The urethral vector

The urethral vector

“To love no less than a queen, to lose no less than a million.”
“All or nothing!
“Who doesn't risk never gets to drink champagne!”
“If not me, then who?”

Population: 5% , survival rate – 1% 
Archetype: Reproduction on a group level


In peaceful times – this leader was responsible for reproduction.

During times of conflict – this role managed the changing borders of the group’s territory


The highest comfort color is red
The highest comfort geometry is a triangle 
This role’s position in the quartile is in the “outer” time. An extrovert 
Type of thinking is strategic and unconventional (not limited by laws and rules) 


People of the urethral vector are extroverts and men of the future. Humanity's mission has always been to survive, no matter what it takes, and reproduce. The urethral man is a chief by nature. It is he who provides a future for his group; he is responsible for the expansion of their living space and reproduction. 


In ancient times expansion was a necessity of group survival. If we stayed still we would starve to death. So, when the food near caves was finished there was a necessity to find new territories, and to expand. To hunt and fight. Nowadays the world has changed, and we do not starve, but there is a need for expansion. It is demonstrated on a different level, the level of new ideas. A urethral man promotes ideas to the masses, uncovering new horizons for mankind.

A chief leads a group to fight and hunt. They said that he was fearless, brave, courageous, and a hero. He inspired the army and it became invincible. Today, chiefs’ functions have also been transformed. Yet, a urethral man still needs his group. He can become a government leader, a company director or, on the contrary, the head of a criminal band. His unconventional thinking and innovative approach to various problems moves every business he takes to the new level.

Living space expansion was impossible without reproduction. Warriors went hunting and caught a mammoth, but sometimes not all of them came back, some of them were killed. Then the group will be short by several members, and new warriors are needed. So the role of adult women was to give birth to children, however there were women who were either unjoined or their men had fallen. What were these women to do? They were like untapped reserves.

Polygamous sexuality in urethral men solved this problem. Polygamy does not mean a change of sexual partners as some might consider. Polygamy is not even considered sex in this context, but the provision of ejaculate for the purpose of children birth. Urethral men impregnated single women because of a natural mercy (NOT visual compassion). Mercy only exists in the urethral vector and its basis is in a need for the group to reproduce.

There is only one type of woman who a urethral chief has a peculiar connection with - a provocative and infertile woman, or a purposely child free female. She becomes his muse and a companion in war and hunting.

A urethral man has a dominant role. If one is to compare a group of people with a biological cell, then the urethral vector is its nucleus. It is a bundle of energy, power and the desire to live. They are amazingly attractive to other people, including those outside the dermal vector. They have a sparkling dominant look. When a urethral teenager runs out into the street, other children immediately get attracted to them. Without hesitation, they run together at breakneck speed from roof to roof, forgetting prohibitions set by their parents. He leads, and he is followed. This process is subconscious. 


Aurethral child can be called a man with true grit, thus much of his behavior is uncontrollable, saucy and unpredictable. They do not admit their authorities and leaders. Being a child they already know exactly what they want, and will not let others take control or manipulate them. Their insubordination might look like irresponsibility.

The urethral role cannot be limited by law nor by morality. How can the responsibility for survival be limited? Survive no matter what it takes! They exceed all expectations: even their motion is unpredictable.

At the same time their limitlessness combines with an inherent altruism. Urethral essence is intended for giving. “Everything you have is yours; everything I have is also yours.” Nothing and no one belongs to them. They do not need any kind of possessions since they do not feel the need. The absence of a desire to preserve their body is a means to execute a natural role, “My life is nothing, the group’s life is everything.” George Washington, Thomas Jackson, Nikolai Gastello, etc, are men of the urethral vector.

It is urethralmen who become pioneers in everything. Columbus, Miklouho Maclay, Gagarin… Every important event in the history of mankind happened due to a urethral person. They are always ready to take a risk and do not even feel adrenalin. This is the reason for their high death rate.

They have no desire for welfare, savings, property, etc. The only thing they desired is the acquisition of power; a chief can be penniless but he must have chic clothes and expensive accessories. They enjoy the best and newest things, and enjoy high quality goods and first class. Urethral people are the most generous. Salaries in companies owned by them are the highest.

Urethral values are especially close to Russian values. Some people are familiar with Russian hospitality, as they invite guests open-heartedly and they will spend their last coin to set a grand table. One of the most negative concepts for Russians is avarice or greediness. In the West these qualities are associated with rational saving or economy.

