Why do Children Fight?

“If there is a desire to fight, the reason always can be found ” this slightly changed saying draws attention to the fact that the desire to fight comes first. As for the presence or absence of a definite reason that does not matter much and we can see that a lot.

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Look out! A brawler!

There are a lot of gapers that come together. Nobody of them is able to stop the show, nobody can interfere. They are all in stupor struck with the situation. It can last for fifteen-twenty minutes till security comes. When a querulant sees them and after he is threatened with being sent to an asylum, he vanishes in a crowd.

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  • Desires define a person

    There are eight erogenous channels, the eight elements composing every man
  • The unconscious knows the truth

    For the first time, System-Vector Psychology differentiates man's sexualities
  • The way we are organized is simple

    How to get the maximum pleasure from life
  • The anal vector. Part 1

    A man - a bundle of living matter that wants to take inward, to take pleasure in life.
  • The dermal vector. Part 1

    A sensitive skin - thin and velvet is an erogenous channel

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System-Vector Psychology reveals a new meaning to the famous phrase “Know Yourself”.

Modern Psychology is changing. Today new approach to psychological studies  - System-Vector Psychology (SVP) - helps to learn more about cognitive processes. It helps to uncover human psyche in a completely new way and it makes it possible to unveil the roots of human behavior. System-Vector Psychology teaches you to understand yourself and your psyche, no matter how complicated it is; it helps you to make your communication skills better in order to improve your relationships with children, parents, colleagues.Among other great benefits: making better decisions in your lives; understanding the roots of any personal event, past or present; being a winner rather than a victim when any problem arises.

The skills you develop based on Yuri Burlan’s System-Vector Psychology will stay with you forever, and change your life for the better. 

Thanks to new style of thinking and self-understanding, the results and skills you acquire during the training are permanent.

Developing and mastering System-Vector Psychology for almost 13 years, Yuri Burlan, New Yorker with Russian background, also works on creating a way to bring his findings to the wide range of people, who are straggling with personal problems, communication problems, and, as a result, often suffering from different psychosomatic symptoms. He is in the process of mastering his training that could benefit not only people in general, but practitioners/professionals as well, and might help them to solve their patients’ problems more effectively.

Yuri Burlan is creating and mastering his training course in his native language – Russian, and as soon as his extensive work is finished, and the course is ready to be presented in English, you could become the first attendees at his webinars.

Meanwhile, please find some articles, published in scientific magazines and presented at the conferences; articles, written by the participants in his training course trial (translated exclusively for this site ), describing their results or sharing their understanding of the System-Vector Psychology;videos with English subtitles showing the real people (not actors) talking about their results and impressions, and some videos – introduction to the course, presented by Yuri Burlan. We expand our library constantly, so, please, visit us often.

Again, Welcome to the world of System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan – the world of new thinking and understanding. We hope that you will enjoy your visits.