A burning candle in a microwave. Personal secrets of a chief

A burning candle in a microwave. Personal secrets of a chief

A boy running on the road knocking down poles
Disobedient feet tell him,
“We bring you there, but may not be a step back ”

Zemfira. ''The boy''

5: 15

- Hello! It is sergeant Smith. 
- Good morning! 
- Do you know Jimmy Thomson?
- Yes. What happened?
- We are on the 9th street in his car.
- Is he OK?
- He was driving drunk and he crashed into our patrol car.
- …
- Come over here and take him.



In the urethral perception there is neither audial haughtiness nor olfactory superciliousness or even visual snobbishness. He is simply a king and we need accept this fact. 

It is what most people do. When they smell a chief's pheromones they take a lower position. There is no authority for the urethral man even if he is urethral-anal. It is important to remember this.

Why does he have to be obedient if he feels like the king of the savanna? The lion is the king of animal kingdom. Nevertheless, it is possible to make the urethral man believe that the moon is blue and the sky is yellow and he will act according to your needs. In spite of his intellect and unlimited thinking he is quite simple-hearted and as naive as a child. There is one significant thing which we need to pay attention to, a group is everything for an urethral man and he is dependent on it even more than the group is dependent on him. 

In practice a group often doesn't realize what a treasure it has. A chief doesn't ask for gratitude - his mercy is higher than that. He doesn't ask for anything in return naïvely thinking that you are as adequate as he is. And you aren't, there can't be two urethrals within one group. In life this urethral quality causes the presence of many 'hanger-ons' who feel safe under the urethral wing and gratuitous giving. 


Usually everything starts with family. As a tendency a urethral child is the first, the second is anal, and the third is dermal. The second can be dermal-anal. This kinship is dangerous especially for a dermal brother because he copies his urethral brother's behavior, tries to be like him, but in his own dermal way and in this way he doesn't learn self-restriction and discipline, that is to say that he doesn't develop. He will follow his brother everywhere get what comes his way. 

The dermal brother will copy his habits, behavior, lifestyle and can turn into an inadequately risky, 'tough guy', an archetypical, dermal drunk. There must be a special approach of upbringing in such a family.

The relationships between a urethral man and dermal-visual females are always interesting no matter what relations they are to each other, brother and sister, mother and son, father and daughter. 

If a urethral kid is luckily born in a family with a dermal visual mother, he will remember her till his days' end as a “great woman”. She will cultivate moral and ethic values in him, direct his development in the right direction. Rarely, in the relationship between a dermal-visual mother and a urethral son incest can occur. 

He will protect a dermal visual sister, he will find a successor to his throne in his dermal visual daughter. The relationship between a urethral man and a dermal visual woman are very close and exceeds the bounds of social norms. 



The urethral health depends on how young he acquires all his bad habits. The later the better, because he doesn't have qualities of self-limitation. Even if he is urethral-dermal, he can likely give them up for a short time only. 

His stormy sexual life starts early, as a rule, in puberty. He starts learning life wisdom at the same age and has it till the end. A urethral man is not the one who brings alcohol, cigarettes and drugs into a group. These things usually come from archetypical, dermal men. 

Drugs for a urethral man is a momentary death because he always take a bigger dose (in everything). He doesn't feel any sense of measure, but can live long on alcohol and cigarettes. Of course, he smokes at a maximum, four packs a day and when he drinks, don't think he gets up the next morning and goes to work with hangover. It isn't the urethral way. A real urethral man drinks minimally for a week, a younger one drinks in between sleeping.

Good god, don't give him suggestive treatment without his own permission or behind his back. In spite of the fact that a urethral man is aimed at receiving pleasure from giving, it won't be his pleasure to satisfy somebody who wants him to refuse alcohol because it contradicts his desires, so it won't satisfy others either. Forced suggestive treatment can end bad, it'll either cause anger or death because he will continue drinking no matter what. 


It is difficult to give any kind treatment to a urethral person. At first, all doctors are sure that a man (no matter his vectors) fears for his own life and body. A urethral person doesn't have that fear, moreover, his health allows him to live life to the fullest and the approach, 'Jimmy, if you drink, you will lose your liver' won't work.

Another way of treatment is to put him in a closed medical institution which, for example, specializes in treating alcoholic dependance. For him, the limitation of freedom is hell and torture even if it is a 5 star clinic, he will be bursting to run.

The only thing possible if he came to some bad decision, is to stay behind, pull him and scream your head off. He might slow down on the fifth mile and turn back. Your screams are just squeals for him, because he knows what is he doing and you don't. You can be a thousand times more correct and he accepts it, but has his own way. That is the urethral essence. 

Of course, there are only a few urethrals without the upper vectors nowadays, therefore you can influence him through different vectors but don't hope for long lasting results. Life with a urethral person is complex work and a constant fight with his bad habits. Remember that the length and quality of his life is in your hands, in the hands of the closest people to him. You can stop, slow down his falling and cushion his shocks because alone he can't deal with it. Such is the urethral nature. 


Don't think that he acts out of spite, to annoy you and he knows that all his relatives will come over and get him out of trouble (there can be a lot). Sooner or later, your visual understanding can say, “I want to hit him with something heavy. I'm tired of him I wish he died” but don't give up! He has enough power to rise from the ashes and he will reward you for your efforts. 



