Crime Victim: The Deadly Scenario

Crime Victim: The Deadly Scenario

Modern criminology has been trying to answer the following questions for a long time:
-Who becomes a crime victim and why? 
-What is the role of the victim in the crime committing mechanism?

As we can see nowadays, the number of crimes is not decreasing at all and the victim of a crime still remains the victim. 

A whole independent science was created to solve the victimization issue, it is called victimology (from the Latin word 'victima' - a living being, that is being sacrificed to the Gods, a sacrifice, and the Greek word 'logos' - meaning study of). Victimological societies were formed in a number of countries as well as the World Victomological Society. The shelves of bookstores are full of books on the topic of defending oneself, one’s family, residence and property from criminal invasion. 

Why do some people become victims of crimes, while others do not? Yuri Burlan’s Vector Systems Psychology answers this question, because it identifies the type of people who are naturally inclined toward victimization and can develop a victim complex in certain conditions. This complex explains the reason for seemingly unexplainable occurrences, when the same person constantly falls victim to crimes: his wallet gets taken away from him by force, he is hit by a car, or becomes a victim of assault. 

жертва преступления3

For the first time ever Vector Systems Psychology gives clear recommendations for how to stop provoking crimes against one's self. Including the notions of natural and situational victimization, Vector Systems Psychology opens new horizons for criminology scientists’ research, and it also reveals whole new spheres of practical implementation of these discoveries for those engaged in this field of work. 



Each individual’s physical body has an identical anatomical build excluding sexual differences. Sigmund Freud has determined that an individual performs a number of actions without giving any account to himself that he actually does that, those actions have an unthought character and cannot be explained by the influence of attractions. 

Everyone’s basic desire is to keep his integrity, meaning eating, drinking, breathing, sleeping, plus keeping proper temperature. Vector Systems Psychology divides all human character properties into eight types (vectors). Every vector is characterized by its own type of thinking and specific collection of properties and desires. Together those desires unite into what we call an individual. 

All living beings aspire to keep their lives, the integrity of their bodies by doing everything in their power to avoid death. Only the visual vector has the fear of death inherent from birth. This fear has a special meaning-function and serves as basis for the visual type person’s performing his/her archetypical task. The fear of death is based on the root fear of being eaten (by a predator with girls and by a cannibal with boys). This is the state carried around by an undeveloped visual vector. When it is tied with the dermal vector that has masochistic tendencies, it becomes the reason for developing a victim scenario. 

To this day visual type children from the age of three-six show an especially strong fear of death. This is the time when the attainment, emotional feeling of the death phenomenon happens. Worried by it, those children tend to ask questions like, “Do we all really have to die? Will I die? What about my Mom and Dad, would they die as well?” It is unbearable for them to lose their favorite toy or to see the death of a pet, because such children create tight emotional connection with them, animating them and talking to them. Making a leap forward we would like to calm parents down, if you develop the feeling of empathy in your visual type child, it will help the child to overcome fears and prevent him from becoming a victim in the future. When the child gets his fear outside of his being, the fear is transformed from that for himself to the fear for another person; the feelings of empathy and love are developed 

There was a real case when a dermal-visual woman with a victim complex resided with an anal type sadist, who used to constantly strangle her and beat her severely. She explained that she was afraid of him and lived in a constant fear for her life, new scenes of strangling were constantly developed in her head and they were constantly implemented in real life. It was impossible to understand why she continued to live with this person and what connects her to him. Yuri Burlan’s 

Vector Systems Psychology gives the key to explain such behavior.The victim scenario develops if the visual vector does not pass from the state of “fear” to the state of “love”. In such case fear remains the only way to fulfill visual desires, all its emotional amplitude. An emotional swinging in fear takes place, all of a sudden we run along a tree-planting area at night in the most deserted place of the city, and we do that without realizing what we are doing. 

жертва преступления2

This is also the reason for “Stockholm Syndrome”, when the hostages influenced by a strong fear of death start sympathizing with those who captured them. They start justifying their actions and end up identifying themselves with them and considering their sacrifice necessary for reaching the “common” goal. The essence of what happens in such cases is that the hostages have undeveloped visual vectors and they subconsciously assume the role of victim swinging in the state of fear and getting fulfilled with it. 

Depending on the amount of fear, a visual type person can show victim behavior in certain situations. As for the complex itself, it is the state of an undeveloped visual type man or woman. The less developed one’s visual vector is the deeper and more often such a person falls into victim states. When the visual vector is developed, the victim complex does not develop at all no matter what happens. The only exception is the state of extra stress, when the victim complex can still show even in such individuals. 

In the modern world dermal-visual type men and women with an undeveloped visual vector that has never left the state of fear, are always potential victims. 
development of the victim complex in dermal-visual type boys 

The reasons and conditions that support the victim complex development were formed at the dawn of humankind’s existence in the primal pack and they still work even in the state of modern environment. 