Urethral people love bragging and boldness. They boast about their achievements. It is the influence of urethral values that prevent Russian people from understanding the limitations of law, and why they judge everyone in fairness (rather than according to the law).

Urethral men have the highest libido. They conquer, mark new territories and take the greatest pleasure from sex, which is connected to their natural function. The highest libido is coupled with an appropriate capability – the pheromones of a urethral man are the most attractive for women; He wants all women, and all women want him.


Urethral mercy is special, the real kind of mercy. It is not adjacent to the principles of “equality” or “the legal system.” Real mercy is put into affect according to needs and shortages. A mother of five children gets five pieces of bread, a mother of one child, one piece. If war starts all mothers take equal responsibility: the one with five children sends all of them to war and the other mother with one son sends hers accordingly. They are interconnected; mothers and their chief cannot exist without each other.

Freedom is responsibility and giving. Freedom can exist only outwardly. We are not free to receive as we want, and its volume is limited to our body's needs. But we are free to give where we want, and as much as we want. Only urethral men have inherent freedom.

Urethral peopleonly do what they want, and they would never do what they don't want. Urethral children study subjects they are interested in at school and perform perfectly, but don't pay attention to the rest. They’ll only do unwanted deeds if that serves a higher purpose.

Urethral men do not compete but can confront each other (there are never two chiefs in a group). They do not have competitive ambitions, nor do they pretend to. They feel deep inside themselves that they are the best, so there is no reason for competition. Men of the dermal vector may start competing with them, but a urethral person will never be a competitor.

Weakness from the urethral point-of-view is a rank demotion. If somebody sits in the chief's chair, or berates him, the chief reacts with a fit of anger then forgets the encounter at once. Their memory has a special design since their thoughts are always aimed at the future, so the past is not remembered well. Everything that happened to them in childhood they remember in a general sense. 


Another weak point is their inability to lose or surrender. A urethral person never gives up and reverts to a previous state. The urethral scream arouses the desire to submit and obey their commands unconsciously, even our bodies take an appropriate position. Urethral men's distinctive feature is a grin they wear from ear to ear (not like the Hollywood smile).

They have the fastest reaction in both body and intellect. Particularly, if their thinking coincides with their unique ability to find new ways to solve problems. There is boldness and impertinence to everything that they do, this is often confused with the impudence of the dermal vector. In this way they may jump the queue and people in a line may even approve them. Men of the urethral vector enjoy life to the fullest. They enjoy eating, drinking, partying and women, they explore all sides of life: “If we love, let’s love seriously!” and,“Let’s paint the town red!” They go beyond the horizon. This is the root of urethral addictions. They become addicted to anything they like, from vodka to sex. They ruin themselves with alcohol quickly. In trying to reach their own personal horizon they drink more and more,and, as expected, their horizon moves back with each step they take toward it. Urethral drug addicts die of overdose according to this same mechanism.

The temperature of a urethral body is high. In the past, they discovered new lands, sailed cold seas and climbed snow-covered mountains. That is why nature blessed them with being hot bloodedindividuals: They are hot, fervent, passionate and unbuttoned. You will never meet a urethral person (without other vectors) buttoned up and wearing a scarf around their neck, because they are always hot. They wear their clothes unbuttoned. Urethral men do not live long lives; seldom do they die in their beds (without other vectors).

Urethral children are the easiest to spot. They are completely capable and independent by nature. They do not listen to anybody as anal children do, nor do they obey others as dermal people may. They are not cultivated, nor spiritual like the audial vector. Yet they naturally feel superior to everyone else. At the same time, even the most developed visual person is less moral than an altruistic urethral chief by nature.

The urethral child should be brought up in a way that emphasizes his responsibility, like being a regent in the days of the czar. “If not you then who?” It is important not to limit them or demand their obedience.

It is necessary to understand that putting pressure and violence on this type of child will leave him with a need for escape, in order to feel his own boldness. Feeling that the world is hostile becomes a fixed part of their personality and then a urethral child joins or starts a gang, to fight the world. This is how the bosses of the most dangerous gangs develop. In spite of the fact that urethral people are not criminals by nature, they can become the most dangerous heads of gangs and organized crime. Stepan Razin, Yemelyan Pugachev, and Spartacus are among them. 


Nowadays urethral children are diagnosed as “hyperactive”, and parents subsequently “treat” them with medicine. This is a very dangerous tendency. There is no future without healthy leadership - a society with medicated urethral leaders is in jeopardy. System-Vector Psychology gives us the opportunity to pass on this new understanding of our nature and also change current approaches to raising children.

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