Death of music or music of death

Death of music or music of death

We used to be pianists and violinists sometime ago... We listened to the music of celestial spheres and created the melodies of life, making it sound the way it was presented to us: sorrowful, vivifying, whimsical, ailing and effervescing. People loved listening to it, especially sensuous visual intellectuals, “His music makes my soul sing!” Among simple people, music was considered to be a part of a holiday or an event. Music united people by the powerful stream of mood, by using the state of nature that it brought, it lashed away at us and made listeners to live in sync with it. 

We played, invented new instruments, new genres, sang and wrote poetry! A particular type of thinking is necessary to write it. Poetry is the music created by words. We wrote verses and they admired our songs. It would go on and on...




The audial vector is the only vector whose goal is the cognition of immaterial nature. People belonging to the audial vector have an inherent aspiration to focus on their ego or inner states and also have the ability to express what they have thus cognized. Throughout the course of history all audial people composed music and invented musical instruments to express the things they couldn't see nor touch. Sequenced compositions of sound were inherently bred into the audial's mind and then the only thing remaining was a way to express it. Of course, in satisfying this need the audial person took pleasure in the pursuit of their desires and in balancing their spirit. 

The audial desire has been increasing... It was no longer enough to just express only their inner experiences, they also contend with philosophical concepts that aim towards describing nature using exact words. Over time, ideas of social reform captured the minds of whole nations, explanations uncovered some of the mystery our universe contains by means of exact sciences that theorized on time and space relativity. At the close of the 20th century the audial desire had increased even more, the audial people of modern days could not be satisfied with music, philosophy, religions, nor with helpless spiritual techniques. The pressuring yearning for self-knowledge that can not find a way out is expressed with depression, a torture which is impossible to compensate with any material benefits. 

Gray and black colors, tousled hair, bitten nails... Picture a man with a guitar in a middle of the large room. There are torn pieces of paper with notes, his failed work scattered about the floor. There is no masterpiece. It is nonsense... Our desire has taken an overwhelming shape and nowadays we do not want to make the most out of music and derive everything we can from it. We can not feed our desire with all the sounds of the world. We tear strings and break keys in a fanatic frenzy... Is the well dried up? Where is the life? It does not exist anymore... There is still a thirst and a need!!! There is no time left to please our ears with a play of sounds and words. There is a desperate need at least to alleviate the suffering, satisfied with electric guitar feedback, metallic grinding, a boom of bass; to destroy, to kill, or block the auditory canal of perception, to burn the bridge between the skull and the outer world, it'd be better even to stop hearing anything at all! To sing a note that knocks out the brain, to burn through a nerve. Even if only for the short time, it brings a sense of relief. 


Stop. Where did the joyful crowd disappear who used to enjoy our music? Now different people are around us. They are not so happy. As our state changes, so does that of the audience. We were left alone with the crying from a suffering “me”. We direct our states and moods outward for other people like us. The music has become the quintessence of the pain. We share depressions, suicidal thoughts and scary fantasies with those who can sympathize. Not only with those deafened audial people, but also with visual types who got stuck in the darkness of a primary fear and love to entertain themselves with horror of death, an invisible evil or the underworld. Those who hide in the labyrinth of their biggest self-deceit, which is simply an object of their own fear. Those who pretend to be the evil spirits, trying to trick them with the horrific dummies of visual looks. So they put shoe polish on their lips, curtain their faces with long sullen fringes, put on black clothes... and go to a cemetery. Imagine doing all this and listening to 'death-metal' in an effort to “not be afraid.” What an irony...

In comparison with the audial type, people of the visual type do not have an inner desire for concentration or the ability to think abstractly, but they do possess a wide range of emotions, from the experience of animal fear to the highest feeling of euphoric love. The visual vector on the social level interconnects with the audial one very closely. Many phenomena occurred over time regarding whether or not they legitimately or “earthly” interpreted imperceptible audial states. For example, the visual's variety art and classical music. The visual belief in fortune-telling as a reflection of “signs of destiny.” Signs (for them) which are seen everywhere and tried to be identified by a mystifying audial man. One must even consider the combination of the visual hippies using soft drugs and the audial rockers hard ones. Finally, we see culture developing in the passage of a philosophic idea. 

People look at us with fright and disapproval. They keep away from us and the darkness we bring, they do not want their feast to be spoiled. They reject us like a sick cell. Festering with drugs, a schizo, and darkness of the soul wearing the black shroud. It is OK, all is not lost in this peril. Let's take a look at our colleges: violinists, cellists, pianists and conductors in the conservatory. They are beautiful and refined, everything of theirs is at the highest level. There is little chance of suicide among this crowd though. 

Music as it is understood by the audial type, has died. Only a few still remain who can derive pleasure from it. It is those who are lucky, with a little temperament and a weak audial desire which is not strong enough to scream out in pain asking questions without answers. 

For most people of the audial type in recent generations, there is only option: everything or nothing, freedom or death, a choice in favor of the cognition of their deeper self, because death gives us none.

It is impossible even to put up with an idea to be like everybody else. You just can not move back. It is high time to stop playing with the strings of a painful soul. To all of those who have not chosen a way into hard music disappointment, ¨Let your tired heart rest!” Choose a global future. Every one of us. Without precedents. Is able. To cognize yourself. 

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Posted on: June 2, 2013
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