What Class To Send a Child To?

What Class To Send a Child To?

Before sending a child to a class, the first question to ask is,”why?”. If a child knows and wants to do things in the class then it goes without saying. What do parents want, though? They want to bring up a champ, a chess player, a musician or a ballet-dancer. It happens quite often that parents make their children do something because they want it and don't think about whether it is good for their child or not. Sometimes it happens just by mistake when parents sincerely want their children to learn some skills. What do they really want? They give up one thing and they don't like another. What can we suggest?

It is necessary to develop the qualities and capabilities given by nature and to show a child the way he can realize his potential as much as possible. It is not news that every child is special, so there are individual approaches to the process of studying, however, the question remains, “What does a child need?”

System-Vector Psychology helps people to understand and feel the psychic of a person, teaches to see subconscious processes, innate qualities and desires that form individuality behind their words and actions.


It is important to take into consideration the fact that a child develops skills to use their innate qualities before puberty. Further on the way to realization, they use what they learned. That's why parents should never let their child take their own course. A parents task is to create adequate pressure on their child’s natural skills. This way, the child learns how to take pleasure in the occupation that he was born for.

Children with the dermal vector are needed to develop an innate flexibility and agility, a sense of rhythm and timing, as well as accuracy and speed. Track and field athletics, shooting, dance, gymnastics, and skating are the best sports for them. They, more than  anybody else, need self-discipline and a regiment. If they learn how to meet requirements in childhood, they will be organized and able to discipline others when adults.

For elder children it can be math, economics, logic, law, designing and other types of occupations that help to develop logical thinking, an innate ability to save resources, and a sense of time and space. They will become the best engineers, legislators and businessmen. The possibility to participate in high quality work without hesitation is crucial for people of the anal vector who do everything thoroughly with the desire to make it perfect. They are invaluable as experts and professionals! Such children can be interested in making things out of wood, plaster and clay. Sewing, embroidering, knitting, origami, and culinary skills are also something they may be interested in.

They have skilful hands and when there are upper vectors, clever brains as well. They have a good memory and systemic thinking. It takes time to process information for them, but after organizing every small bit, it remains in their brain in the right spot forever. They are also diligent and industrious, which is so important for an excellent student. They are the best scientists, doctors, teachers, historians and archivists. The very best of them can perform professional work that requires diligence and revision.  


The children with the urethral vector are special. They are like a tornado that sweeps through all obstacles on the way to their goal. Often, parents don't know what to do with their willful and naughty child. He doesn't mean to spite them. He simply doesn't feel their control over him. It is useless to order him around, but helpful to show him direction. He is a chief who will lead a group of people towards the future. Even when he is a small child, the other children gather around him at school and kindergarten, so it is important to teach him to take responsibility for his surroundings. The developed urethral adult is able to be high in a social scale and lead a company. The one who didn't learn how to adapt a natural desire for power slides into crime and runs a gang.

It is better if he starts doing team sports where he can become a captain, learn to be responsible both for himself and a group, and control and move forward to new achievements.

A child of the muscular vector has a desire for increasing muscle mass. It is important to guide his ability for everyone's benefit. Train him to do physical labor, but not send him to the gym. There is no need to make a strongman out of him. He can manage it by himself. He has to be taught how to control his power and feel its influence on others. This way, he realizes his innate ability and will serve society.

“Learning in action” type of thinking allows a muscular child to master any profession where power is needed. In a modern city, it is difficult to meet such a man. They are more often mixed with another vectors, but then the muscular vectors don't manifest itself. It strengthens other vectors, thus making a person more powerful and enduring.

Children with  the visual vector are very sensitive and creative. They are very emotional and they change from tears into joy within seconds. Literature and art school are good for an anal-visual child. Gymnastics and drama school is for dermal-visual children. At the same time, it is important to remember that these types of occupation are just a means to develop a sense of beauty.

The highest level of development of the visual vector is expression of love, sympathy, empathy, and the ability to feel other people states as their own. The visual person can become an artist, an actor, an art historian or a designer making an impact in culture development and social values influencing those who consume fruits of their labor. He also can apply his qualities directly by become a doctor,  social worker, nurse or a psychologist.

Children with the oral vector are gourmets. If you teach them how to cook, in the future they can become a chef. They sing louder and better than others so this gift makes them the best opera-singers. However, one important factor is missing in that direction of their development.

It is easy to guess that these children become the best speakers who are able to make people think in the same way and feel as if the speaker's thought were their own. The most optimal class for such children is an oratory class. They speak all the time! It is not a surprise because they think when they talk so the development of their speech means the development of their intellect. If the desire to talk is suppressed, they become a fibber who wants to attract attention at any cost.

Attitude to audial children has to be special. They are always deep in thought and don't want to play with their peers. There are reasons for this behavior, but while they are little, it is necessary to protect them against shrill sounds and noisy surrounding. Let them be alone. They possess an abstract intellect that needs to be developed. Parents are to teach them to read. Music, foreign languages, physics, astronomy, informatics, and chess are among the best occupations for the development of abstract intellect.

The powerful minds of the world are talented physicians, mathematicians, writers, programmers as well as some others are realized people with the audial vector. Details on upbringing of these children can be found in this article.

An olfactory child can be seen when an adult plays very important role within a group. He is an unremarkable child with prickly eyes who can carry on intrigues in class. He is a gray eminence responsible for politics, management, finance and science. The spheres of their occupations depend on the level of development of the olfactory and lower vectors. Olfactory people are those who answer for group survival. If a group survives, so will they.

In the case of the olfactory child, the stronger the pressure and conditions are, the better he develops. Such a child finds his way on his own and acts the way he does so nobody will send him to the class that he doesn't need. You can present him a microscope and the invention of penicillin was one of the significant olfactory breakthroughs of the century. Nowadays, this is the very level the olfactory man provides with the survival of a group.

It is a rarity to meet people of the olfactory type, but it is very easy to a make a mistake in the detection of the olfactory vector. Concerning a complex topic of upbringing, it is important to point out that to have the skills to detect vectors without mistakes is possible only after System-Vector Psychology training given by Yuri Burlan.

Along with the aspiration for sending your children to different classes and teaching them a lot of things, it is necessary to give all children free time to spend with their peers. They will use the ability to adapt and find their place in a society in adult life.

In this day and age, it is hardly possible to meet a person with only one or two vectors. We have become more complicated. Now there are three, four or even more vectors in everyone. Mixing changes behaviors and the display of the types. On psychological trainings presented by Yuri Burlan, you can find out more information about mixing, upbringing, relationships between parents and children as well as a woman and a man.

Upbringing is a creative process requiring energy, strength, love, patience and knowledge. There is no more beautiful thing than to show the best direction out of thousands to your child and to be proud that you participated in the process of a worthy and nice development of a person.

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Posted on: June 2, 2013
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Irena Tomasevic's picture

Many thanks for this article. I found here, full information about all types of vector, which every human/child can have and also, if everybody learns, how you need to understand and feel the psychic of kids, that can help the upbringing of their children. And this is very important for children in their future. This article can definitely help parents, who are interested in the development of their kids.

Djworld Ome's picture

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