Why are clowns scary?

Why are clowns scary?

The red-haired clown. How can a happy clown screw up a child's life?

Clowns and children... Have you ever wondered who are drawn to a clown? Children to a clown or a clown to children?

Why are some children afraid of clowns? And some parents find it's funny or ridiculous when their children react to a clown with crying. One meeting with the clown can fall destiny of the child to ruin. Coulrophobia isn't a joke, that’s how a fear of clowns called and, in fact, it isn't so difficult to get rid of this fear.

There are many adults who dislike or hate clowns. To experience stress, inner tension or fear, such person has to be on a holiday or an event where a clown entertains guests or someone in a mask with a wide big red lip smile.
Children with the visual vector often start to cry at the sight of a painted monster. No matter how strange it can seem there is a deep psychological sense lying behind this behavior.

For psyche the clown means a cannibal [the oral vector], a man who comes 'to eat' a child, and, moreover, even an adult feels uncomfortable when meeting a clown, it is needless to say what a child gets through. All clowns are different, but the real, natural clown is a person with the oral vector. Orals are species whose role is to decrease and remove stress within a group, environment that is often done by laugher. Jester, joker, life of the party who speaks a common language to everyone at once because he is able to easy enter into the inner space of a person. 

People with the oral vector very often bring people together at the table. They are the ones who speak for the most of time and quite often they are at the center of attention. In the primeval savanna, relatively 50 000 years ago, a person with the oral vector was the chief cannibal of a group and bore responsibily for cooking the visual children. And, of course, they remain the best cooks today.

Children with the visual vector are extremely afraid of clowns as well as dolls, and the toys with an open mouth, sharks, crocodiles and others, which evokes the feeling of fear to be eaten. These characters create fear related associations in mind. Such children also shouldn't read stories, fairy-tales and watch movies, cartoons related to the act of cannibalism. Gingerbread Man, Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood (the stories, tales, movies where characters eat each other) negatively affect the development of a child's psyche, increasing fear inside of them and a chance of having any type of fear or phobia in the future.

How can we know if a child has the visual vector? Everyone has eyes, but not everyone is given a special gift to see the beauty. Usually these children have very beautiful eyes and they are on the verge of tears. They love to be emotionally connected with toys and both animate and inanimate objects. They also are the real consumers of emotions. After they have emotional connection to somebody or something, it is very painful to lose it. The people with the visual vector suffer from all kinds of fears: from a fear of darkness and death to a fear of life.

Adult's fear most often comes from their childhood. It can be the loss of a loved one, the absence of the emotional connection with parents, a lost toy, death of a pet or meeting with a clown. In order to 'fix' fear, you have to draw it outside which can can be done through loving. Depending on the level of development, the object of love is very different for different people and ranges from a plant and an animal, to the surrounding people and humanity as a whole.

So, if your child has the visual vector, it is better not to invite a clown, do not scare him and do not tell horror stories but show and teach compassion, cultivate their feelings and an ability to be empathic and sympathetic.

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Posted on: October 25, 2013
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