Look out! A brawler!

Look out! A brawler!

The inclination for a conflict depends on many factors. People with different vectors have different potential to start one.

People with the dermal vector fly off the handle very fast, they quarrel over trifles but at the same moment, they recover at once and after a few minutes of heated argument behave like nothing has happened.

People with the anal vector never brawl, they are very patient but can be excessively stubborn and in case of a conflict, hold grudges forever, making their offender's life unbearable by means of reproaching, heavy eyes and verbal sadism. 

People with the muscular vector are very difficult to draw out for a quarrel.

People with the visual vector are very sensitive and can burst into tears from scowl or a rude word by an unknown person on the street. Emotionally unstable men with the visual vector are vulnerable to such a degree that if they become a victim of a brawler with the dermal vector, it is very difficult for them to get through it - they even get sick and later say their sickness had been caused by an 'evil eye'.

They just don't understand the psychology of this phenomenon. It is interesting that the people (with the dermal vector) who constantly initiate quarrels and make a raw with everyone look fresh and energetic after it.

It is quite cl ear why there are two points of view on that matter. The men who most often become victims of a brawler as a rule have tendency to have an esoteric look on life and think of brawlers as 'energetic vampires', of course, they make up remedies for neutralizing energy suckers. 'Vampires' who are notable for the highest degree of conflict justify themselves relying on articles where a raw is described as necessary stress release that provides energy to all participants of it and a refreshment of relationships.


Vector doesn't define that a person has to live according to a specific life scenario, for example, brawler's scenario, just because they possess the dermal vector. The most important are states that vectors are in but neither their presence nor absence. 

People whose vectors are realized are less contentious and on the contrary, the vectors in archetype determine a high level of it because they try to make up a shortage in realization of their natural function for at other peoples costs. So, unrealized people with the dermal vector make a raw, anal – get offended and practice verbal sadism, visual – go off into hysterics and emotional blackmail, oral – bawl as if they want to eat you up alive. After Vector Systems Psychology training men start to understand themselves, their desires, perceive their potential and receive a chance to realize themselves up to the maximum within a group; new ideas, desires and possibilities come to light but there will neither be energy nor will for scandals, hysterics and resentment.

However if all vectors of interacting people are more or less developed, conflicts can still take place because they can posses contrary vectors. Usually we don't accept behavior that we don't practice. They always provoke conflicts not understanding the nature of the other person.

Vector Systems Psychology training teaches a person to stop perceiving others through themselves in the light of their values. For example, a dermal person who values speed, accuracy and punctuality doesn't get aggravated with an anal person who is always late and slow; a person with the anal vector who prefers order and strict succession doesn't get chafed, from his point of view, at a careless dermal man who multitasks and doesn't carry out anything. Different vectors determine totally diverse types of behavior: anal and dermal men do the same job in different ways. An anal man does it long but with quality 'for ages', a dermal man – fast but without quality.

Wrong ranking often creates conflict situations. It is dangerous to lower the rank of a man with the urethral vector. If such person either is ordered to do something in a non adequate way or praised that is a demotion in rank then a fit of urethral anger follows. A dermal person in underdeveloped state meaning very ambitious will do his best to come to a little power and start conflicts. Wrong ranking among dermal men often expressed with attempts to rise their rank at people with lower positions cost.

Systematic approach allows us know how to find our place in a hierarchy. Besides that it balances atmosphere within a group it is also a condition for prosperity and high efficiency of group work.


The most contentious in relationship are people with the dermal vector because it is contrary to all vectors, in combination with the oral, it gives the most dangerous state for surrounding people that is querulous paranoia.

The tendency to conflicts among dermal people is connected to their natural functions – prohibition and limitation. Dermal limitation can be of two directions: inward or outward. Our qualities during childhood up to puberty are directed inward, after – outward. If during puberty a dermal child learns how put to limit himself and take pleasure in it, then such qualities as restraint, self-discipline and responsibility develop. After puberty a dermal limitation acquires a secondary role and serve to support a dermal essence: to follow routine, to do morning exercise, to be punctual etc. Trained to self-limitation, exacting to himself dermal man puts reasonable limits on people and therefore, although we feel tension (nobody likes to be limited and prohibited) and submit. In fact, they submit to a person who inside of himself follows own demands.

Scandal occurs when a dermal man who hasn't learnt to be submitted, a man who has grown up without discipline. Subconsciously we feel that he is unable to limit himself and receive a sign of unrealized vector so we react to his orders with insubordination. In response to it, undeveloped dermal man, trying to amplify pressure, turns from being adequate into being inadequate, goes beyond normal behavior. 


The combination with the oral vector plus underdeveloped or unrealized dermal vector can form a querulant .

A person with the dermal vector who is constantly trying to limit the outer world but doesn't get any results falls into stress and uses the oral vector that is unrealized to change a situation. Speaking becomes a constant scandal with the outer world. If the dermal vector is in the state of neurosis and the oral vector is not realized also a querulant fulfillment is characterized with a positive emotional relaxation. In this case, we deal with a real neurotic querulant complex.

These people can easily hook up being in a specific state anyone due to extroversion of both the dermal and oral vectors.

They can come to a store and start a raw easily:

Querulant: Could you show me that hat, please?
Salesman: Sure, one minute please.
Querulant: Did you call me an idiot?

And so on. There are a lot of gapers that come together who take the situation from their points of view, through their vectors. A dermal man thinks that somebody was robbed, an anal man thinks that something wrong goes on because there must be a reason for a person to scream like that. Nobody of them is able to stop the show, nobody can interfere. They are all in stupor struck with the situation. It can last for fifteen-twenty minutes till security comes. When a querulant sees them and after he is threatened with being sent to an asylum, he vanishes in a crowd. And the situation repeats again at the next store. ..

Unrealized person always looks not well but a neurotic looks horrible. Realized oral person is a great orator but not a blabber. Their voice that people can't help listening to unites masses. For example; TV, where only people with the oral and visual vectors in different combinations work. The person who is in his place looks satisfied, content with himself and others. 

How do we bring our children in a right way so they don't have a need to make a raw? What to do if one of the family member or a colleague at work is a querulant? How can we detect a potential querulant in public and stop them? There are answers on Vector-System Psychology trainings.

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Posted on: June 2, 2013
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