An Audial Mother or a Daydreamer

An Audial Mother or a Daydreamer

More than anything else, an audial woman wants to be left alone. Always deep in thought and in a philosophical mood, she is often silent and dreamy, appearing dazed and caught up in her own world of fantasy. When her audial vector is in a bad condition, she may lose touch with reality and fall into a  depression. She sees the outer world as an illusion, therefore, living in her own body becomes an ordeal. An audial woman always stands out from others due to her thoughtful and detached attitude.

Neither the beauty of nature or other people with their worries can attract her attention. With her headphones and loud music, she shuts herself off from the world outside. Even when she is talking to you, she seems to be somewhere else in her thoughts while staring into space.

She doesn’t even take care of herself, often forgets to have a meal on time, and you can never expect her to show off her culinary skills. She is not interested in clothes and other little things that usually make any other woman happy. If something contradicts her point of view, she will never get involved in an argument. She will simply cut herself off from this person. If the outer world becomes aggressive or unpleasant, she will hide in the shell of her feelings and find relief in the stream of her own thoughts. 


For this type of a woman, having a baby means having to go through a difficult test and sometimes can cause a lot of suffering. The less realized her audial vector is the worse she feels. She is the one who has always focused only on herself and her own feelings, sometimes even forgetting about her basic needs, and now all of a sudden she is forced to take care of someone else.

Pregnancy itself can create a bit of a positive emotional state. It allows an audial woman to concentrate on her dreams, her changing condition, and on the silence around her. It gives her a feeling of joyful anticipation.

And then it happens! Here comes the baby! Someone who she used to dream peacefully about when it was inside her becomes an outside source of irritation. Now this little crying bundle drives her crazy as her sensitive erogenous zone (her ear) is exposed to intolerable pressure.

Quite often, after childbirth, an audial woman develops (so called) postnatal depression, which is a serious condition where the woman may entirely forget about her physical body and feel absolutely no emotions towards her child. She may even go as far as committing suicide or abandoning her child.



A mother’s child makes her get out into the “external” world as she constantly has to respond to his needs and she can’t retire into her shell again. She doesn’t like it, but she can’t ask the child to be quiet or stop eating. She can’t completely ignore his demands.

More than anyone else, she needs a peaceful atmosphere and concentration on herself. Meanwhile, her crying child demands her full attention. She has to feed him, to bathe him, and to change his diapers. The rest of family also expects her to have active involvement in different household chores such as preparing meals, cleaning the house, and buying clothes. All of these activities might be simple tasks for an anal woman, but not for an audial one.

Now, she almost never has an opportunity to be left alone. An audial woman doesn’t always realize that she needs solitude and suffers as a result of not knowing the hidden reasons for this state. Life seems less and less meaningful to her. An unrealized audial mother sinks deeper and deeper into herself. She doesn’t get “outside” to her child when it is necessary. Her life becomes a kind of “day dreaming”.


- Mommy, I’m hungry…
- Wait a moment… I’ll get you something.
- Wait a moment, mommy is thinking… wait a little bit.
- You can go and play for a while. Granny will come and play with you soon. 
“My God, I’m so tired of all this cooking, cleaning, …. I can’t stand it anymore…”
- Where are your socks? I’m sure I have put them somewhere here. Go and get others…

An audial woman can feel comfortable only when her dominant audial vector is realized. Whatever her other vectors are, the audial desires are a priority for her. These desires are not material and not connected with our physical world. They are about finding the First Cause, the meaning of life. When these desires are not fulfilled, an audial woman loses her contact with the external world, becomes more and more self-absorbed, has difficulty communicating with other people, remains detached, and keeps a distance from everybody including her own child.

She feels frustrated because she is unable to take care of her long awaited child and doesn’t know how to cope with the simplest tasks. Quite often, in an attempt to get rid of these problems and hating herself for the helplessness, she leaves her child to the care of grandmothers or nannies.

The situation can become even worse when an audial woman has no support from her partner, who (for example in case, having an anal vector) even tends to scold her for being a bad mother or when she helplessly watches her anal-visual mother-in-law successfully handling baby care and shooting disapproving glances at her from time to time.

Solitude and realization of her dominant vector are vitally important for an audial mother. In this case, she will have a chance to externalize herself, connect with her child and other people, and start seeing their needs and taking an active part in their lives. She will be able to understand her own purpose in life.

Training in System-Vector Psychology can help her in this. Here in System-Vector Psychology portal with the help of Yuri Burlan, one comes to understand the essence of their audial vector and their specific role. They see clearly which way to follow in order to realize themselves instead of fighting their nature.

Certainly, if an audial woman has other vectors they will also influence her behavior. When there is a visual vector, for example, she will be extraverted more easily. She will need some periods of solitude and quietness after her visual emotion exits.

A realized audial mother can teach her child to think and understand oneself. She can be very sensitive to his needs and avoid imposing her own desires on him. Her realized audial vector unleashes the desires of other vectors, which have been suppressed for a long time. In this case, an audial mother can demonstrate an exceptional ability to give. 


You will know more about different conditions of the audial vector and the ways of its realization in the training on System-Vector Psychology. Here you will find out how to fulfill the parent’s most important task – how to raise a psychologically healthy child who is able to realize oneself through adulthood.

Yuri Burlan doesn’t just offer a new method of avoiding suffering, he provides a new understanding of life and an ability of independent dimensional and system based thinking.

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Posted on: June 2, 2013
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