Anorexia. How I dieted to Death

Anorexia. How I dieted to Death

The press and TV shows have recently paid serious attention to the problem of anorexia, the disorder that has nowadays reached it's peak. More and more beautiful, young girls are trying to “improve” their complexion which is understandable as it is, but they do this by denying themselves food and turning themselves into walking skeletons. The influence of beauty standards accepted in our society that are widely publicized in women’s magazines and on television are often found to be the main reasons for this phenomenon. Bikini wearing beauties, "skin and bones” at the podium, and the slimmest ladies looking at us from TV screens. So, this is the result of all this, girls aspire to be like those models, this behavior starts with their first Barbie doll, whose body proportions are completely incompatible with human capabilities, and likewise, they look up to Hollywood stars. 


However, if we really think about the anorexia problem, we are faced with the following questions. Why do millions of women buy women’s magazines? Fortunately much fewer suffer from anorexia. And this number includes not only girls, but also men, although the percentage of men suffering from this ailment is definitely much smaller. And nowadays it is the teenagers who are being diagnosed with anorexia and the number of such cases keeps growing! Of course the standard of “90x60x90c” is firmly stuck in the minds of modern girls, but not everyone is trying to starve themselves, and, actually, the result of this starvation, namely “becoming a bag of bones” does not really look like that standard! Don’t they see that it is not beauty, it is actually ugliness? 

Never in my life have I met a woman who was completely happy with her body. Every woman even those who they give jelasous looks will find some part of her body to be unhappy about including that miserable extra pound that's got a cunning grip of an especially “infelicitous”. And every single one of them thinks that she should probably start dieting or working out when she looks at beautiful photos of models in fashion magazines. How many times did I have the same thoughts, comparing my looks to the photos of magazine divas and….. then I went to the kitchen to snacked on something good! So why are some of us upset by beautiful pictures, meanwhile others are inspired to start working out, whereas some are being brought to the point of complete starvation? Could the pictures really be the reason? And what are real reasons of anorexia? 


I am reading an article on a professional site, “Anorexia is defined by the pathological desire to lose weight along with the strong fear of getting fat. These patients have a distorted perception of their physical form along with a worry about imaginary weight increase, even if no such thing is observed in reality. Some of the anorexia symptoms include sleeping disorders, isolation from society along with the presence of a panicked fear of gaining weight.” 



A dermal-visual girl is a typical anorexic patient; boys of same type show those symptoms less often. This disease can only appear if the visual vector is manipulating by fear. Visual fears of all kinds have the same root, although they can take various shapes. In the case of anorexia, it is an unjustified and insurmountable fear of gaining weight that is really based on another deeper fear, namely that of remaining unnoticed. The part of the dermal vector in such a situation is more of a servant that is serving the desires of the upper vector. Limitation is the characteristic of dermal nature. The dermal type is naturally filled by self-limitation; here it is manifested in the form of strict control over the number of calories eaten. Thus, she receives certain joy, even though it is miniscule in this situation. 



The more frightened the visual person is, the more dependent he gets on the desire of making himself noticeable. A visual person always worries about his appearance, especially if he has not learned to notice deeper internal states. Then it is the external beauty that becomes of extreme importance to him. And ugliness is always near beauty, if I am unable to be in the center of attention “in a good way” by attracting people with who I am, I will find a way of obtaining such an appearance, that will end up getting everyone’s attention.

What is the Origin of this Unhealthy Dependence?

A well-developed visual vector is expressed by empathy; it is capable of loving and deeply feeling other people’s emotional states. When the visual vector is undeveloped, it is directed onto itself instead of having the external feeling of compassion. It is completely concentrated on its own fears that can assume all forms, from the fear of flying to the fear of walking in a dark room… They have an absolute need for the attention of others in order to feel safe. 