An urethral man has no desire to possess anything and it determines his behavior. His thinking is innovative and when he develops in the right way, money will flow to his hands and people are amazed at how he manages doing it. However, he won't save money or make capital as dermal people do.

If he is urethral-dermal, he somehow can find balance and bring money to family. He is never greedy and doesn't take care of the pence. The urethral life is to live in a grand style but not the way we imagine. In spite of the 'weakness to luxury' he doesn't care about fashion. He wouldn't wear a watch, run after the latest 'Bentley' or wear expensive suits. These are dermal status attributes far out of his interests. 

His dermal visual girl can take care of this, but he never thinks about it. An old t-shirt, jeans and sneakers are his favorite clothes. He can put on a jacket or wear cologne if there is a special occasion (for example, a date with a dermal-visual woman). Remind him to change his clothes and take a shower from time to time, he forgets. 

A young urethral man gushes with ideas and if he starts a business, he finds a place for the whole group and provides workers with a worthy salary. He will be loved by all workers, but to support discipline he needs dermal managers because he can't deal with it. The urethral entrepreneur is an explorer, a pioneer and his business is destined to success, but he won't manage it as a dermal man does therefore he can go bankrupt fast. 

He won't dote on his property, he easily takes material losses if it isn't his own defeat and doesn't threaten the group. When his wife needs to be operated on he will find the best doctors and money no matter what price he has to pay.



A urethral man is not a traditional husband or father. 

A urethral man falls in love fast. I'd rather say he falls in passion and insane sexual attraction. This sexual attraction lasts for three years and often with a dermal visual girls, the stronger attraction towards single dermal visual women. In this case love gets him off his rocker and he gets married without thinking within a month. It isn't like the anal, slow-coaching or dermal, stingy, progressive styles of courting. A urethral man takes everything by storm and taking into consideration that everyone loves him and wants to be with him, he is rarely refused.

“Single, lame, hopeless” women can give birth from his strong sperm. His former dermal visual ladies don't spend a lot of time single because they are valuable for dermal “pseudo chiefs”. If you are a dermal visual girl whose relationship with a urethral man hasn't ended with a wedding, don't be sad, you will have a lot of candidates soon. 

Urethral polygamy is enough for everyone therefore he can have a lot of lovers without prejudice to his wife. In principle a urethral man's wife doesn't have any duties, he doesn't demand to clean, iron or cook. He won't ask her how much she spent and what bought. 'Do you want a new dress? You know where money is'. So, the marriage with a urethral man is the most free and light compared to marriages of other types.

An urethral-anal can make maximum demands, but they are funny compared to others: to cook his favorite dish (a rare steak) and wash the dishes. Usually, he makes enough money to hire cleaning lady or cook.

It is better not to expect him to eat at home. Don't expect that you'll have family dinners on weekends and fishing or any other kinds of family meetings. He won't be engaged in children even if has a dermal-visual daughter. Besides, he doesn't bring up the children and doesn't limit them, he also sees them through himself. He thinks that everyone is born adequate to their surrounding like him that's why it is good that he doesn't bring them up. A urethral man has the same attitude towards all children both his and others. All children is his.


The only exclusion is with a dermal-visual daughter. He will tell everyone how smart and beautiful his daughter is. He will take her out on Sundays and buy tons of toys, but he will never baby-talk or fuss over her. 



Urethral animate intuition is directed at the preservation of the group's integrity and this desire is stronger than the preservation of his own body. He experiences animate intuition when stressing. For example, he sees a sleigh full of people at fast speed getting closer to a 4 year old girl, the sleigh can't stop or turn. He appraises the situation (everything happens very fast) and understands that if the sleigh runs over the girl, she'll die. He throws himself under the sleigh putting his life and health at risk. He performs this act subconsciously, that is his animate intuition. 

Of course it works in other situations to his own life when he has to make a fast decision in an emergency. Driving with a urethral person is like 'Need for Speed' in real life.



If you think that a urethral man easily goes through life kicking doors, you aren't right. Crushing all obstacles in his way throughout life, but he weakens and gets exhausted. The most of them perish half way through, the rest drag themselves to the bitter end with “a burden” hanging around their neck and sag under its weight.

We are idiots in our own ways. A visual one cries over a dead flower not remembering thousands of children dying of hunger. An anal man refuses to accept other sexualities except of his own and thinks that this or that is right and fair. A dermal one naively thinks that his lifestyle is the most modern and free which is normal and logical.

Among them a urethral man is an idiot times two. Because, in the direct meaning of the phrase, he doesn't know where he is rushing to, what turn to take, where his way leads to and where he appears to be. Only a very smart urethral man knows, and more importantly, wants to know where he goes.


The worst quality of a urethral man is confidence in the future. He choses the future for everyone, for all group members, and he has enough strength and awareness of his own coolness to lead this huge crowd to a doubtful future.

He achieves the desirable and rushes forward to the next future. Those who are close to him get stressed, nodding their heads, taking looks back and asking, “Hey, where have you brought us?” It's all up both with him and the group because he never deserts anyone, and even if he does, he makes sure the person is taken care of (according to his opinion). Moreover, he fully realizes his actions and seriously takes responsibility for the lives of others, liberating them from responsibility. 

Life with a urethral person is a double edged sword and a deep understanding of urethral nature is needed to go lightly and joyfully through life.

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