A man of the anal vector is monogamous by nature. Problems occur when a woman he wants does her best to avoid sexual intercourse with him. His desire is huge but he is unable to redirect it to a different woman. He heaves sighs, nags, begs, resents, reproaches her, loses his temper, screams at everyone, gets even in small things, masturbates... but continues to suffer. Unsatisfied sexual hunger provokes sadistic inclinations and alcoholism. 

Resentment and its consequences (resentment towards his mother, his first woman, his country, government, the whole world; there are a lot of stages and types of resentment) are a serious obstacle on a way to his self-realization. The feeling of a constant lack for something (mother didn't pay enough attention to him, government didn't provide with benefits, coworkers undervalued his job etc.) makes him get stuck in the past and deprives of the ability to move on. This way he ends up being an outcast in life, unable to get social realization and lives without a woman.
An anal man who bears resentments against a woman is aware that 'all women are sluts' and it is difficult for him to find sexual satisfaction with such beliefs. Thus prerequisites to emphasize the importance of male friendship, which is based on an anal libido, appear. Anal men who have resentment against women tend to unite into the 'anal brotherhood'. They go to a sauna together and sometimes to strip clubs; they ride bikes, drink beer and share their mutual beliefs regarding women. The sexual frustration in the anal vector can be expressed by means of dirty jokes wherein they obsessively mention bottoms and faeces. 

The situation slowly builds up into the propensity to alcoholism. Frustrated men drink day after day cursing life, the broads, and the country, suffering and losing their face and decreasing their chances to get out of such state. And it seems that there is no way out of this vicious circle….

Sexual frustration also causes alcoholism in the urethral type. Their way of drinking is different from the people of other vectors: they drink themselves to death very quickly due to their unlimited nature and inability to restrict themselves. Every action of the urethral man is bigger, wider, stronger with no limits at all. 



People of the muscular type who live in rural areas become alcoholics due to the example of dermal unrealized men. 

In the dermal stage of development cities turned into a life center. Villages die out, the vector structure of rural inhabitants also changes. Its basis though is still muscular type people. Anal type people without the upper vectors also realize themselves greatly in rural areas executing their role as the heads of household and land, bringing up their children, preserving traditions. 

As for dermal type people, those who are more or less developed leave for cities looking for greater opportunities; a city is complimentary to them both in its rhythm and values. Only archetypal dermal type people remain in villages; unable to leave for the city because of their underdevelopment and unable to find their place in the village as well. 

What does happen to an unrealized dermal type person (no matter where he lives)? Because of underdevelopment his desire to steal is very strong, but at the same time the fear of a punishment suppresses an archetypical manifestation of his nature. The state of stress of unrealized desire to steal on the one hand, and the social frustration on the other become the reasons for alcoholism. 

Dermal alcoholics are street drunks who never say 'no' to a free drink with someone, encouraging others to do the same. They give a bad example to muscular type people. As we know, a muscular type person take himself as 'we', he is an absolute follower and has no opinion of his own; he is always led by somebody. People of the dermal vector who have always been executing limitative function of the primal urges (sex and murder) for themselves and others (first of all for muscular people) stop performing it (meaning the developed ones have left a village and the underdeveloped ones give bad examples). 


The example of dermal men drinking themselves to death is disastrous for a muscular villagers. Drinking as much as dermal type men do, which means consuming the amount of alcohol that exceeds every possible limit, leads to a disinhibition of cerebral cortex that awakens primitive instincts in a muscular man who ends up grabbing a wood chopper... A muscular man who is usually peaceful and hardworking can become a murderer when drunk. And in the morning after getting sober he may not even remember what has happened… 

Muscular people when they lose themselves in drinking are no longer capable to do their best at work and they can't procreate a healthy generation (it is muscular people who give birth to a lot of children thus are a foundation of population) 

This is the way how unrealized dermal drunkards ruin village life formed for centuries along with realization of the muscular men, the foundation of society and the basis of generation.



Attitude to alcohol in the audial type is completely different . An audial person doesn't become an alcoholic unlike other vectors. People with the audial vector don't try to make up with alcohol their earthly desires but subconsciously they want to focus on inner states with help of it. 

To understand why a person drink alcohol, it is necessary to understand him, the states of his vectors are in and his subconscious desires. Upper vectors never exist without lower ones, so the reason of alcoholism, perhaps, lie in the lower vectors such as a frustrated anal, an archetypical dermal , or an unrealized urethral ones. It is very easy to make a mistake if the vector is defined at a wild guess without having a deep understanding of its states and seeing an individual as a whole.

The training gives a real understanding what alcohol is for an audial person and what wants other vectors fill with it. Deeper understanding provides with skills that give satisfaction of much higher quality than alcohol.

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Posted on: June 2, 2013
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