Fading hopes for World's end

Fading hopes for World's end

The fateful day of 21 December 2012 is getting closer. It is the day when the whole mankind is going to suffer great distress, or probably the day when the end of the world itself will come. Some people are waiting for this day with shivering hearts. Some just brush aside the rumors saying, “It’s all nonsense”. But at the bottom of the heart, everybody has some fears that Apocalypse will really happen. What if the world actually ends?

It might make some people think why we take the rap for the sins of all mankind? Why are our children destined to be the last generation on the Earth or it is just fate?


End of the world is described in the Bible and was predicted by many prophets and the Maya calendar contains the exact date. That’s why many people expect it to happen on Dec. 21, 2012 , the last date of the much talked calendar.

Perhaps, thousands of years ago the Maya civilization learned something that modern mankind is still unable to grasp. Maybe cannibal gods propitiated by human sacrifices, ritual eating of enemy and kinsmen flash and mass bloodletting on the altar told Maya the future.

To modern men it seem to be savagery but the Mayans worshiped their gods and thought that sacrifice prolongs god's life and favors prosperity of the tribe. It was a terrible stage of human and culture development.

A lot of time has passed since the golden age of the Maya civilization. Mankind has made dramatic progress, and today it is naïve to believe that an ancient tribe of wild and cruel cannibals could be let into some inconceivable secret.

Then why does the modern sensible, civilized and progressive men still believe in such things?



People have always had some fascination with the end of the world. A new date for apocalypse is set from time to time, and different reasons are given. And every time there are some people who are waiting for it with fear, and those who are waiting for it with hope.


On the eve of 2000 we were also carried away by the idea of the Millennium Bug. Many feared that our overcomputerized world would experience a complete computer failure leading to mass chaos in most of the countries. Now it may seem ridiculous, but at that time the world was full of considerable apprehensions.

As the year of 1999 was approaching, some religious figures claimed that it was the upside down number of The Beast and the end of the world was inevitable. At least this was what all the deciphered prophecies foretold.

And now the reason why we are waiting for “the end” is the calendar of the men-eating tribe of Maya, which happens to have its end-date so soon. People seem to have a kind of fixation about the doomsday, and keep setting a date for the end of the world again and again. 

The truth is that for some of us the expectation of the end of the world is vitally important. 

Who gains from the end of the world?

The key to understanding the end of the world phenomenon is in unsatisfied collective desires experienced by the audial and visual vectors.

The inborn desire of an audial person is to cognate himself and the secrets of the universe. When he realizes his inner desires, he tries to find answers to his questions in philosophy, esotericism or science. But even when these questions remain subconscious, they still cause a lot of suffering to an audial person. One has to pay high price for unfulfilled desires, especially today when the level of vector temperament has increased so much. For example, a 40-year old man can suffer from depression and put up with it all his live, but with 20-year olds depression is so acute and unbearable that they end up committing suicide or with the thoughts of the red button (a quick way to stop the existence of the world and of his own). 


Previous generations of audial people were able to fulfill their desires with music, philosophy, poetry. But every new generation has higher potential and stronger desires and cannot be satisfied by substitutions. It happens because we incorporate the psychic experience of all the previous generations. 

Those who have a suffering audial vector can take their own lives with no evident reason. And nothing sounds more appealing to them than the news about the end of the world. Their unfulfilled tormented audial vector clings desperately to any promise of the closer end. 

Any new audial idea about the end of the world is enthusiastically supported by those who have the visual vector. Due to their unfulfilled visual desires the news about another apocalypse is immediately spread all over the world. 

The root of the psychy of the visual vector is fear of death. Only through love and empathy the visual vector 

If a visual person doesn’t direct his emotions towards compassion and empathy, they will inevitably find themselves on the other pole of emotions. They will fulfill their desire with endless watching horror films. It brings some satisfaction especially rewatching scary scenes again and again. First they fill them with terror, but then get relief realizing that 'it is not so scary!' The range of their emotions is limited between “Scary – not so scary”. 

Our collective unfulfilled desires have resulted in a number of movies about the end of the world. Some of them are so realistic that they only strengthen our belief about the approaching end of the world. 

The end of the world is not canceled

The end of the world is never canceled; it is just postponed every time. After 21.12.2012 somebody will come up with another reason for the apocalypse and a new date will be set. It is going to happen again and again until the audial vector fulfills its collective desires. 

The world is nevertheless in danger. 

Carl Jung speaks about it in one of his interviews:

The world hangs on a thin thread, and that is the psyche of man… Nowadays we are not threatened by elementary catastrophes. There’s no such thing as an H-bomb. That is all man’s doing. We are the great danger. Psyche is the great danger.What is something goes wrong with the psyche?

…and it is demonstrated to us in our days what the power the psyche is, or man, how important it is to know something about it. But we know nothing about it. Nobody would give credit to the idea that the psychical processes of the ordinary man have any importance whatever. One thinks: all he has just what he has in his head, it is all from his surroundings. He is taught such and such a thing, believes such and such a thing… And he has no idea of the world. THAT’S THE GREAT MISTAKE! Because he is just that as which he is born and he is not born as a tabula rasa, but as a reality.

The genius psychoanalyst knew what he was talking about. Every single human being exists as a part of this world. We are all connected with animate and inanimate nature, and our psyche influences all the processes taking place around. 

The growing unfulfilled desires in the audial vector, which cause our depression and sufferings, can lead humanity to a terrible catastrophe. The mankind can experience a serious disaster caused by the micro world or inanimate nature, and consequently the nature may regain its control over human beings. 

The nature reveals its secrets to a man as he develops. At the present moment we feel a pressing need for cognition, for becoming aware of what we are. And just now a succession of discoveries about human nature has led to the foundation of Vector-Systems Psychology, a science which enables the audial vector to fulfill its inborn desires. Now thanks to this new science we have a chance to cognize the Psyche of a man and become aware of the things which have so far been hidden deep in our subconscious.

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Posted on: June 2, 2013
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