Butterfly Complex: How not to become a victim of passion

Butterfly Complex: How not to become a victim of passion

“I can’t live without her! Where is she? Where has she gone? Has she flown to Hawaii? With that blonde boy? It’s unbelievable! Just yesterday her eyes were so promising, and now she's pulling a 180!” – The anal man’s heart is being torn out. Like a bird she has fluttered away from his sluggish hands, and not for the first time, but this is likely the last time. 

She is a “butterfly” – light, fluttering and flirtatious, naturally seducing everyone by a single bat of her eyelashes, one seductive glance, or the exposure of her sensuous neck. She is aware of her power and enjoys seducing men, attracting their glances, stirring their imagination and provoking a burning desire in them. 

Living beyond accepted moral standards, she playfully takes control of a man and gets fulfilled by his attention. The fact that he can be married or have a pregnant wife doesn’t matter to her. As for him – he loses his head completely. 

комплекс бабочки1

As a rule it is an anal man who falls victim to her charms. He takes her flirtation seriously and eventually gets hooked. He can’t give up the pursuit of the woman he desires due to his strong libido and rigid thinking and stubbornly walks into her sweet net. 

A dermal man very quickly realizes that he is being misled. It is not in his nature to put so much effort into getting a desired woman. His libido is relatively weak and he doesn’t have enough perseverance to pursue an ever evasive target. Besides, he doesn’t find her sexually attractive. 

When she meets a urethral man, she seduces him as well. But because he has a quicker reaction, the bird can get herself caught. Provided that their vectors are developed to the highest degree this couple can have a great future. But an underdeveloped dermal-visual woman can cause serious problems for a urethral man. 


So who is she?

She is a dermal-visual woman with a butterfly complex, which influences her whole life. This complex stems from underdeveloped visual and archetypical dermal vectors.

The dermal-visual type of woman is naturally seductive. But in the case of the butterfly complex, her seductiveness is inadequate. So unearthly beautiful and fragile she flutters from one man to another just like a butterfly flying from one flower to another. To allure everyone is her ultimate delight. By giving one seductive glance she can turn any anal man’s head and make him forget about everything. He has to have her, he wants to protect her. 

Комплекс бабочки 2

Ironically it is him who needs to be protected. Her behaviour puts his life in danger. She provokes his attention and slips away immediately. The anal man takes this situation seriously; he has already started an action and wants to finish it. But it isn't part of her plan. 

She allures him, she seems inviting, gives him hope, and retreats. As soon as he approaches she pushes him off and disappears. Then she comes back into his so quickly that he doesn’t even get a chance to recover. Her every step brings him closer to madness, he can’t think of anything but her. It’s impossible to get her on the phone, but even when he is lucky, she breaks the conversation abruptly. He calls again, but she doesn’t take the call. He arranges a date, but some very important things constantly keep her from coming, and even if she comes, she will be in a hurry due to some urgency. He reaches out for her, but she is already gone. “The butterfly” attracts her victim, and immediately retreats. She seems to be giving him a chance, but something interferes every time. She allures them, and then cuts off his every step again and again. 

She slips away and doesn’t let the anal man develop their relationship to the next level. The incompleteness of their relationship drives him crazy. And at the moment when he thinks that he is holding her in his hands, she escapes forever. By that time he is dependent on her and exhausted by the long lasting pursuit, he is not even able to take revenge on her. Heart broken and frustrated, he suffers, unable to come out of this stupor for a long time. It’s almost impossible for him to switch to another woman. Recovering proves to be a hard job. 

комплекс бабочки 3

The visual vector of a “butterfly woman” is underdeveloped and unable to love, she just needs a change of emotions, impressions, views and admiring glances, her visual vector is fulfilled by masculine attention. Her allure over these men, shows us that she wants no further relationships and, as a rule, never wants to enter into marriage, she doesn’t need it. A light game of flirtation, this is what she lives on.

Her dermal vector is archetypical and underdeveloped, so she dramatically needs a novelty; she gets tired of a concrete relationship very quickly and willingly switches to a new one. The dermal libido is very weak, and she develops no affection for her partner, it allows her to play the part of a light, independent and ever-elusive butterfly. Being an archetypical dermal woman she is mostly interested in money and she can stay with those who provide for her a bit longer. Expensive gifts can give her some sexual arousal, but they can’t stop her from leaving in the end. 

The only way of slipping through her net is to appear disinterested in her. She won’t pursue you and will eventually switch to someone more accessible. 

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Posted on: June 2, 2013
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