Puberty is not so scary, but its consequences...

Puberty is not so scary, but its consequences...

“Mom! My first period's started!”

If you are a happy mother who has a daughter, sooner or later you will hear these words. It does not matter how hard you try to be prepared for this new stage in life – it always comes unexpectedly. It may be that moment when your child becomes the tallest in a class; or your girl starts developing breasts that haven’t become objects of jealousy, but of mockery; or your boy who used to be the soul of a group, a chieftain, suddenly gets embarrassed among girls; or there are two razors in a bathroom now: your husband's and his...

For months they become unrecognizable, alien to parents. The phrases like “You don't understand me!” and, “I feel so bad, I 'm dying...,” or, “There are pimples on my face...” start.


Puberty throws them out into a new life, both children and parents. Physiological and psychological changes happen at the same time. There are no exact borders when it starts and finishes. Peculiarities of puberty get manifested in children in different ways.

Nowadays teenagers start their sexual lives earlier than their parents did. It is known that girls go through puberty earlier than boys. But, this is not true at all for teenagers who are bearers of the urethral vector!

Urethral people are pioneers by nature. Their libido is the highest and they mature faster from early ages. All the girls in his class fall in love with him, but he can't help staring at a young dermal-visual teacher. Sexual peculiarities of a urethral boy stipulate this. The first stage of his attraction is directed to the women who are young enough to give birth to children.

A urethral girl starts masturbating at the age of six. It is her first hormonal boom. As a tendency they observe the following situation: an anal dad becomes horrified because his daughter does it so openly and there is not a thing that can be an obstacle for her. After a while she stops, and the second period of sexual activity is ahead. She is incredibly sexually active – she can have sex with all boys either for friendship's sake or to keep a group together. It does not seem to her reprehensible at all; urethral people of both genders possess the natural role that is to reproduce.



Every one of us faced this kind of problem once. The ones who are threatened with a real danger of body changes are dermal-visual girls.

Extreme enthusiasm with diets and other limits during puberty can end tragically. Even if the normal mass of a body can be restored, the bone stock never will. There is another bigger danger – anorexia.

Anorexia happens due to the qualities of the dermal vector as prohibition and limitation combining with the state of fear (underdeveloped visual vector) of not fitting to modern beauty standards.

Changes in mood can cost a lot to parents when a simple kind word is met by tens of insults. The teenagers with the visual vector express it especially clearly.


There is the highest emotional amplitude in the visual vector. The unstable emotional condition of a teenager accompanies the feelings of loneliness and that nobody loves them. This kind of extreme can be expressed as an attempt to attract attention by talking about suicide and death. It is like a calling, “Attention! I am here. Look at me. Feel sorry for me.”

Unfortunately, first love can end either in marriage or cutting veins and exhausting in a toxicological department. And for the same unconscious reason, they don't mean to die. Their acts serve a different purpose: to attract attention, to return an object of love and to be sympathized. They call it emotional swings or emotional blackmail. No matter how real and difficult the situation seems to be, knowledge and understanding of subconscious processes of visual psycho-suicide can help to pattern their behavior and find the words to prevent a tragedy.




Usually, most people try drugs for the first time at a party or a club to fit in. A child can find drugs anywhere though... in a park because of boredom, a friend or an acquaintance offers, or for creativity's sake, to uncover the unconsciousness....

For almost any person, drugs are a highway to death, but for the urethral and audial people it always has a catastrophic end. A urethral person does not feel nor know limitations and drugs are not an exception. They become dependent the first time they try it, and increase their dose each time.

The eternal black abyss of an audial depression is unbearable. An absolute failure of inner search, endless reflection and apathy and suddenly, out of the blue, relaxation, ease bestowed by drugs. There is nothing but endless easiness of existence. It doesn't last long though; it gives a temporary relief, but afterwards the state of emptiness catches them in the act more accurately, and then they need more. To get off the hype for an audial person is as impossible as for his parents to believe that their child is a drug addict.

Nowadays we see depressed teenagers who are eager to escape reality and replace it with the world of computer games. It is easy to accidentally kick a bloody syringe on streets, and game addiction has become one of the most profitable sources of income for psychologists. Every child can have fun playing computer games, but addiction to it is an indicator of stressed audial vector.

Puberty is a difficult time, but it is possible to get though it painlessly both for parents and children if they are acquainted with puberty problems that look the same but originate from different sources. It is possible to overcome “a difficult age” and help a child if we know reasons and problems that accompany puberty.

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Posted on: June 2, 2013
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