Adultery for Wives. Chastity Belt for Men

Adultery for Wives. Chastity Belt for Men

The Heart of a woman that was insulted by adultery while being in love,
Is like a fortress that was captured desolated and deserted.

W. Irving

“Bastard!” Nicky was rushing all over the room and throwing on the floor things. “I hate you!” She stood still piercing her husband with eyes full of hatred and tears.“How could you?!”

The crystal vase given to them by their parents for their marriage anniversary was thrown at Max. Furious with the news about her husband’s adultery she was now ready to tear him apart. 

“Hysterical Bitch!” – cried he dodging the vase.

“Me?! Hysterical?!” – howled Nicky and an ashtray followed the vase. – “I know everything! You were unfaithful to me! Your “baby girl” called here, while you were in the shower!”

Max was petrified as if he stumbled on an invisible wall; he did not expect that. “Sweetheart, it was just sex… just sex… She is a stupid idiot! Do not believe her! It is you I love!”- Another flying object prevented him from finishing his words. “Could you finally calm down!”

“You suggest that I calm down? Calm down?!”

He had to dodge again. It took Max two jumps to get across the room and took his wife in his arms. - “This is NOT adultery! It was just the sex!” said he in a calmer voice trying to keep his wife who was constantly fighting him in a stable position.

Nicky pulled her hand from her husband’s fingers that were holding it tight and slapped him on the face scratching it with her sharp fingernails. Her desire to tear Max apart got stronger. She always suspected that he was far from being a model of faithfulness, but she still did not want to believe endless gossip stories that her girlfriends were telling her. Adultery was the last thing she expected from her husband and now she did not know how to survive the news that fell on her so unexpectedly, breaking her heart and damaging her sole. 

Max was holding her tight not allowing the daffy beauty to grab anything else from the table.

“You are a monster!” his wife whispered getting tight in his arms, but seemingly accepting the fact that she won’t be able to get free from him - “I am filing for divorce!”


Her calm cold voice scared him; it's icy detachment deprived her husband from controlling the situation. He did not know what to do. Max felt that something broke inside of her. She sees everything differently now. And she is really hurting! Nonsense! This is not the unfaithfulness of the loved one that was lived out on poems and prose, this is just sex! And this was really just sex without any feelings and emotions. How come she does not understand that she is and will always be the only loved and desired woman for him? 

“No, no! I will not give you a divorce! I love you, darling, my love, my dear…” trembled his voice; he started covering his wife’s hair with kisses.

Are you afraid to face the situation when the world that you have been creating for such a long time, methodically, and with love, will break into a million pieces, when a girl like that, used just for having sex on the side appears? 
Are you tortured by the question how to recognize adultery?

At the same time thousands of couples live together having an open marriage and are quite happy with each other. Others do not allow their spouses to even look aside from them. And some people respond to unfaithfulness with cruel revenge.

You might say that all people are different. Do you know why, how and what those people are driven by? Are you constantly haunted by your husband’s unfaithfulness? Do you see it? Do you feel it? Are you ready to give a lot to prevent the tragedy, to save yourself, your loved one, and your relationship from inevitable breach? 

And… do you know what to do in order not to fall into depression, not to go insane searching for drawbacks in yourself, to avoid spending time cursing your rival? Do you know what you will do after your husband’s adultery falls unexpectedly on you, even though it could be foreseen and prevented? 

Yuri Burlan’s vector system’s psychology will help you to see in a timely manner that something is not right and change your relationship, improve it, prevent adultery from happening. And if such a thing has happened already, you will be able to understand, forgive and… go on living, developing, realizing yourself, and feeling happy. You might think it is impossible. 

Well…why don’t you try it?



Unfaithfulness of a friend hurts way more than that of a beloved woman because it is less expected from him. Étienne Ray.

“Slut!” A strike with a palm of the hand threw Lina into the wall. She fell on the floor at her groom’s feet and gave a muffled moan of pain, but she immediately looked up to him with the furiousity of a wild wolf, she was not broken, she was untamed. The man did not stop, driven by his rage and the insult he pulled her up like a kitten and made her look him in the eye. Lina pierced him with the look of her amber eyes; there was a challenge in her look. How will he live now when his bride was unfaithful to him? How? 

He loved her so much!

“Slut!”- Another strike split the girl’s lip. Lina trembled in his arms, but did not utter a single word. Was she waiting for him to calm down or did she expect him to vent his insult and pain to her? 

An affair with his friend! Unbelievable, ugly, nasty, dirty! Doing that with his best childhood friend! And on top of everything, doing that right before their wedding.

Lina raised her head abruptly pulling the man away from her with surprising strength. Anthony staggered and fell into the armchair keeping his angry look on her. 

“Yes, I slept with him.”

He mumbled something inarticulate, but did not fight any more. His body softened in the armchair, he seemed to get shorter, as if the air was pulled out of him, and tears appeared in his eyes. Lina wiped the blood with a trembling hand, froze looking at it on her own fingers. The salty metallic taste in her mouth made her sick. As did the discouraged look of the man she used to love. Did she really? She did not tolerate attempts to restrict her freedom. Any attempts. 

