Common misunderstandings about System-Vector Psychology

Common misunderstandings about System-Vector Psychology

Fallacy # 1:

I can define my vectors through a test on the Internet.     


In fact, you pay money to an online predator who wants to cash in on your interest in System-Vector Psychology.

Consequently, you'll be pinned with a label that doesn't say anything about your essence or inner world, and you will continue searching for new tests.

System-Vector Psychology, presented by Yuri Burlan, has the purpose of discovering and understanding human roots, the deepest study of one's meaning, research and the acceptance of desires and the disclosure of specific abilities.

In the training, you are taught an alphabet of systematic thinking. This helps you learn to reveal tendencies and rules in human behavior, to understand people's thoughts and intentions, to fit into a surrounding, to show your worth and realize your potential.

System-Vector Psychology is a complex science. Any effort to devalue it or bring it down to the level of a primitive, online test is a travesty.


Fallacy # 2:

There is a huge forum where you can find a lot of information (summaries, articles, discussions, and answers to questions). It is quite sufficient to master the subject and put it into practice in real life. You don't need to listen to the training.


The forum is just one way to learn. It is created by people who have already either listened to the training, or are in the process of it. All information on the forum is summaries, thoughts, and questions from students. Therefore, it is an irreplaceable help during the process of studying.

There are two kinds of knowledge: oral and written. We are used to receiving information about the world from books i.e., from written sources.

System-Vector Psychology is not a standard science that you can study through reading and remembering. This type of living knowledge is passed on from teacher to student in an oral form because the subject of the study is the concealed psychic processes in man's unconsciousness.

This approach guarantees that you receive information from different angles. You will be able to observe what you heard and feel it inside. Thus, you can practice what you learn, not just know its theories.


Fallacy # 3

System-Vector Psychology is just another typology. There are a lot of those nowadays.


An artificially created typology only complicates the perception of reality.

These types, made up out of thin air, do not give you knowledge or understanding.

System-Vector Psychology has not created a new typology of people. But, it has uncovered what was concealed from human consciousness. Namely: the connection between the psychic processes and peoples eight sensitive zones expressed on a physical level.

It is possible to observe every type of personality in System-Vector Psychology. Their displays, desires, thoughts and behavior have a connection with their most sensitive zones.

There are eight very sensitive zones (sometimes called 'erogenous zones'), so any artificial classifications or typologies are made up and are the result of people's imagination.


Fallacy # 4

It is impossible to force fit a person into any system. Each is unique and inimitable because humans are divine creatures. 


There is nothing or person in the world that exists by itself. Every being is a part of a group of other beings, thus their interaction among each other obeys specific laws. Nature is not chaotic. So a human does belong to a system where every element has its own meaning. 


System-Vector Psychology has revealed laws and tendencies which show that humanity develops and that each human exists as a part of something greater. Everyone is welcome to learn more about it!


Fallacy # 5

If I uncover my unconsciousness and know everything about myself and others, their thoughts, desires and motives, life will be uninteresting. Life without miracles is boring and monotonous.


Miracles are an unknown phenomenon. Is it worth hoping for a miracle to happen in relationships, family, upbringing and self-cognition?

Is it worth living by trial and error, hoping for a miracle to happen when things can be explained scientifically and systematically?

System-Vector Psychology helps to find a way to realize ourselves quickly, understand our subconscious desires, and peculiarities. It helps to accept ourselves and other people as they are. This knowledge raises our level of awareness of our actions and our natural realization.

Is it boring to understand yourself, and the world? Is it boring to be whole and happy?


Fallacy # 6

This science operates within physical terms. There is no culture or spirituality.    


We do not study something which is separated from matter.

We operate within real terms relating to the psychical world.

We do not practice or speak about things that are impossible to observe. It is easy to get lost in fantasies and disputes deprived of sense and far away from reality.

Our work is based on the idea that every human has a natural role, (dedicated to the survival of all humanity). By fulfilling this role, people take pleasure in life. It stipulates the presence of peculiarities found both in the psychic and the physical body.

The aspiration to spiritual cognition and culture development represent such roles as well. A deep understanding of the psychic roots that the roles originate from gives us an opportunity to realize ourselves. With a thorough understanding, this process can be shortened, with obstacles minimized and with the most pleasure and satisfaction.


Fallacy # 7

I can listen to the training for a third of the cost from your former students. Why should I listen to the same training for more money?


For ten years, working full-time with Internet trainings on System Vector psychology practice, thousands of students have listened to the lectures given by Yuri Burlan.

There are some among them who have decided to retell it and turn it into a source of income.

Many of them replace vectors with colors, change the name of the course, and present summaries from their own training. Calling themselves the developers and co-authors for the method is incorrect.

Some are “experts” in sexual relationships. Some can teach others how to run a business according to the theory of vectors. Some combine the vector approach with an esotericism and their fantasies have no limits. These imposters each offers something that has nothing to do with the live courses given Yuri Burlan via our site.

Perhaps you have read enthusiastic reviews about the training on our site and somehow you decided that the same result can be achieved from similar courses given by other people. We guarantee positive results only to those who listen to it through

Remember: There are often swindlers and shady dealers behind good bargains. At best for a small price, you get a shallow narration of the training filled with generous guesses. At worst, you'll be offered the fruits of a sick mind hidden behind the mask of System-Vector Psychology.

The psyche is a very fine material. Think twice before trusting it to rogues.

The avaricious pays twice.

Watch out!

Make sure you understand the difference between an original and a facsimile!

Do not yield to tempting offers from violators who devalue the study!

See you at the System-Vector Psychology training!

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Posted on: May 28, 2013
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