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The Orlando Tragedy. Noticing the Pattern

Law Enforcement Authorities were already familiar with the African American named Omar Martin. He had been suspected earlier to have connections with terrorists. However, CIA was not able to prove this information and Omar was released. It is worth mentioning that the shooter’s weapon was purchased legally, which in turn resulted in many accusations and added fuel to the oil of discussions between the supporters of caring guns and those in favor of banning their use by US citizens. So what provoked the young man to commit such a crime against all moral and ethical laws? read more
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Save us from obesity!

According to the list the people of following professions tend to be overweight more than of others: social workers, teachers, artists, designers, architects, doctors, policemen and firemen. Let's try to find a real reason of excess weight and obesity among people in the above-mentioned occupations from a System-Vector Psychology viewpoint. read more
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Alcohol is neither good nor evil; it becomes a trouble when one tries to make up sufferings in order to avoid problems, losing the ability to think reasonably. Unsolved problems continue to increase coupled with emotional and physical dependence on alcohol and a temporary relief is a mere illusion. read more
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Let's laugh

Hahaha. Hi. How are you? Hey, I'm OK. You? I'm here. That's not important. Forget it. Let's have a good laugh. Have you seen that blind hag in the elevator? It took her three attempts to finally manage to press the button with her crooked trembling finger. And do you know what happened a week ago? Well... read more
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Abstract Sex from Samurai to Anime: the secret vibrations of the audial vector in Japanese culture

Japan is the country of the rising sun and high technologies. Researches rack their brains over the “Japanese economic miracle”, along with that a suicide is committed every 15 minutes in this country of engineering thought while its population enjoys complete material well-being and social security. read more
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Suicide-attackers, who are they?

Wide-scale terrorist attacks always mean a lot of victims, bloodshed, deaths, terror and grief. People watching TV can't believe their eyes. Who does all these things and why? What motivates suicide-bombers? read more
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Fading hopes for World's end

People have always had some fascination with the end of the world. A new date for apocalypse is set from time to time, and different reasons are given. And every time there are some people who are waiting for it with fear, and those who are waiting for it with hope. read more
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Libya vs. Gaddafi or Socialism in the Libyan Style

Today we witness another urethral attempt to breakthrough into future, this time in the Arab world. The attempt that is expressed otherwise than in Soviet union due to differences in mentality, but it is still doomed to failure for the same reasons. read more
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Homophobia as sexual frustration

The homophobe’s worst nightmare is that his son can become a fag. He doesn’t even have a son yet, but his mind is already full of horrible images of how his son goes for a walk, and then his worst enemy comes up to him, he talks to his son and seduces him, and then his son becomes one of them… read more
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