Everything seems to be OK, but the inner state is lousy…

Everything seems to be OK, but the inner state is lousy…

Depression, suicide, autism, schizophrenia, despondency – all these words are so familiar and close to the audial vector. In society there seems to be no worthy ideas any more, and the attempts we take to see the signs of upcoming disasters or the end of the world are on the increase. The feeling of stagnation, an indefinable yearning and a desperate desire for change. These are the attitudes of many people with the audial vector towards the modern world. However in the past, the situation used to be different. Why have these changes happened and what are the present-day needs of people with the audial vector? 

By recognizing the inborn features of a person and their vectors we can clearly see that everyone is born with a specific role. This role dictates our desires. When we follow our inner desires, thus fulfilling our role, our psychical state is balanced and we feel satisfied. But if different factors, such as a lack of development or negative environmental pressures deprive us of the possibility to fulfill our role, we feel dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

The audial type is no exception to this rule. Any unrealized vector leads to bad conditions and suffering; the only difference is that, being the dominant vector, the audial desire is several times stronger. It means that the pleasure which an audial person can get within their vector is the greatest, but in bad states they also experience the greatest pain and suffering. 

The deepest (and maybe the only) desire of an audial person is to find the First Cause, God or the meaning of life. Sometimes they are not even aware of their desires. At the same time only audial people become the most convinced atheists because only they are concerned with the question of the existence or non-existence of God at all.


From the earliest times up to present the audial people have been trying to find the First Cause in the fields of music, poetry, philosophy and physics where they could use their inborn features such as abstract intelligence, ability to concentrate, good hearing and a good word sense. (However all their efforts in these spheres have just been a substitution.) 

The audial vector stands out from other vectors by its immaterial desires. Somehow they have become disinterested in money, careers and other values of the consumers’ world. 

Today the level of desire in generally all vectors has become so high that an audial person cannot be fulfilled by the things that used to be enough for him some time ago. Some of them try to find a way out by taking up esotericism, different oriental practices, meditation, pilgrimage, reading Castaneda and other authors of this kind. But sooner or later they realize that all these practices can neither fulfill the emptiness inside them, nor give answers to their questions. As a result they become overwhelmed by apathy and depression.



Finally this vain quest for one’s self ends in depression. An unrealized and suppressed audial person is a weirdo to everybody else. With him you get an impression as if he is looking straight through you. Even among other people he seems to be deep inside of his shell, concentrating on his inner states and feelings, with no interest in the outer world. 


An audial person is absolutely introverted, focused on himself and his own states, he tries to get deeper and deeper in this process of self perception and takes on the world differently. For him the outer world is an illusion and his inner world is the only reality. 

Many audial people today become drug addicts, suffer from autism, schizophrenia, depression or get disappointed with life in general. They suffer enormously as nothing seems to have sense to them and they find themselves on the outskirts of life, ironically enough, due to their high degree of desire they are potentially able to get the greatest pleasure out of life. 

The word “depression” is very popular today and is often misused. Although quite a few people tend to think that they have depression, Vector Systems Psychology draws a line between depression and just a bad mood or dissatisfaction. Many people get disappointed in life because they do not have more money, new relations or don’t get the promotion they want. But depression has nothing to do with it. Getting a pay raise, a new partner or a promotion can easily make this “depression” fade away. Actually it has never been a depression, just a temporary dissatisfaction caused by a lack of some material things. 

Real depression can only be experienced by audial people. Material possessions will never help to overcome depression because it can’t be caused by a lack of them. The audial vector is the only vector whose desires lay beyond the physical world. Give an audial person a bag of money, and he will feel some kind of amusement, but not for a long time. Even with the most desirable woman he will feel that something is missing. The worst thing is that from an outside observer’s point of view everything in their lives seems to be ok, but inside they feel absolutely lousy. Such concepts like money, respect and fame become less and less important and cannot eliminate their inner suffering and despondency.

Quite often even the sufferer himself does not know that he is gripped with depression, like a fine film, it hides reality from him, making him believe that the life around him is just a dream.

