The oral vector

The oral vector

There are always lies in a good story 
Every barber knows that!

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Archetype: Induction that unites people by means of matching the same patterns of their thoughts and speech


In peaceful times this type divided food according to what is edible and inedible. During times of conflict they warned others about danger by screaming.



The highest comfort color is yellow.
The highest comfort geometry is an oval.
Position in the quartile is the outer part of energy quartile, an extrovert 
Type of intellect is verbal. Speaking is thinking.


In a primitive group an oral person executed two important functions: in times of conflict they warned others about danger, and in peaceful times they fed the tribe by dividing food into edible and inedible categories.

An oral person screaming was a sign for everyone to save their lives. It guaranteed safety while the whole group was asleep. After receiving the sign from a nocturnal guard, the screamer uttered sounds that made the blood run cold. Oral types have this ability for the purpose of expediency; Another minute of delay could turn into a tragedy for everyone, as the group can either be torn down by predators or killed by enemies. The scream of an oral person does not let people think, they react to it instantly, even without understanding what is going on. This ensures others escape to higher grounds to get out of harm's way. 


When hunting the scream played its part as well. An oral beater helped to lead an animal to an ambush - frightened with fear it would get lost and rush wherever its feet would take it.

During times of peace, when the group spent most of its time in a cave, the oral man chose what food could be eaten and madedietary decisions for the whole group. Modern  day people of the oral type become the best cooks.

Oral eaters are not just selective about food, but are in a search for new recipes and exotic tastes. The process of eating is an enormous pleasure to them. It isthey who love to travel for the purpose of tasting new dishes, discovering new foods, and changing their culinary perceptions.

Their most sensitive zone is their mouth and lips. They like touching their lips, speaking, and screaming for their life. Even their mouth arrests attention- it is big and sensual with a vicious upper lip that is uneasy to look at. It is if their mouth is living a separate life; it is continuously moving, speaking and chewing.

The oral vector relates to the outer part of the energy quartile. The elder brother of this quartile is the olfactory type, which has long been responsible for the survival of their group. This gray eminence and his watchdog have always cooperated.

Survival is their primary goal, therefore its realization does not comply with morals and ethics. This is the reason why neither the olfactory, nor oral types, do not distinguish between truth and lies. The main concern for an oral man is to find a way to attract interest in their speech. This inclination gives rise to lies, from the tiniest white lie to the hugest of misleadings.

It is not possible to tell apart the oral lie from the truth. They make up details and circumstances during the process of speaking in such a way that doubts simply go unnoticed.

Anoral person’smanner of speaking always sounds true and convincing, although their speech is often incorrect. They can have bad diction, mangle words, use the wrong emphasis, etc. However, the meaning of their words leave an impression on every mind.use the wrong emphasis, etc. However, the meaning of their words leave an impression on every mind.


The oral type of person possesses a unique verbal intellect. Firstly, they speak then think. Moreover, their understanding starts with the process of speaking.

The oral man does not talk to himself. He needs an audience that will listen to him attentively. If the audience only has time to nod in agreement it won’t please the oral person. All of the attention must be focused on them, and they do their best to grab it.

We learned how to speak from the oral man. This screamer was the first person to start designating objects and actions with words. They did it in a special way so the identical neural connections between words and ideas were linked in every brain of the group, and around this principle more complex language developed.

The formation of common language is explained by the capabilities of the oral type. This means they do not simply speak, butthey also influence every listener. Common semantic patterns and connections are created with their intellect and so a common way of thinking appears. Frequently they verbalize it to us as: “I have always thought this way, but could not find the words to express it.” A thought created by an oral type can be expressed by people, such as, “It has always been on the tip of my tongue, but could not find a way to express it.”

The greatest speakers (aka oral type people) influence others in unusual ways: Lenin made a revolution, Trotsky gathered an army with lightning speed, Hitler induced the German nation to follow his ideas, and Cubans are still eager to listen to Fidel Castro’s four hour speech.

We do not see them, we do not know them, and we do not speak their language. We sense the absolute inner opposition to their ideas, yet we still follow them involuntarily. Every word uttered in public by such orators controls the masses and sets a direction for further movement.

The oral type always serves the authorities. The oral person, a jester at the chief’s side, has always had the right to speak “the truth.” Their power is so grand that when the oral type becomes in opposition to the authorities their ideas and culture starts showing signs of a future disruption.


They say that the oral person is the soul of a company. We love them because they are always joyous and in a good mood. They look harmless, make jokes and relax everyone by acting as a chatterbox or a joker. They are hospitable, their guests are their listeners and objects to kiss. Due to such abilities an oral person gets into the personal space of anybody. Within a minute of acquaintance they may start hugging their new friends and whispering in their ears.

The oral person speaks the same language to everybody. It is necessary to remember these people are not the ones to share your secret feelings with. Before you know itall your secret (orhushed) thoughts and feelings can be ridiculed and spoiled.

Do not reveal secrets to the oral person. They will blurt out your secrets and stretch the truth to everyone they meet because of their desire to attract attention. Oraltypes are often called gossips and slanderers. They are experts at giving nicknames that are exact, bright, and stick with a person forever.

Depending on the level of development, oral people can become cooks, comedians, commentators, singers or orators. All famous comedians and TV hosts are people with the oral vector: Bill Cosby, Denis Leary, George Carlin, Dane Cook, Katt Williams, Lisa Lampenelli, Ellen DeGeneres and so on.

Oral singers are always on top: Freddy Mercury, Pink, Mic Jagger, etc. The oral people in combination with the audial vector are genius opera singers, for example Luciano Pavarotti. Such oral men as Vladimir Vysotsky set the common pace of thinking for their whole nation.

If the verbal intellect is developed, the oral person can be a gourmet chef, if not – a gormandizer. Undeveloped oral people can't help speaking even when they eat. They speak and food scatters in the air.

Another way to stimulate the oral man's sensitive zone is to speak foul language. An oral person takes pleasure when using profanity. Also they are responsible for sexual education by nature.

At the age of six, an oral child starts using bad words. They are the first who make jokes about sex and tell indecent stories. Incases where they are not allowed to do so they begin to write profanity on fences and walls. This is how their peers get to know where children come from.


Oral type children are very noisy and they speak all the time. Since the need to speak is strong, but vocal organs are not fully developed they lisp and swallow parts of words.

The oral person is often a class pet. They joke in such a way that the whole class, including the teacher, laughs. Classmates can’t help waiting for a joke as laughter relaxes their minds, and provides them with a pleasant diversion from their problems and thoughts.

The oral child is ready to say anything as soon as they are listened to. If parents do not show the right direction, their oral child may become a pathological liar. They can make up all kinds of incredible stories about neighbors, classmates and parents. If an oral child is hit on the lips as punishment for lies and profanity they become stammerers.

It is important to focus an oral child’s activity on the right interests. Show them what you want to hear about. In order to be listened to they will find the needed information and say everything on the subject.

It can be necessary to send them to a rhetoric circle, which helps them to develop verbal intellect and realize themselves in the future. All kinds of occupations connected to speaking (politicians, comedians, commentators, hosts etc.) are good to gear an oral child toward. The oral person with undeveloped verbal intellect is doomed to be a kitchen jester for all their lives.

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