The Orlando Tragedy. Noticing the Pattern

The Orlando Tragedy. Noticing the Pattern

Today’s newsfeeds are full of news about terrorist acts, catastrophes, and accidents leaving citizens of practically every country terrified by numbers of victims. The threat of terror impends over every one of us, as psychologically unstable people, who are disappointed in their lives and hate everyone around them, can appear among ordinary people, perhaps even among our neighbors. Anyone can become the object of their hatred. And unfortunately it is impossible to predict when something “clicks” inside of such a person’s head and he will start killing other people.           

The Orlando tragedy, where the murderer shot the gay club visitors, has become one of the mass murder cases that are now considered ordinary. As a result of this massacre, 50 people were killed and another 53 wounded. 

At first, the gay club visitors did not realize what was happening thinking that the shots were a part of the entertainment program. But as soon as the first victims appeared, people immediately rushed to the parking exit, yet not everyone was able to get to safety. Many of them remained there lying lifeless in this club. They were killed by a homophobe who considered himself to be God and decided that he had the right to choose who to live and who to die.    

Law Enforcement Authorities were already familiar with the African American named Omar Martin. He had been suspected earlier to have connections with terrorists. However, CIA was not able to prove this information and Omar was released. It is worth mentioning that the shooter’s weapon was purchased legally, which in turn resulted in many accusations and added fuel to the oil of discussions between the supporters of caring guns and those in favor of banning their use by US citizens.

So what provoked this young man to commit such a horrible crime against morals and ethics? The version, which seemed to be the most obvious, is that he was a recruited agent of ISIS (prohibited in the Russian Federation), who got inspired by Islamic ideas and shot dozens of people. As ISIS assumed responsibility for this act right after it occurred and Omar Martin confirmed several times his loyalty to the Islamic State ideas, such opinion seems the most ponderable. However, even the US law enforcement agencies and the country’s government are not sure that Omar acted by order of the ISIS leaders. Most likely he was really inspired by the radical views of his Middle Eastern brethren, but he acted out of his own free will and had no direct connections with terrorists.        

He often expressed brickbat opinions about homosexuals and attacked them verbally. This fact was confirmed by his father, who supports the Talibs in Afghanistan. Omar looked like an ardent homophobe, who thought that such people had no right to live and should be wiped from the face of the Earth. His hatred toward people with non-conventional sexual orientation developed gradually and at first he did not express it explicitly. But, finally, his internal protest materialized into the Orlando shooting.        

However, things are not that simple in this situation. It is known for a fact that on many occasions Omar was suspected of having homosexual inclinations himself. This fact was confirmed by his first wife. He often visited the very club that later became the place of his shooting. This makes many specialists conclude that Omar was a latent homosexual trying to deny his attraction to men, but restricting his desires was getting more and more difficult. Trying to fight against his own nature and constantly getting deeper into studying Islamic ideas Martin decides to commit a crime. It is evident that his psychic stability was on the verge of breaking and at a certain moment he just took a gun and went to shoot the people he hated inside of himself.  

Recognizing Human Psyche

Let us try to examine this situation and Omar Martin himself from the viewpoint of  Yuri Burlan’s System Vector Psychology, which allows us to look into each person’s psyche’s hidden places. According to System Vector Psychology, there are eight vectors, i.e. the groups of human desires and properties that form the person’s behaviour and their life scenario. They are divided into lower vectors, which form the person’s libido, and the upper vectors, which are responsible for the way one perceives information coming from the external world. In this article we will only talk about the anal vector, which is the low one, and the audial vector, which is the upper one. At first, let us examine each vector separately and then we will explain why Omar Martin is the the owner of such a vector combinaion.                 

Real Professionals in their Field

People with the Anal Vector have been awarded by nature with a number of properties that enable them to make important input into the society development. These people have been protecting women and children for thousands of years. They remained in thеrear during wars and they kept customs and traditions of their people. The Anal Vector owners transfer the knowledge gathered by humanity from one generation to another and also increase this knowledge. To accomplish this mission successfully they have an incredible memory and diligence. Such people have always been accumulating knowledge and skills and teaching children, so that they won’t repeat the same mistakes again and won’t have to reinvent the wheel.   

This is also the reason why people with the Anal Vector have a rigid psyche, which is mostly directed at a thorough study of new information that should be perceived and remembered forever. Their entire essence is directed toward the past, which is their basic value. Without placing the highest value on history and traditions they would not have been able to pass it over to future generations. Thus, the possessors of the Anal Vector adhere to the traditions and a patriarchal lifestyle; they value strong family ties, brotherhood, and blood ties. Such people will be steady supporters of their life ideals, family, and friends.            

