How to Marry a Sadist?

How to Marry a Sadist?

I am sure every one of you has witnessed the following situation on multiple occasions: a woman claims that she got married out of mutual love and that he was a very loving and affectionate husband at first, but everything changed later on. With tears in her eyes, wringing her hands from the inability to change her situation, she is saying that her husband does not love her any more, that he mocks and beats her and that her life has turned into a living hell. 

How do things like that occur? Is there a way to avoid a situation like that? To get an answer to this question you need to personally know a potential sadist. This article will reveal a secret to you; it will teach you how to marry a sadist with a 100% guarantee. 



First of all you need an anal type person. Such a person is characterized by perseverance, validity, patience, deliberation, and perfectionism. 
Also, family, house, and children are things of incredible value to such a person. He is the one who dreams of planting a tree, building a house, and having a son. However, if a visual vector is added to the anal one, such a person also dreams about having a daughter. Thanks to those characteristics it is the anal type men who are the best fathers and stepfathers, they aspire to have a family, and they love their home. When in a healthy state, such a man is a real husband and moreover, he's the best of the lot. 



Resentment for the Mother

The greatest peculiarity of an anal type man is a very strong connection to his mother. For him, she is always the first and the most important woman in his life. If such a person has to live far from his mother, for example, in another city or country, he really misses her a lot, even if he is already an adult.

And it is the anal man’s relationship with his mother that plants the roots of his domestic sadism.


If an anal person acquires a strong resentment to his mother as a child, this results in a strong feeling that he “was not given enough”, he carries that feeling through his entire life. He then passes that resentment to all the women he ever meets.

He still has a close connection towards his mother, but instead of expressing it in a form of gratitude or attachment, it is expressed through negativity and rejection. From time to time such a person experiences a suffocating feeling of resentment and a burning will to get even. 
Subconsciously, it is his mother personified through other women that he gets even with. 

Also, the feeling of resentment to his mother can transform into resentment for society and even the entire world. 

This feeling often deepens when the person is drunk. A drunken person’s cortex is uninhibited and all his subconscious desires surface. In such a state he can give someone a good beating, rape or even kill another person. 

Bad first experience 

There are other reasons for this behavior besides the burning resentment of his mother. She was his first love…so strong, so bright. He wanted to have so much with her. And she…didn't. No, it wasn’t just an unhappy love story. She left him, she deceived him, and she insulted him. It is very difficult for him even to remember this relationship. 

After a long while, he experiences the deepest resentment towards ALL women without realizing it. And all this happens just because of an unsuccessful first experience. He says it all, “All broads are sluts, corrupted, unfaithful; I know that for sure, well, one time I had a girlfriend….”

Sexual Frustration

Apart from the reasons mentioned above an anal man can be driven to sadism by a long sexual frustration. The mighty anal libido demands filling. The absence of a woman or the absence of actual sexual contact gets an anal person into an unsatisfied state. In this state he displays sadistic behavior realizing it one way or another.  



How Does an Upset Anal Man, meaning a Sadist, Look?

First of all pay attention to his look. He should have a heavy look, a sullen, reproachful look. You can notice reproach in his eyes either always or just periodically, depending on the heaviness of his resentment, as well as on the conjunction of his anal vector with other vectors. 

You can recognize an upset anal person quite easily based on these external signs. For example, you can find out what relationship he has with his mother. If he does not communicate with her or talks about her reproachfully you can be sure that with time those resentments will be transferred to you. And you will have no way of justifying it to yourself. 

You should generally notice the way he speaks about the women that were in his life before you, as well as his attitude to women in general, find out what kind of first experience he had. 

Certain episodes of his childhood will also help you recognize the situation. For example, if he used to torture bugs or spiders, not to mention cats or dogs. It also shows any unhealthy states of the anal vector and the propensity of sadism. 

All the rest are just additional signs.
You should be alarmed if

He starts punching the wall that turned up in his way, or if he gets angry and hits the pot he has just burned his hand on, etc.

If he is upset at women or if he experiences the state of sexual frustration, with time you can take the place of that wall or pot. At first he will start pulling your hand. This will be a warning. Then he will start beating you. And eventually he will start hitting your spine. This is the last step, after which you must run away, the next state will be a hit on the back of your head, it can be the last one in your life.


The fact is that he knows subconsciously where to hit you. The most important nerve endings are placed in your back of the head area. If one is hit there periodically, such person will gradually “flee away”, he will start getting sick and then he will die. This is the way it used to happen,“My wife died and nobody knows the cause of her death.”  

Verbal Sadism

You should also know one more thing, if such a man has a visual vector on top of the anal one, his sadism will assume another form at first. He is not likely to practice actual physical violence; he will prefer verbal sadism instead.

We can give numerous examples of such behavior from sarcasm to threats:

- Darling, look how beautiful those flowers are!
- What can you possibly see there? They are only 'good' to complete imbeciles. 

- Do you love me? 
- What on Earth is love? Are you stupid enough to believe in that thing? 

- You cannot do anything, your hands grow straight from your butt, why on Earth I live with you?

- I will pull your legs out of your butt and put them here on the wall.

In all those cases the wife experiences a sharp feeling of humiliation. The consequences of such violence are no less unfortunate than those of the physical variety. Constant feelings of being at fault, unsuccessful attempts to “do things the way he wants them to be done”, and an unhappy life is the fate of such women.
Are there any other versions possible?

Yes, if the man has a visual vector besides the anal one. There are cases, when the man who used to constantly engage in verbal sadism towards his wife during his first marriage, was the best of husband, the dream of every woman in his second marriage. No signs of verbal sadism. Why did that happen? Because his second wife loved him and invested her visual vector in him, which invoked a responsive reaction on his part. And, thus, a completely different scenario turned on, visual type feelings, so sublime and tremulous that left no place for the animate sadism to get out. 

So, now you know how to recognize a domestic sadist. Upon learning once and for all about the roots of this with Yuri Burlan’s System Vectors 
Psychology Training, you will never find yourself engaged in a relationship of this type. And you will also learn how to improve the relationship you currently have. You will make your first discoveries at the free lectures. Your happiness is in your hands.

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Posted on: May 28, 2013
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