How Can an Adult Push their Fear Outside?

How Can an Adult Push their Fear Outside?

Fear is the curse of an unrealized and undeveloped men and women. This state is unpleasant and difficult to bear with. Such people are afraid for themselves, as well as others. It is difficult to look in people's eyes, sometimes such a person feels an inner anxiety to such a degree that they become petrified with fear. Tiredness from anxiety sucks all the life and energy from a person so they can not manage to do anything else. 

People of visual type try to get rid of these difficult states. So they go to fortune tellers, astrologers, etc. for help. Those who offer these kind of services to the visual people make a living off of their fears. There is a problem though, because this is not the way to get rid of fears. A visual type person can feel only a short relief in hearing those encouraging fortunes expressed by crystal balls or Tarot cards. Sometimes it brings them positive results for a short period of time. 

It is the visual people with an undeveloped or unrealized vector who feel the need to go to a fortune teller. However a well-developed and realized visual person can suddenly feel such need as well, as a result of excess stress. Loss of realization always leads to an increase of fears that may have never played an important part in the person’s life before. Now their fears are brought to the foreground. The presence of fears is not an indication of undevelopment. Even a person of the visual type in the state of “love” can fall into the state of fear while experiencing excess stress. 

If the vector's development has not occurred before puberty, time is lost. Underdeveloped visual adults satisfy their emotional need only through the means of experiencing fear. Horror films are among their favorites. It is a kind of forced satisfaction they need to have because they are unable to reach the state of adequate realization. This realization is peculiar to the developed visual vector. 

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When we push our fear outward, we start feeling compassion. It is through an this fear related suffering that the visual type is able to reach its highest state, that of love. Compassion is the first step on the way to overcoming fear . There is still a big piece of the fear in it however because compassion originates from fear. Pushing fear outward via sincere compassion, that is the euphoria of love, makes it possible to get rid of fear completely, “I have so much love in me that I am not afraid to die!” 

The famous pairing “love-hate” does not really exist. Every vector has its peaks: for the dermal vector it is the peak of anger, for the anal vector it is the peak of cruelty, for the urethral vector it is the peak of rage, for the muscular vector it is the peak of fury. As for love, this is the peak of the visual vector, the polar opposite of fear. There is no interconnection between love and hatred; but there is direct dependency between love and fear. Fear is what we experience internally, but we can only experience love externally. There is no place for internal fear when love is present externally.  



Adults, like children, must direct their fear outward. Children do this subconsciously when trying to create an emotional connection with their parents. If they are incapable of doing that, they create such a connection with a plush toy, a cat, a dog, a hamster, etc. This emotional connection enables them to direct their feelings outward and experience love and compassion.

When an adult with fear realizes their condition, then the opportunity to fight against it appears. If you constantly experience fears (e.g. fear of commitment, fear of falling, etc.) there is a need express empathy to others, which is actually their fear being directed outward. If one has any specific fear, he must create an emotional connection to another which allows him to be compassionate and express empathy. 

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It is possible to receive such a connection from a person who is unable to take care of himself and can not give you anything in return. You can volunteer at a nursing home to work with the elderly, disabled people or orphans who live out their days in loneliness. Usually it is very difficult for people in these homes to take care of themselves. In fact, expressing empathy for such people, sometimes does more to improve their life than any medicine. 

When you emotionally support a person who finds himself in a difficult situation try to create an emotional connection. Because if you are a person of the visual type, you can, while establishing the connection start feeling compassion. This does not simply happen at once, but rather when you completely give yourself up to them, putting in either your time or effort. So instead of going to the movie a visual type person chooses to visit an elderly person who has not been visited by his own children for the last twenty years. This is the way emotional connections are created and one begins to feel compassion. It is is very simple and effective. When you feel it, you begin to notice that your fears disappear and you learn how to direct your fear outward. It is like gaining a new skill that can be a powerful incentive for your further development. It is a skill that you'll forever utilize. 



Creating an emotional connection with another person is the most difficult task for the visual type. Many people take the easy way out - they substitute a person to person emotional connection with one between themselves and animals. Everyone is familiar with the old ladies who keep twenty cats in their house. This is a way for them to get rid of their fears, justifying the act to themselves believing tha cats need help and compassion. However, love for a cat cannot provide the feedback needed to get rid of all fears, because the connection isn't on a high level of realization. Therefore in order to properly soothe their anxiety, they may discover that twenty, thirty, or even more cats are needed. 

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Try to tell traditional cat ladies, “Hey! Look at those poor, old people and homeless children over there!” They will not react to your words at all. They do not feel that they can help in such cases. Moreover some of them can even reply with, “They are even worse than animals!” 

People of the visual type are very fastidious, especially about food and smells. They consciously distinguish and label different smells (oranges, French perfumes, a garbage can, body odor, etc.) It is amazing whenever a visual type arrives to a place where they may make a emotional connection, and thanks to an unpleasant odor – the fastidious ones will all escape the situation as fast as they can. However, even the old lady who keeps twenty cats in her house pays no attention to the stink they create. The discomfort of bad smells is nullified, when an emotional connection is present. 

Same thing happens with astrologers, clairvoyants, healers and the army of other parasites feeding on the visual soul. The reason is related to emotional connections. It also explains the visual types' gullibility. Scared visual people believe in aliens and crystal ball fortunes. They create an artificial connection with the image/idea that lives in their head, “Look, there is UFO!”. Realistically however, nobody sees the UFO besides them. 

Alright cat lady – enough with the cats! It is high time to create an emotional connection with people! 

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Posted on: June 2, 2013
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