The possessors of this vector are real professionals in their occupation and they always aspire to reach the point of the truth, polish any diamond; and they tend to highly polish everything. They are professors, teachers, professionals, architects, designers, best husbands and wives, as well as sons and daughters. People with the Anal Vector are always ready to help their friends and value them no less than their family.    

A Lost Jewel of a Man

However, such a person is not always able to become a worthy member of the society. The wrong upbringing and a lack of social and family realization lead to the Anal Vector owners becoming resentful and accumulating anger at their offenders instead of being praised intellectual games winners. They will go over the situation that has harmed them for days and they will project their hatred of a certain person onto all other people who resemble that person even a little bit. In extreme cases resentment of one person can result into resentment of the entire world and have really scary results. It is worth mentioning that in case of inadequate realization in the society or in the family people with the Anal Vector can change their priorities from plus to minus. For example, their natural property of “purity/cleaning” can become that of “dirt/violation”. In such cases they start kicking the crap out of all those they hate including even occasional victims. Being unable to realize themselves in real life such people turn into internet trolls that are now so well-known or start being verbally or even physically sadistic with their family members. 


When experiencing sexual and sometimes social frustrations the Anal Vector owners often feel acute aversion to sexual minorities considering them violators of morals and people who go against nature. However, it is their personal, mostly radically expressed, evaluation that overwhelms their discourse.     

Actually, there is a very interesting psychological trait of the Anal Vector possessors that is concealed here. In order to teach young generations they must be interested in doing that, as everything in nature is built on the pleasure principle. Therefore, the Anal Vector possessors are subconsciously attracted to teenage boys and that stimulates their desire to give knowledge to such boys. If such teachers are correctly developed, they will never sexually desire a child, but will be ideal family men in love with their spouses only.           

But if there is no way to express their psychological properties, the Anal Vector owners sometimes start subconsciously to desire the opposite sex, as equivalent to a teenage boy. Nature has put a taboo on sexual relations with children in the best interest of human society development, because such relations do not lead to procreation and have a destructive influence on the child's psyche. As for the relationship with a man, it becomes a replacement for the real attraction felt by the Anal Vector owners, a kind of “salvation” from becoming a pedofile.     

These psychological traits make unrealized people with the Anal Vector primarily feel a subconscious desire for “relationship” with their own sex, which they consciously negate as much as they can and which, in its turn, leads to negating homosexual relations. If one wants something more than anything else, but this something does not match their basic values (family, monogamy, children), it awakens a sharp contradiction in them. Hatred for people with non-traditional sexual orientation is their lifebuoy from becoming a partner in the homosexual relationship that they hate so much.

Audial Meanings

People with the Audial Vector were the first humans wondering about the meaning of life. From century to century they tried to find answers to the questions fussing around in their heads. “Who am I?” is the question that accompanies such people all their life even since their childhood. In prehistoric times they guarded the primitive pack from enemies and predators at night due to their ears that are so sensitive to all sounds.   

Mother nature arranged things so that these people felt more comfortable at night rather than during the light of the day, when people irritated them with their noisy fussing around. In the darkness and silence they were able to concentrate while listening attentively to the quietest alarming sounds straining all their internal resources by doing that. This state of pressure gave birth to first conscious thoughts. Thinking about themselves people with the Audial Vector understood how distant they were from all other species; for the first time they felt egoism at the sensation of their internal self.  

There is just one step from a philosopher to a drug addict

An audial person has abstract intelligence. His thoughts often enter the sphere of metaphysics trying to find the meaning of life. But when they find no answers for their questions, they start suffering. They find it very difficult to get out of the slough of painful thought forms. They start thinking that it is their body which hurts them by keeping them down and connecting them to the material world, thus, taking away their ability to realize things they were meant for. Previousely, audial people were satisfied with philosophy, music, and theories about various social changes. They were the first astronomers, astrophysicists and nuclear physicists, musicians and conductors, philosophers and nihilists, preachers and atheists. They are not only the people of search and the advancers of progress, but also self-destroyers and drug addicts.                  

Suffering from the inability to answer their internal questions, audial people lose the meaning of life in this material world and only search for ways of getting out into the sphere of their egoistic mind. Falling into a heady intoxicating sleep or playing a computer game for the second night around they escape from the real life.

