Pushkin is Our Everything. Documentary by American Film Director

Pushkin is Our Everything. Documentary by American Film Director

A good friend of mine from Moscow asked: ‘Pushkin is our everything – has this turned out to be relevant for Londoners too?’

Yes, it’d really relevant! ‘Pushkin is Our Everything’, the documentary by Michael Beckelhimer premiered at Pushkin House in London, at 5A Bloomsbury Square on June 6, 2014, on the great poet’s birthday.

The opportunity to be involved in this project has been an excellent experience. Our small crew’s travelling through most of the country, from the house-museum at Moyka 12 in St.Pete  to Lake Baikal and the Mongolian border was unforgettable. Many thanks to Michael and everyone, no exceptions,  who was involved and contributed to the project.

As to the question of the friend of mine, Pushkin is of immediate interest also to particularly developed residents of the famous Hollywood “City of Angels” who bear developed information quartile vectors, if we use terms of the System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan.

Classical literature and poetry  absorbed in childhood and adolescence develops a special view of the world enriched with the entire human culture and can boost creativity for auteur cinema, etc.

The audience for the premiere themselves could inspire to film making, practically everyone, at least those who I had a chance to have a small talk with after the screening. So, my dear friend:  the Russian World, from the historic view to nowadays, has been felt deeply by Michael Beckelhimer in a super talented way, through the genius of Alexander Pushkin and his poetic heritage, and I dare to say it is very relevant for cultural people all over the world.

Apart from Londoners, there were Irish, Americans, Australians, Hindu; also people came from Vienna, Brussels and elsewhere to the screening. Russian expats of the new wave and offsprings of those who came with the first wave in the last century attended Pushkin House event. The story of one of such successors, granddame Mimi (Lyudmila) stuck in my memory – her grandma, a Tsar diplomat’s wife, was thrown to Britain by the revolution. And her late grandma instilled love of the Russian language and Russian culture in her kids and grandchildren.

The poet’s cultural heritage has become an integral and priceless part of sociocultural background for all of us, perhaps including any muscular type person.  It is he who once exclaimed in his letter to his friend, also a poet, Vyazemskiy a still-relevant: Awesome, Pushkin!  Pushkin consolidated the audience today.

The panel discussion after the first screening was run by Vanora, a writer and journalist.

I hope the Russian audience sharing the mentality which is, rewording another Russian poet, incomprehensible by a regular non-system mind and which is brilliantly expressed in the great poet’s works, will see this film in the nearest future.

Pushkin is our everything. And, as recalling my friend’s question, it is indeed relevant today… and very likely will still remain relevant in the nearest future.

PS. The film presentation will be held in Russian cities as well. If you can provide any kind of contribution – please contact oyuna170@gmail.com

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Posted on: July 1, 2014


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