Save us from obesity!

Save us from obesity!

According to the list the people of following professions tend to be overweight more than of others: social workers, teachers, artists, designers, architects, doctors, policemen and firemen.

In the USA and Great Britain they are especially worried about policemen and firefighters because their being overweight threatens the job they do and puts other people's lives at risk. 

Let's try to find a real reason of excess weight and obesity among people in the above-mentioned occupations from a System-Vector Psychology viewpoint. 

What personal qualities do firefighters and policemen have to possess? According to the data from the sites devoted to these jobs their qualities are listed below. The only possible differences between firemen and police qualities are about priorities, skills and knowledge. 

1. Integrity (honest, trustworthy, reliable, accountable);
2. Physical Fitness (ability to perform the physical tasks);
3. Communication (people skills, articulate);
4. Flexibility/adaptability (low-maintenance, work under stress, Compromising, adapting to overcome);
5. Dedication (passion, pride, heart, desire, drive, competence, work ethic);
6. Team player;
7. Mechanical aptitude (technical problem solving);
8. Public Image;
9. Tolerance (understanding, compassion, level-headed, thick-skinned)
10. Self sacrifice (courageous, giving)

There both dermal and anal qualities on the list. 

The tendency is different though, the people who usually have the desire to work for the police or fire department are people with the anal vector who are solid and inclined to corpulence but slow and indecisive by nature. Those who superior to them at work are dermal-anal-muscular men. The structure of protective services has an anal base (built according the principles of the anal vector) that is complicated by by nature. The role of a cave keeper whose purpose is to protect and save people's lives. It is undoubtedly a noble function. Many people are attracted to this occupation because it matches their values and inner qualities as a sense of duty towards society, country or government. The profession of a fireman is particularly ancient and sticks in some way to the tradition of volunteering in USA and Europe. In old times fires didn't occur so often and wasn't of a modern scale, they placed a belfry in the center of a town to give the alarm and volunteers ran to the place. In spite of the fact that today conditions have gotten more complex and the job forfeited such a 'wait state', however it's image hasn't changed. 

Applicants for the army, fire department and medical corpse have to pass psychological and physical tests. They select the best six out of one hundred to become future servers and protectors for society. People begin their jobs healthy, strong and passionate. Different problems appear with time though concerning health and their psychological condition. Nevertheless they still continue to be devoted to their occupation doing a job that doesn't require bravery, resolution and flexibility. Because of their unsatisfactory physical or psychological states they execute rear functions: cook food, clean, work on the computer, the activities that are totally contradictory to what they were going for at the beginning. 

According to System Vector psychology we live in the epoch of business and technology that is the part of the dermal phase. The values of a modern man include high status, big bank accounts, 'time is money', saving resources expressed in technological breakthroughs which we call in pop culture 'the century of information'. This phase is a paradise for the people with the dermal vector who live according to use and profit categories. 

For the dermal man with the weak strength of desire and without upper vectors protective services can be attractive as it includes a career, high status and benefits.

For the dermal men with a strong desire it is unsatisfactory; there are a lot of opportunities around them like opening their own business, having a job in a prosperous company and achieving all kinds of material success that they wouldn't get from volunteering, service or social types of work. Moreover, this type of personality is an extreme individual, separated from others by nature, usually called 'an egoist'. 

Governments in order to get more people involved in social work and services crate favorable conditions as special programs and benefits. Public opinion, image and the job title are also great motivations that are valued among the people of the anal vector. The anal stage of development globally is over and it's values had been pushed to the background and only in a few countries or villages can they still prevail. The people of the anal vector are the people of the past, the function of the vector in general is to keep and pass information to the next generation. They possess a systematic type of thinking and perfect memory, they want to be respected and remembered. They are also perfectionists who do a quality job and want to be the best. 

The dermal and the anal vectors are contrary, so the modern phase of development is difficult to stand in for the anal man. He is literally not fit for this world with competitive conditions where they have to live within a society requiring mobility and the love for money. Of course, it doesn't relate to all people with the anal vector because any man who is brought up in a right way and developed has a chance to be realized and happy. While other people under stress experience bad states, for example, the inability to adapt to surroundings ending in frustrations, resentments and health problems. 

Protection and service for one's society grants an opportunity for the anal man's realization: to be respected, to have a paper as evidence of it, to have bravery and strength that women love so much, to prove their manhood in general. Most firefighters chose their profession out of family traditions, “My father and grandfather used to be a firefighters and I want to be like them.” Parents are models of behavior for a little child, and tradition, following rules is one of the main characteristics of a person with the anal vector thus a child can be easily driven by the wrong guideline. There is a crucial moment in upbringing a child – to understand that our children are not us. 

For instance, a young, handsome and willful guy passes tests and becomes a firefighter without any doubts or troubles because his system of values and type of thinking matches his image of the job. It is the very thing that he wanted and what he admired. 

However, most of the qualities listed above belong to the dermal vector (flexibility, resolution, good shape). He successfully passed the tests because of his ability to learn and the desire to be the best, but the conditions and requirements of the dermal phase will try him later in the process of doing the job. The guy gets stressed sooner or later. He has to run and think fast, make decisions, crawl into fire, and in the case of having the visual vector, seeing blood and a dying person can make him fall into a stupor with fear traumatizing him forever. He has to be decisive and responsible, but it can't happen because he doesn't possess these qualities. 

Dealing with his occupation and with the requirements beyond his abilities, he suffers. Problems with his stool and stomach start, he worries about what his coworkers think because he failed at being the best. 

From this moment on, his life turns into stress. He can't leave out of a sense of devotion and respect which are priceless to him. To make changes are stressful also and his duty (no matter what he does) gives him hope that he will be respected and valued. 

The reason for his stress is rooted in an incompatibility between his job and his role. In times of peace he is a cave keeper, family hearth, in times of war – a man serving in rear. So the body type he was born with complements this: a slow metabolism and the absence of the ability to limit himself. All vectors in the state of stress start to receive satisfaction in a primitive way, in this case with food as a small pleasure to support his life ultimately resulting in his becoming overweight

The guy gets fat and his physical ability deceases. He isn't kicked out because of the organization is based on anal values, about brotherhood, 'a friend in need is a friend indeed'. So they let him carry the title of a “fireman” who performs a cave keeper role and enjoys it, but he doesn't lose his weight because for him his habit is like a second nature. 

There is a hierarchy that people rank accordingly to, in any stable group every member performs their natural function. In protective service like a fire department, the organization is based partially on volunteering and traditions which can't be effective in the modern world. People who come to work there have a tendency of leaning toward the anal vector who don't rank among themselves therefore they face nepotism, the lack of effect, sadism, humiliation, mockery and health problems.

People are born with natural qualities. Because of complicated conditions and surroundings, our upbringing and wrong values, we want to realize desires that don't belong to us and become unhappy. Nature evolves, in ancient times (the muscular and anal phases) hunger ruled, in the dermal phase humans took over: look at the abundance of food we have, it's never existed before. As a result of our complicated surrounding and inability to adapt fast enough we go through group stress that we literally may eat up. 

Men are lead by pleasure and satisfaction, but instead they suffer in the end because either they are not aware of their true desires and qualities or they don't know how to satisfy them. There is a way labeled System Vector psychology which helps us understand ourselves and our desires, realize the inner and outer processes people go through. Self-cognition and understanding simply won't allow you to suffer, but rather to enjoy self-realization and realization within society. 

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Posted on: October 25, 2013
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