Space cadets: On the way to Tartarus

Space cadets: On the way to Tartarus

Anders Behring Breivik, James Holmes, Jared Loughner, Adam Lanza, Igor Danilevsky, Dmitry Vinogradov there are many others who can be added to this ever increasing list. Dramatically increasing perhaps, and every time there will be only one psycho, 'space cadet' who commits these massive killings.

And the world will swallow up stories of mothers and friends about how those people were nice, how good they were at school and there is no way that they were able to commit such a dreadful act. A visual woman would say it with her hand on her heart, “Children are angels”. What will she say when the angel grows up and starts playing with guns? That he couldn't do what he had done?

That Holmes couldn't shoot people in the cinema? That Danilevsky didn't kill his fiancee and her mother? Or maybe Breivik is a cherub that lacks a halo and wings? And Loughner is a sinless marvel. And how could they launch so many people into eternity? It is obviously seen in the eyes of murderers that they are unruly space cadets.

If we can't find the reasons why, it doesn't mean that there aren't any. The quantity of horrible murders which are above our understanding increases. It grows at a rapid pace, people looking at one another whispering about social disintegration and an epidemic. The scourge of the modern world is moral degeneration. 

We are blind to facts. Society falls into two pieces. And as before a visual mother cries and says how her son, Igor Danilevsky was good at school. 

People stop.

Why a nice person out of the blue loses his temper and does such unpredictable things that we can't define? Why even the people closest to us can appear to have a bomb in their heads that suddenly explodes? What then? Shock? The impossibility to believe it? An attempt to avoid reality?

An attempt to prove the world that a husband, a son, a brother didn't do it because “he couldn't do it, he definitely wasn't able to do it ”. Does it matter that they were space cadets? Not all introverts shoot people. But these; they are real. Murders are real. There is a reason for that. Are you still blind to the facts? Are you waiting for a miracle to happen?

Aren't you afraid that one of your friends is not so adequate as he seems to be? Afraid of those sparkles in his glassy look? The sparkles of a clock. Tick-rock. If it is started up, it will eventually blow up.

There are reasons why there are an avalanche of crazy shooters and psychos on streets given by Vector Systems Psychology. It clearly describes the sub-conscious reason of the behavior which seems to be impossible to analyze and logically understand. 

There are two factors uniting those men. From one side it is an insane, inveterate resentment against the world and god in their frustrated anal vector. From the other it is the presence of the audial vector  in an oppressive state. The audial vector in a shell, closed, directed inward that lost its connection with reality. Moral degeneration is a mental insanity which is only peculiar to the bearers of the audial vector.

Moral degeneration. Total isolation from the outside world. A person lives inside himself, underdeveloped and unrealized without any understanding of himself and other people.

There has been enough said about how important it is to develop inborn qualities in childhood. It is known that it is possible to do it before puberty and the psyche doesn't develop afterwards. Though not all underdeveloped audial men go outside and shoot, mixing up real and virtual worlds.

Underdevelopment and the absence of realization is a dangerous mix, consequences of which we observe when society is being torn in pieces. Including the fact that the ideal and incubator conditions for audial vector development for centuries have never existed and their mental bombs recently started exploding. So, why is moral degeneration an epidemic in the 21st century ?


Realization of the audial vector

The audial vector is naturally unique. These are the people who first became aware of “I”. The men whose life meaning is to search for an answer to the question “What is life's meaning?” which often is so vague that they don't see any meaning in life at all.

From one side he is a genius from another a psycho, schizophrenic... Poor upbringing and interconnections with an audial child doesn't let him develop. The vector stays underdeveloped and oppressed, a person withdraws into himself, loses his mind and thus, his connection with reality.

But if the vector is unrealized ...

The audial realization can be seen in contrasting spheres like music, physics, math, literature, philosophy. They can become brilliant scientists like many before.

Mozart, Hemingway, Einstein, Tesla... We remember them and our children will. The audial men who made breakthroughs in their spheres.

New physics, math, and world understandings. New sounds in music. New languages. Programming. This is their path. Hidden in their shells, these loners, these silent men are gifted, potential geniuses


No realization – no man?

What does realization give? The feeling of satisfaction and happiness. A person completely satisfies his desires, fulfills his wants by doing what he does. It brings pleasure. Literature, music and physics has always corresponded to audial needs, but...

Why is associate professor, philosopher and jurist, Igor Danilevsky suspected of two murders? He seems to be a developed and realized man. How could that happen?

The thing is that audial desires increase with the centuries. The pure audial vector is beautiful and for ages talented composers, scientists and writers left their mark in history. An underdeveloped and unrealized audial vector is the opposite: isolation from the world, inadequacy, the inability to react to external stimuli, a man lives inside of himself and doesn't accept information from outside.

Audial unrealization and a grave resentment against the world in the anal vector creates insane, isolated, cruel men who are able to kill their closest friends and shoot dozens of innocent people.

Nowadays individuality becomes less important. It is rare when somebody makes a breakthrough, Perelman is one of the latest names who radically changed the scientific view. It is the common wants and problems, the collective unconscious which might fall the modern men with the audial vector. 

There are new generations, new conditions, new tasks and new meanings. Mass killing. Moral degeneration. They don't allow neither development nor realization of oneself. Physics, literature and music give few answers but the dissatisfaction, the void, the black dot, the black hole remains inside of an audial person. 

They sense in a particular way the things that the men without the audial vector are unable to do. They ask the question which is pointless for others. They suffer from the impossibility to understand. So they devote themselves to physics and philosophy but there are cases when even that kind of realization didn't end with any decent result.

Some stopped their studying or with difficulty got their bachelor’s degree. Some ended everything jumping off a roof, some went to cinema and shot people because they came to see Batman. Some were pushed by grudge. They don't belong to this world, they aren't able to adapt in their surroundings and have no desire to do anything. They are driven by resentments, rancor and made-up worlds.


Spiritual development 

Spiritual development is paramount for an audial person. Not everyone is aware of their desires, but when a man is in a state of spiritual search, it can either drown him or bring him to the surface.

Don't interfere with an audial person's choice, let them follow their desires. Many audial men jump from one science to another, from one study to another searching for the unknown. Accumulated for centuries, these questions literally drive them crazy. 

The generation today is a wound up bomb ticking away in their heads. What we get in the next five or ten years depends on today. Breiviks or genius scientists? It's crucial not to injure children and play safely with friends, neighbors and the people who we interact with by means of recognition what condition and states they are in.

Inborn qualities are developed before puberty and their realization comes afterwards. The audial path isn't simple or easy understand, it is important not to knock them out of it, better still we should help them find direction, hint that their question has an answer, and they can find it.

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Posted on: October 24, 2013
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