Homophobia as sexual frustration

Homophobia as sexual frustration

The description of a typical homophobe: inclined to be fat, has a beard, or would like to have one, prefers not to move from one place to another, good at homemaking and usually very skilled at different “fix-up tasks” around the house… but the most important thing about him is that HE HATES FAGS! They make him shake with rage.

He comes across “them” everywhere: in New-York, in Washington, in his native town. Even after spending a vacation in Europe they can hardly expect him to return home charmed by Paris or impressed by melodies of Vienna. No, he would come back outraged and disgusted by THEM, they are everywhere: walking in pairs, kissing and hugging in public. They are in the shops, cafes, on the streets, in the hotels, on magazine covers, and nobody seems to pay any attention to them. Everything inside him explodes with anger and rage, “I wish they were killed, these damned fags!”

His eyes always pick out a boy looking like a girl in any crowd and follow him seething with anger as if he saw his personal enemy,“Where the hell do they come from? Nowadays there seem to be more and more fags! Why not send them to an isolated island and let them fuck each other there as much as they want to?….” And so on, and so on... He can turn any conversation into his 'favorite topic', any a funny story that he tells over and over.


The homophobe’s worst nightmare is that his son can become a fag. He doesn’t even have a son yet, but his mind is already full of horrible images of how his son goes for a walk, and then his worst enemy comes up to him, he talks to his son and seduces him, and then his son becomes one of them… It can't happen otherwise because nobody can resist them, can they? A homophobe is ready to strangle anyone like this if they happen to move next door to him. So that when his son is born there are no such evil spirits around his boy.

Every time when he sees a man with the high pitched lisping voice and effeminate gestures his indignation has no limits, “You can’t call him a man! A pants wearer! It’s disgusting!”

A homophobe, “a real man” often wants to harp on manhood topics, stay away from those who are “womanlike”, make everybody understand how disgusting and dangerous they are. In the end even his friends become annoyed by his constant talking about it. Maybe he himself would be glad to stop but something inside of him seems to fill him with indignation against “those damned fags” and makes him express it again and again. 

An explanation to what is going on with him and why exists. 

If you are not ready for this information yet, stop reading this immediately. If your answer is “Yes”, you should know that what you’ll learn from this article is like a bitter pill but you’ll have to swallow it. 

Homophobia (the term is a blend of the word 'homosexual' and 'phobia' from the Greek φόβος, Phóbos, meaning "fear" or "morbid fear") is a range of negative attitudes and feelings toward homosexuality or people who are identified or perceived as being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

Homosexuality is romantic or sexual attraction or behavior between members of the same sex or gender. 

Yuri Burlan’s Vector Systems Psychology reveals the underlying causes and mechanisms of how homophobia and homosexuality are formed. Homophobia is a broad topic and there is no an attempt to explore it fully in this article. There are some aspects of relations between men described so that those who are interested could have a better understanding of the subject.

There are eight vectors which are present in people in different combinations and define their psychic and physical qualities. One of these vectors, the anal vector, has a particular type of sexuality that is a double undifferentiated libido which is directed towards both women and man. 


The psychic and physical qualities of an anal man raise a special interest in teenage boys. It is natural as in accordance with his innate role (from ancient times up to now, he is responsible for education and training of “future warriors and hunters”) he has to accumulate and pass on information to the boys at puberty. 

There is one of the key principles of Vector systems psychology could be observed in this case, “Qualities are predefined, but not necessarily provided”. For example, when an anal child has a proper development, at the end of puberty he has a well developed memory, ability to structure and systematize massive amounts of information, and has healthy professional and life attitudes. His sexuality is directed towards women, and his attraction to teenage boys is inhibited, it goes to the depths of subconsciousness, becomes sublimated, and consequently provides a desire to realize himself in life by becoming a teacher, a craftsman, an expert and so on (i.e. in the spheres where he can pass on information to the next generations).

A normally developed and realized anal man is a strong monogamous heterosexual with inhibited attraction to teenage boys. There is no way that he is a homosexual. However, when exposed to extreme stress his undifferentiated libido can manifest itself in a strange uneasiness towards other men. (A detailed description of the process of overcoming this taboo, what stages an anal man passes, what he feels during this process, and how it shows up, is given on the training).

It makes the anal men by all means to emphasize their masculinity by the way they talk and by their appearance, they can often have either a beard or a three-day growth, and use each opportunity to show that they are “real men”. By the way, such thing as a bromance can exist among the anal men only and it also comes from their specific libido. 