In their search for meanings audial people are capable of becoming members of religious and terrorist groups, which give them the so–called meaning of life ready for use. They fall for passionate speeches and, while watching the actual struggle to implement ideas in real life, the audial people, who do not value any material things including human lives, get confused in reality and easily take guns to go and shoot nonbelievers. The same audial people form the ideology of radical religious groups, create cults, and inspire hundreds and thousands of people to follow them.     

Geniuses and Villains

People with the combination of the Anal and the Audial vectors can naturally become writers, scientists, psychiatrists, or surgeons. Great people of all times and nations aspired to cognize human psyche, get deep into the most secretive places of their soul and feel it in the way they feel their own one, solve the secrets of the matter as well as the mysteries of the universe itself. Thanks to that, we have a huge heritage of literature, philosophy, and science. Such people were not born to make speeches, but they had a great gift of the written word. Their incredible memory along with powerful

However, this particular vector combination can have the following result: one starts to hate this cruel world, feeling resentment to it in the Anal Vector and getting completely distant from everything alive, which is possible for an audial individual. This person can take a gun and go “punish” those unfortunate insignificant “cardboard” people.  

The Audial Vector deprives a person with the anal psyche of the understanding of the value of a human life, and therefore this person is capable of dreadful deeds when in rage. Instead of accumulating the experience and knowledge they accumulate resentments from their past, which makes them even angrier and their hatred greater. The entire nation and even the whole humanity can become an object for the hatred of an audial person. It is scary to imagine what such a villian genius is capable of. We remember the history and the events of the XX century, when the idea of natzism destroyed billions of completely innocent lives.     

Yuri Burlan’s System Vector Psychology has a term “moral degeneration”. This is the name for a situation when an anal-audial person has completely lost his connection with the world. He perceives  everything outside of his consciousness as illusionary, and has totally lost all cultural restrictions. Betrayal, vileness, good and evil – these terms do not exist for such people as they do not have these reference points. The unfulfilled audial desire added to the resentment in the Anal Vector acting as a catalyst creates a lone murderer, such as Anders Breivik, Dmitry Vinogradov, the Munich Gunman Ali Sonboly. 

In the XXI century, which is the century of change and globalization, people with the anal psyche lose their support. Their values, including strong family, stability, blood connections, and brotherhood, become things of the distant past, while the crazy rhythm of life pushes them out of balance. It gets more difficult for them to realize themselves in the society and adapt to the new ways of the family life. As a result, they are unable to use their positive traits for the other people’s benefit. Such people sometimes become homophobes, pedofiles, sadists, and rapists.      

However, it is equally complicated to satisfy the voids of the Audial Vector these days, as neither science, nor philosophy can give the answers to an inquiring mind in a constant need of deeper meanings.    

So, the owner of the Anal-Audial vectors collection, Omar Martin, was not able to realize himself socially. He did not manage to find any specific goals and, being torn apart with internal contradictions, immersed himself into studying Islamism and got inspired by the ISIS ideas. At this point, he is ready to create change while getting new ideas in a radical teaching, which is so typical for the Audial vector. And so he starts his “jihad on the tip of a sword” shooting the people he hates the most, namely homosexuals, one of whom he would actually love to become.    

Can we stop the wave of violence?

Nowadays, we witness lots of tragedies happenning worldwide because of people’s hatred towards each other. That is why the need to understand the reasons for these occurrences as well as the ways they may have been prevented, is constantly growing.

As a matter of fact, it is possible to accomplish that. And the only way of preventing the violence wave that has swept the world is self-discovery. In the 20th century Carl Jung said that an individual’s worst enemy is in his head.  

Yuri Burlan’s System Vector Psychology supports this idea and states that the only way to reach a balanced state of one’s brain is through understanding one’s properties and through the correct realization of these properties for the benefit of the society. And that is the path toward overcoming hatred and other negative human states. 

This is especially important for the people with the Audial Vector, whose voids are the strongest and the most difficult to understand. Only by fulfilling them one can get rid of the pain and emptiness that a modern audial person suffers from when he is not able to cognize the meaning. And then they project this emptiness in the form of hatred onto the world around them. System Vector Psychology gives such people a real chance to understand themselves as well as the meaning of their life.         

Join the free introductory lectures and get on the path toward a new life without depression and hatred. Find out the psychological reasons for many events and start understanding what goes on around us every day.   

Written by Maria Starikova, an Orientalist
Translated by: Katerina Bondarenko

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Posted on: June 7, 2018


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