Being gullible (which includes self-suggestibility) they are capable of acquiring complete faith in their “ideal” upon drawing completely improbable pictures for themselves. When they look at their reflections in the mirror, they see what their fear reflects for them, meaning an fat, ugly body…. Although this body may really look like a skin-covered skeleton to others' eyes. 

A frightened visual type’s concentration on his distorted reality may have no limit. It is the dermal vector that creates limits, but it is directed by the upper vector, which in this case is the visual one in a state of fear that claims to be beautiful and does everything in its power to be in the limelight.

Anorexia is a strange combination of the visual type’s distorted self-image, its state of fear, its elevated need for attention, and the dermal type’s self-limitation. Such patients think that they are fat and it is impossible to convince them otherwise. 

Every one of us learns to rationalize states states and emotions. It is quite obvious from a vector systems point of view that anorexia is a kind of disease that fills those unfortunate individuals. The peculiarities of both visual and dermal vectors’ states do not just help to adopt this disease; they become the reason for having it in the first place.




A patient with an audial vector (a dermal audial type either with the visual vector or without) is a special type of anorexic patient. In such a case this condition is practically impossible to correct. 

Depending on the Audial vector’s state, the disease acquires a peculiar course. 

In one case study, the anorexia can appear to be accompanied by audial depression, when the unrealized dominant desires of the audial vector suppress the individual’s other vectors from manifestation, supporting visual fears, hysterics, abrupt mood swings among other things. In such case, additional anorexia symptoms will be present as well. Such patients’ peculiarity is that the state of fear and emotional manipulations will take turns with more or less visible depression symptoms, including oppression, absence of interest, avoiding communication, sleep disturbances, and headaches. 

In other cases self-limitation take the form of an audial idea, for example, that of asceticism. This is a special dermal-audial type’s condition, where fanatical following of an idea will worsen the cause of the disease, making a cure almost impossible. 



Dermal visual girls with anal vector are not playful fluttering butterflies, they are "maneuverable tanks" and if the rest of the conditions are similar to the ones described above, they get sick with bulimia instead of anorexia.

The anal vector has a strong desire, a big libido. Thus, the dermal vector cannot completely control its self-limitation. So, the disease will adopt an undulating course. As long as the visual vector is upset about its appearance and good looks, the dermal vector forbids and limits, as for the anal vector, it tries to eat the stress away by emptying the refrigerator in the course of a few minutes. 


Upon receiving certain minimal compensation for its negative states, the anal type starts suffering from guilt. The dermal vector compensates by provoking vomiting and if this is not enough, it uses laxatives or medicine that prevents the absorption of nutrients. This is an attempt to control the overeating process from the opposite side of the body. Use of animas is also the anal vector's prerogative. Stimulation of the erogenous zone gives a peculiar satisfaction in the vector’s desires. Irritability and rigidity of the dermal vector along with the anal vector’s sensitivity will add to the general picture of the disease. 

The bigger the development of such patients’ visual vector, the more chances they get to return to a normal life, meaning adequate feelings related to their body and healthy eating.

….And all this started with a usual child's fear of darkness and a book about cannibals. Young girls are ready for anything, trying to obtain imposed ideals, if they do not undergo the development that is adequate to their innate abilities, then the fear takes over. But the problem is not with physical measurements, it is in their heads. The disease appears in thoughts and states and eventually it ends on a hospital bed. 

How can a parent bring up an adequate child that will not lose her head wishing to be like Kate Moss? You simply cannot imagine how simple the actions necessary to achieve this goal are. Us, caring mothers, kind and responsible fathers, we are ready to do anything for our child to be healthy and beautiful, right? But it does not always work out. 

Do not expect to be taught how to feed an anorexic by attending the vector systems psychology training. You will be given the understanding of who the anorexic patients are, how one can get anorexia and, accordingly, how to prevent the disease. And if such a problem already exists, you will understand where it came from and how to work with it. And you will be the one having full command of your beautiful life instead of pictures in womens' magazines.

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Posted on: June 2, 2013
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