Being unable to fulfill their desires audial people experience an intense suffering, but they can’t understand the underlying reason for their state. In an attempt to run away from this pain they start experimenting with drugs. They try to “deafen” their unfulfilled audial desires by listening to hard rock, they put on headphones and maximize the volume in an attempt to shield themselves from the world. They may have sleeping troubles: suffer from insomnia or sleep too much (for example, they may sleep for two days and get up feeling shattered). They start having headaches and end up with thoughts of suicide. 

Not a single audial person thinks of suicide as the end of his existence, for them it is just a chance to slide out of this world via a back door. By committing suicide they are not hoping to find death, they are hoping to find eternal life. Why not go somewhere past all this suffering instead of living a senseless life in this annoying body?


Audial people become interested in psychiatry. They are attracted by psychiatric disorders, for them it is another chance to look beyond this world. Thanks to them, there is a belief that schizophrenics may have a kind of special, hidden gift. They even tend to have a romantic attitude toward madness. “What voices does he hear? Perhaps these voices are real but only he can hear them? Perhaps it is him who is sane, not us? Perhaps he knows something important that is not accessible to us?”

Only audial people can have such thoughts. Meanwhile they may also have the fear of becoming insane. Only people with the audial vector are at the risk of developing schizophrenia and somewhere, deep in their unconsciousness they are aware of it.

Not every audial person asks questions about the meaning of life, however everything they do is aimed at finding this meaning. Quite often an audial person thinks that he is the smartest and obviously superior to others, that he can get everything he wants in life, but just doesn’t need it. This person may arrogantly deny his search for the First Cause and get a job of an undertaker. He wouldn’t listen to anyone who tries to explain what is going on with him, as in his own eyes he is the smartest and nobody can tell him anything worthy. 


What can be done?

Our unconscious desires can not be mislead. They are in control of our lives and they know what we really need and cannot be satisfied with any substitutions. The nature and desires of an audial person are focused on the cognition of the main principle and have nothing to do with their physical body. So any manipulations to their physical self are useless. They can give only a temporary relief but in the end they lead nowhere.

Frankly speaking, philosophy today is just an empty catch-phrase; it has already lost the value and status it used to have in society. Classical music has become a kind of a functional music and is no longer the essence of life both for those who listen to it and for those who write it. Although physics aims at finding a manifestation of a god in the physical world, even its abstract laws cannot provide fulfillment to an audial person today. The rates of suicide and depression consistently increase, psychiatric disorders have almost become the norm.

The stressed audial vector is like a toothache which makes the whole body restless. You can’t have any other desires but one, the desire to get rid of this agonizing pain. Other vectors are suppressed by the audial suffering.

For some people satisfying their physical needs is enough to feel comfortable in life. But with the audial vector it is different. In the training in Vector Systems Psychology, presented by Yuri Burlan, they come to know themselves and the world around them again, and for the first time an audial person has the opportunity to get into his own unconsciousness and the unconsciousness of others and see what is hidden there. Now he can continue his quest knowing the exact direction to go. 

The audial people who have already been disappointed in life have their first chance to see how they can use their inborn features and talents. A single small movement in the right direction, by understanding oneself or even becoming aware of their audial vector itself gives them the greatest satisfaction in life and an understanding of what is going on around them. 

When a person starts fulfilling his audial desires, he feels an enormous relief, as if a several ton burden he was carrying all his life has been taken away. But the most important thing is the joy of feeling that a lifelong quest has been completed. Now they can live their own life and enjoy each moment of it, take advantage of given opportunities to the maximum knowing it is only the beginning.

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Posted on: June 2, 2013
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Irena Tomasevic's picture

"The worst thing is that from an outside observer’s point of view, everything in their lives seems to be ok, but inside they feel absolutely lousy"-from the article.
What the biggest problem is for these people with an audial vector, so not just someone from outer world can't understand, what is the problem and what is happening, but sometimes an audial person can't understand this and feels very very bad and unhappy inside. He has a lot of questions about life, outer world, what is meaning of his life and a lot of other questions and doesn't get any sleep ( insomnia) or sleeps too much, very often has migraine and depression. Every time he is trying to find the answers for all the inner questions. This is a life with big sufferings, if he wanted to find, but couldn't.
Now, all people, who have same problems, are getting a chance to change their life from a painful to happy life.

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Reading your blog, I learned a lot for myself and discovered some hidden talents

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