However, if an anal son as a small child used to be beaten by his anal father or was mistreated by his underdeveloped dermal mother, his vectorial qualities may fail to get appropriate development. This is the example of how “qualities are predefined, but not necessarily provided”. There are qualities but they aren't conditions to develop them. There is a desire to pass on information to others, but as far as he has not learned how to collect and process information, it turns out that he has nothing to deliver. As a result, his sexual attraction towards teenage boys doesn't transform into the desire to teach them, it breaks loose in a form of a direct uninhibited sexual desire, so that he can pass the information that his ejaculation contains. Usually this is the way how an undeveloped anal-muscular man becomes a pedophile. 

The nature of homosexual inclination is more complicated though because they based both on underdeveloped qualities of the anal vector and some other significant factors. It can be the first sexual experience that happened to be with a man. As far as the first experience is extremely important for a man of the anal vector, he wants to go through it again in the future. The presence of other vectors may also have their impact, for example, a person of the visual vector can develop emotional attachments quite easily. 

Different vector combinations follow definite patterns. On the training people have an opportunity to go into the issue of vector combinations more deeply and become aware of their own nature, understand where their specific qualities come from, and become able to cope with many personal problems. For those who are particularly interested in the subject, a special course can be organized (they can learn details about it in the chat room of the site). 

Natural homosexuality is inherent in the anal vector. 

It means that the anal-muscular “real men” are those who are naturally able to become sexually attracted to men. In favorable conditions of the Western dermal mentality, the standardized law protects any kinds of relations and even homosexual marriages can take place nowadays. But in Russia these types of relations come into conflict with the imperious urethral-muscular mentality. The society is not ready to accept them, as a result homophobic attitudes are widely spread. 

Thus a person who could easily satisfy his homosexual desires in Europe or America has to restrain himself in Russia due to the fear of becoming a social outcast. As he is unable to break this taboo relationship, subconsciously he denies and suppresses his desires and turns into an avid homophobe. The growing pressure of an unrealized libido makes itself felt as an extreme dislike for “fags”, because they do what he would like to do subconsciously, but he can’t. Again and again he shows his intolerance of “fags”,“homos”,“queers”,by means of the words to describe “them” he verbalizes his own wants. 

As for the object of his desire, a dermal visual “boy” (as a rule, one of the partners in a homosexual couple) in spite of the fact that he is a feminine delicate type of a man he is absolutely heterosexual in nature. But he may establish homosexual relationships for other reasons. 

The dermal visual boys are males with no 'archetype', they are relatively new phenomenon. They become able to survive not long ago. Unlike other males and the dermal visual female they have no innate role within a group. Consequently they have no right for 'food'. Although their role is very important in the future psychical development of the whole mankind. Nowadays they just begin to adapt to conditions that society creates. 


If his visual vector is in a state of fear, a dermal-visual male may subconsciously seek for protection from a stronger male and it can end with the relationship with an anal man (perhaps with sadistic inclinations). If he has masochistic inclinations in his dermal vector, the relationship between an anal-muscular man and a dermal visual boy become soda-masochistic. If a dermal boy doesn't have masochistic tendencies then such relationship can turn into a real problem for him, as they usually involve humiliation and physical abuse. 

It is the example of an anal-muscular and a dermal-visual boy but there are also anal-visual couples. An anal-visual combination (with it's undifferentiated libido and a 'visual' ability to fall in love almost with everything and everybody) can make some men establish homosexual relations. Their visual vector is developed and realized but their anal vector can be in the states written above. There are many vivid examples of such couples among fashion designers and men of other creative professions. The desire to show off in the visual vector encourages such “nonstandard” relationships and prosperity provides with a feeling of safety. Even in the countries where society is tolerant to this specific relationships, nevertheless there are homophobes. And if someone chooses to admit openly that he is a homosexual, it will provoke reproof and discontent, and will definitely affect the whole life of this person.


An anal farther who tries to make his son to grow up as 'an honest, upright, respecatable man' is to know that whooping and punching help to bring up a sadist, a rapist, a pedophile or a homosexual (you know, the latter brings less evil) in the future. As for a dermal boy he may develop a masochistic or loser lives scenarios. There are 'negative' (contrary to 'positive') qualities in each vector. So when a homophobe says that he beats his children because his farther used to do so with him and he grew into a “normal” man...There are a lot of things to think about...

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Posted on: May 28, 2013
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