Why is it so difficult to lose weight?

Why is it so difficult to lose weight?


There is a good short story written by Chekhov A.P. called “The Stupid Frenchman.” In the story the Frenchman came to have breakfast in a Moscow tavern. After thinking about eating сonsomme either with pachot or without, he decided it would be too heavy and ordered just a lean broth with two pieces of toast. 

At the same time a fat man at another table played good knife and fork: ate pancakes pouring hot butter on them, then ordered another three portions of pancakes, salmon and balyk... The Frenchman thought to himself, “He is obviously sick,- they say that there are diseases when people eat too much...” 

And caviar, a green onion, a Nuits bottle, more pancakes and something a little bit lighter like solyanka soup and a russian sturgeon... Faster and faster he ordered food and tossed it down his throat!

The Frenchman thought, "He wants to kill himself." 

Joking aside, there are problems with overeating, the inability to lead a healthy life and the issue of weight lose in many countries. 

If we take no notice of side factors like traditions with abundant feasts and unnatural indigents sponsored by commercial companies, then another indisputable side factor is stress. 



It depends on a person. The loss of a wallet, family problems, finding life's meaning, weight loss or gain... What do our states depend on? How do we react to stress? 

Stress is the most significant and important influence on a vector and can alter what a condition it is in.

The degree of state development defines the ability to realize ourselves and guarantees either pleasure or suffering.

Stress is the dissatisfaction of vector desires, unrealization is that of society. It occurs either because of states underdevelopment (in this case they can not satisfy their desires) or because of a temporary inability to adapt. 


The less we are developed, the bigger a role food plays as a primitive pleasure. What an ugly pleasure indeed! How do we fight with it though?

It is important to differentiate the attitude taken to food according to each vector. 
When knowing more about how they work, we uncover the real truth and thus we can solve the problem. 


“This food is vile!” 
“It is healthy though!” 
“No sugar please!
"Sugar is a white death"

It is the dermal people who speak about food most of all, or rather about healthy diets. There is no strength of will needed to be on a diet for them, due to natural abilities, self-limitation is a pleasure. 

They save on everything (money, time, food, etc.) but not on their own health. For their own sake, they eat the most healthy food!

Their body is naturally slim, flexible and has ideal metabolism. As a result they almost never suffer from overweight. 

A dermal, muscular Richard Blackman, a fruitarian and a sports nutritionist puts photos of his fit body on the web and couples it with information (propaganda supporting his specific diet) saying that everyone can follow in his footsteps. It is pleasant and not dangerous for him to be on a strict fruit diet with physical training. This method can followed only by people with the dermal vector especially being under heavy stress (this can also be noted by the way Richard Blackman's skin covered with tattoos, traditional behavior for undeveloped dermal types under stress ).

In stress, self-limitation is the only available satisfaction for their vector's desire, and can develop into masochism (this is a source of both anorexia nervosa and hyperoraxia)

In times of modern abundance we consume without a thought. We eat what dermal businessmen, whose purpose is only to gain income, sell in supermarkets. It does not favor the public's health at all. However, the dermal people, who are interested in health are to take care of other people's health not only their own. Spheres relating to dieting, health and fitness are one of the best ways for dermal men to find realization. 


A person with the anal vector is a person of traditions. Often a tradition means a hearty feast. Moreover, one of the specifics of the traditional cuisine is unhealthy dishes. A person of the past with an inflexible psychic resists any novelties including healthy diets and new menus,“How is it possible to eat soup without bread or meat without garnish?” They are not able to accept it on a deep subconscious level even if they put effort into it. 

Their lifestyle is like a caveman's, sedentary, with slow metabolism. So, almost all people with the anal vector suffer from being overweight. 

There is no ability to self-limit in the anal vector like the dermal one has. “I want a cake! That's it!” They try to eat less with the help of a strong will, they consider overeating like a form of self-violence, therefore it is not enough to have lasting results. 

People of the anal vector often experience chronic stress in modern times of dermal values ('to live well work like hell'). They do not catch up with innovations and their stronghold that is family, collapses all around them (dermal men enjoy free relationships, living with those whose status is higher and make more money). Life whips men of the anal type, but they cannot make a move, cannot take offense at the world for their own failures and they wind up getting into heavy overeating. 


Urethral people need food just for survival. Life burns with strong flames. They fly, decide, fight, win, have followers, take care of other people! The body is meant to survive in extreme situations. Living in the urethral lifestyle, weight problems do not exist! 
As long as a urethral person can not feel the measure of nature, he's in a state of unrealization can abuse food and alcohol. 


All their qualities serve four basic desires: to eat, to drink, to breathe and to sleep. Food must be present. It is needed for a powerful muscular type to function. A muscular man is not picky about food, morover they are not tied up with the far-fetched problems of healthy diet. Stress in the muscular vector is the absence of food.


Visual people care about their food looking attractive first and foremost.. It is their inner need for finding beauty in everything and often a professional need (actors, public people and other professions).
Vegetarianism and veganism are very popular among them. Vector Systems teaches that these made up inclinations and unnecessary limitations are a consequence of visual fears. Vegetarianism is a perfect combination of the dermal and visual vectors. The dermal vector sets a limitation and the visual one a direction. 


An audial man is moved by spiritual desires and any material things are absolutely unimportant. They often forget to eat. 


Oral people like tasty food. They are also the best cooks. They often travel with the purpose of tasting new dishes. In a developed state they are described by the French word “gourmet”. In the state of unrealization, in attempts to remove stress an oral person satisfies himself directly through his most sensitive zone by means of eating. And he eats a lot. 

Oral stress is unrealization, an impossibility to speak out (they want to talk all the time), the absence of needed ears.


It is a problem to feed an olfactory man. Everything stinks, every smell irritates their super sensitive nose (it is not a visual person who puckers their nose because of garbage odor). The best food for olfactory people is one without a strong smell (e.g. porridge or bananas). The food has to be from a reliable source since they are aware subconsciously of being poisoned. They also cook by themselves, blandly but without a doubt safe. For the same reason they prefer eating at home to restaurants and at friends' houses.




No matter what people say, including those who are on their way to be slim, successful weight loss brings fantastic relief and positive life changes, like a dream coming true. Of course, a fit body is not an end in itself. Few realize that a good shape is not the result of diet though. 

A good shape is the result of full realization. It is far away, and not the main goal. A realized person is respected, content with their job and happy, he controls his emotions, decisions, actions and makes discoveries in life. First of all, realization is a constant process that is impossible to achieve once and for all.. 

Realization is fulfillment on a different level than overeating or getting to a desirable shape. Cheesecake is not the peak of pleasure. 

The most drastic changes relating to self-attitude and life occur with lightening speed, so we do not realize nor notice them. When recognizing some vector in ourselves we think, “Exactly! I have felt that, but I acted otherwise though”. We get closer to ourselves step-by-step. Understanding our psychic processes changes our states for the better. 

What can be more brilliant and wonderful than understanding ourselves and living our REAL life!?

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Posted on: May 28, 2013
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