Cannibalism was practiced in the primitive society; however, it was strictly limited to dermal-visual boys. An olfactory type person, the primitive “shaman of the pack” used his sense of smell to detect a dermal-visual baby boy among all the newborns of the pack. A dermal-visual male was not of any use to the pack in those times, so he was “sacrificed” by being given to the oral type cannibal who cooked him to feed all members of society. 

Further on, the primitive pack broke away from the animate level; a cultural ban was put on cannibalism through the effort of the dermal-visual female; humanity got the feeling of the value of human life for the first time (you can read about that in more details in the article “The Advancement of Culture in Mass or Antisex and Antimurder”). However, a dermal-visual male was still unable to become either warrior or hunter because of his properties. Such individuals who had no archetype and were unable to adopt the landscape could not survive as such until the historic phase of human development was finished. 

Only when humanity moved on to a new dermal development phase, where the dermal standardized law guaranteeing the right to live for everyone, the visual humanism finally made an absolute of the value of any human being’s life. The society of consumption lives in the state of full wealth and is capable of ensuring lives of all its members without exception, dermal visual males started to survive in mass for the first time. 

As those men do not have a developed “male” archetype, they adapt the areas of work that are traditionally typical for women. You can mainly see them working in plays, movies, as well as on TV; today they become the most popular actors, singers, stylists, etc. These special types of men are nowadays often referred to as metrosexuals, although they are a hundred percent male by their natural essence. Undeveloped dermal-visual boys are potential cannibal victims; they are the ones eaten in the modern world. Being eaten by a cannibal is their root fear in the visual vector. Cannibals choose specifically this type of man as a victim, because he is a victim type. 

Let me give a real life example of a criminal case where an undeveloped dermal-visual man 37 years of age is a victim. He has a stable average income from his business. He shares a home with a urethral-muscular type lady to make a good impression on those around him, but, in fact he hates her. He spends nights at a night club. One night he meets four other males, aged 23-25. He buys alcoholic drinks for them and has a good time. He then gets into their car and asks one of them to partake in sexual intercourse with him. In response the entire group beats him severely and drives off leaving him lying on the roadside. 

For those who have a command of Vector Systems Psychology Fundamentals, it is clear that this dermal-visual type man has provoked this crime against himself following his victim scenario.



In the primitive society such female had an archetype role of the daytime guard for the pack. Using her specially developed eyesight, she noticed oncoming danger (for example, an approaching leopard). Then, due to her innate fear of death, she would get scared and scream from the horror caused by her fear of being eaten by the predator. By doing that she warned the entire pack about this danger. As for the females whose properties were not developed enough, they presented a serious threat for the pack’s safety, because such daytime guards would notice the danger too late and the pack would leave this particular female to be eaten by the predator. This would give the pack time extra time to escape. 

Of course, this function is not in demand on a more complex landscape; however, such scenarios have changed in certain ways during the entire cause of human history, forming into a well-made victim scenario. The society used to get rid of the daytime guards, who were capable of letting it down at the worst time possible one way or another. 

If the harvest was bad she was sacrificed to the Gods to propitiate them. She was accused responsible for plague and cholera epidemics, so she is burned at the stake as a witch. An undeveloped dermal-visual female always perished following this well worked-out victimization program, no matter what the outside “reason” be. A dermal-visual female in the state of “fear” is always a potential crime victim. Her fear becomes the attraction for the vectors whose natural role is to guard the pack from such potential victims. To this day we subconsciously “read” the state of fear at the pheromone level and every one of us makes no mistake in determining that another person is in the state of fear. You can see the same skill in street dogs who only bark at those people who are afraid of them. 

жертва преступления1

An undeveloped dermal-visual female has the need to experience fear thus, her behavior is aimed to make a stronger “swinging” in it, and this process is accompanied by emitting of pheromones and the smell of fear. Following the archetype scenario she runs to the dark alley to get fulfilled with fear and there she gets sorted out by a serial killer by this smell. Being stuck in the state of fear, being undeveloped, she behaves in a certain way, which makes her a definite rape victim (being raped by an anal type man or an olfactory type man) or a crime victim. She has a special well-developed behavioral program with each member of the pack; that is the reason for different types of crimes. 

A developed dermal-visual female can also experience an animate fear of death, but only in the state of extreme stress. In all other times this fear gets completely transformed into the state of love.

There is always a feedback of the victim and the criminal and vice versa. This connection is found on a subconscious level, one does not exist without the other. It is possible to understand that clear and simple only if we practice a volumetric approach to everything, for example, through the connection of the visual vector with other seven ones and never separate it.

Getting your fear outside means stop being a victim, it means realizing your innate role, realizing your desires externally, for the sake of others, not just for your own sake. And then Love will come to you instead of fear!

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