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Space cadets: On the way to Tartarus

Anders Behring Breivik, James Holmes, Jared Loughner, Adam Lanza,Igor Danilevsky, Dmitry Vinogradov there are many others who can be added to this ever increasing list. Dramatically increasing perhaps, and every time there will be only one psycho, 'space cadet' who commits these massive killings. read more
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A loner jumps out of the window. Suicide is...

Do you know how many times I thought of stopping all of this? Is there any meaning at least? I need to know who I am. I need to know what I am here for. Who needs it? And death is inevitable. He is a moment. A second. A flash. And then you don’t exist anymore. read more
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Neanderthal upbringing: drug addicts conquer a city

Overdosing provides us with a short absence of pain in the yawning abyss of spiritual failures... read more
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Darkness of the Soul: an Individual in Depression or Depress

There is no will to live. However, you cannot go to a therapist and ask him to give you a leave from work for a couple of weeks saying that you need to treat your depression… The only chance to get rid of depression is to understand the unconscious roots of this state. read more
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Everything seems to be OK, but the inner state is lousy…

Depression, suicide, autism, schizophrenia, despondency – all these words are so familiar and close to the audial vector. The attempts we take to see the signs of upcoming disasters or the end of the world are on the increase. The feeling of stagnation, an indefinable yearning and a desperate desire for change... read more
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Drugs. Freedom from drug addiction

Talks about drugs are either sweet and romanticized or in a forbidden context. When people under the influence of drugs dream, they dream that there are beautiful, naked girls without limits fighting for free boundless love. This was a beautiful side, and here is the other... read more
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I, it seems to me that this “I” of mine still exists. I wake up here in my room, in my bed. My eyes do not want to open. When I open them, I find myself in this lousy world again. I do not want that. Time stretches terribly long. Tic-toc tic-toc the clock counts. And it seems to me that even the hand of the watch slows down its movements. read more
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