Anthony did not let her go to Egypt with her girlfriends. His argument was that 'the Arabs will look at you there'. Is she a little girl unable to make her own decisions? She is not his property! Of course Lina had her own way. She told her boyfriend that she was going to visit her parents and went to see the pyramids with a girlfriend. She remembered for a long time the scene Anthony made then… 

Jake appeared in her life suddenly. He was Anthony’s close friend and as soon as the latter left on a business trip. Jake appeared at Lina’s door. She did not fight the temptation… 

“So what will you do to me now? Will you hit me again?” – said she quietly

Is this situation familiar to you? If a man like Anthony experiences such a situation he will learn for the rest of his life that all broads are sluts, that they are dirty, and that they are not worth dealing with. Do you know how to determine the real reason that made the woman unfaithful? This situation is real and too familiar. Women can act like that from spite remembering a present that was never given to them, a tour that never happened, or the restriction of their personal space, there can be any reason if their dermal interests are hurt. Oh, you still do not know what the dermal vector is and how its underdevelopment shows in a relationship…

In this case please see another example:



Unfaithfulness is like death, it knows no nuances.
Delphine de Girardin

The door opened suddenly and a tall girl dressed in a jacket and a short skirt entered. The secretary masterfully paraded with a tray in her hands to her boss’s table. With a nice smile she leaned down showing a deep cleavage of her blouse and put the nice smelling freshly made coffee on the table.

Alex imposingly set back. Lana was standing close enough almost touching his hand. She asked carefully, “Did you ask me to come?”

He smiled looking forward to a good weekend… and the trial period of his new secretary. He looked the girl straight in the eye. Could she not understand him? Did she not guess the reason he called her?

Lana stroked her hair with a bit of uncertainty feeling embarrassed under the boss's piercing look.

Alex turned into his chair in order to face her and gestured the girl to get closer. She obeyed keeping him excited and simultaneously inviting look on his face. 

At the moment the girl did not imagine her actions would be taken as unfaithfulness to her boyfriend. She was just obeying her boss’s wishes. She liked her boss; he was so sure of himself, so powerful. 

Alex drew the girl close to him by her waist. She looked so good, incredibly smart…and supple. 

Female adultery is a diverse phenomenon. But we can see it more and more often as means of receiving desired things and strengthening one’s own position. Women with an underdeveloped dermal vector perceive their body as an asset, which causes them being unfaithful to their boyfriends, failing to realize that it was really adultery. 

They simply use their body to get a job, money, jewelry, a position… They use it to get anything. They treat sex as a change. 

Do you understand the psychology of adultery? Do you see the real reasons that determine the behavior of the woman you have chosen to be your wife? Would you be able to prevent you both and your relationship from an unavoidable collapse? Perhaps it is much more important to learn how to prevent the adultery instead of how to determine that your partner is being unfaithful to you? 

We are too used to putting labels on everyone. A womanizer! But we are far from understanding what really drives such a man? Is it the dermal race for everything new? Maybe it is an urethral bestowal that was determined by his innate role laid upon him thousands of years ago? Or perhaps your anal-visual man, being monogamous by nature, flounces between his wife and his girlfriend feeling true love for both women? And this situation will drive him to a heart attack?

Almost always news about the unfaithfulness of a loved one is so unexpected and painful that for some time it is impossible to understand what to do and how to go on living with this burden on one’s soul. People look back being angry with them, looking for someone to blame, racking their brains and breaking their hearts with doubts, whether there was a chance to prevent this from happening? Whether there was a way of saving the relationship? 

Wife’s unfaithfulness makes one man start drinking or become a workaholic, or, on the contrary, it frees his hands and then he starts the endless partying. For such a man adultery means a definite end of relationship. However another man will not make a big deal out of such case, we are not things to belong to each other completely. He will simply not waste his time on fiery discussion preferring to keep the relationship that does not restrict freedom. 

We only see the top of an iceberg and unconcernedly determine an individual as a “lady’s man” sometimes being minced on words and refusing completely to even try to understand him. How can adultery be recognized? Do you feel your partner well enough to immediately determine what he is really driven by?

Perhaps you need a monogamous partner, who will betray you under no circumstances?

Do you really need such partner?

Can adultery be forgiven?



The training in Yuri Burlan’s vector systems psychology helps you not only survive the adultery of your loved one, but also to learn to live without looking back at prior insults. You see people and the world in new colors, you are able to determine what one breathes and lives by, what your personal needs are, this allows you to understand what kind of a person you can and should build a relationship with. 

An adultery of a woman you have invested your soul in stops being an open wound for you. Adultery of a man around whom you have built a new world that was made only for the two of you does not break your life into small pieces. 

The training in Yuri Burlan’s vector systems psychology is your opportunity not to gain negative experience any longer; this is positive knowledge, the key to being happy.

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Posted on: June 2, 2013
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